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  1. criminal_activi

    Happy B-day Hon3y

    happy Bday hun hope its a great one :birthday::cheer::birthday::shots:
  2. criminal_activi

    Happy Birthday to Me

    :birthday: to Me Yay 30 years :birthday:
  3. criminal_activi

    Uber: Yay got a nice one

  4. criminal_activi

    One more small hof

    THX for all gratz and +rep for you ;)
  5. criminal_activi

    Crime no how to Extract

    yestoday i got a hof and to day i got a new skill still looking for a tower ;)
  6. criminal_activi

    Crime got sweet

    Looking for my :tower: ;)
  7. criminal_activi

    One more small skill

    :yay: :yay::yay:
  8. criminal_activi

    got a small one

    Hmmm its a HOF if you ask Ma ;)
  9. criminal_activi

    Wiii finely got some thing to show

    my first loot over1k ped :yay:
  10. criminal_activi

    Time to do some thing ppl

    Eighty-five percent of the fur industry�s skins come from animals living captive on fur factory farms. These farms can hold thousands of animals, and the practices used to farm them are remarkably uniform around the globe. As with other intensive-confinement animal farms, the methods used on fur...
  11. criminal_activi

    finely got it

    allot of time any some peds later
  12. criminal_activi

    my first HOF : ))))

    i finely got one 206 ped oil Nr #23 on HOF list :yay:
  13. criminal_activi

    My first glowball in a long time