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  1. Mulga

    Baby ATH

    This is Madison , 4 weeks old, our first child.
  2. Mulga

    Hangar owners - what did they get?

    Got some friends who invested alot of time and money and provided an excellent flying service, only to be placed in limbo for years. Hoping things worked out for them. Any clues?
  3. Mulga

    1.5k Leviathan

    Been hunting these for a few weeks, and it's been good. A HOF a day, sometimes 2. Remarked in Soc chat that I'd been breaking even on them (Fishface reckoned my Maths was off :D )...then it all turned bad :( Next 2 runs were without a global or mini, resulting in a 1k PED loss. The fat lady...
  4. Mulga

    Selling: The Most Eco UL Gun ingame*

    New bid received Auction will end 2300 MA Saturday 10th April Current bid TT + 8.5k Current TT of weapon = 8200k UPDATED - SB/BO Lowered due to the weapons's high TT value *Up to Level 70 Hit/Damage, where the ImK2 takes over *Conditions apply, see instore for details *Limit of 1 per...
  5. Mulga

    Selling: Bicak Blix UL

    SIB Shortblade Damage: 59 HP Range: 3.0 m Attacks: 52 /min Reload: 1.2 sec Dmg/sec: 51.1 HP Power: 153.4 Economy Decay: 14.568 PEC Cost: 14.568 PEC Max.TT: 8912.00 PED Min.TT: 4456.00 PED Markup: 18282.8 PED Total Uses: 30588 Cost/sec: 12.63 PEC/sec Dmg/PEC: 2.810 HP Rec.: 22...
  6. Mulga

    Selling: Kilic Vass UL

    SIB Longblade Rec.: 18 Levels Maxed: 22 Levels Damage: 80 HP Range: 5.0 m Attacks: 33 /min Reload: 1.8 sec Dmg/sec: 44.0 HP Power: 220.0 Economy Decay: 19.724 PEC Cost: 19.724 PEC Max.TT: 7328.00 PED Min.TT: 3664.00 PED Total Uses: 18577 Cost/sec: 10.85 PEC/sec Dmg/PEC: 2.814...
  7. Mulga

    Octagons - what happened?

    Went through Billy's today, and couldn't enter the Octagon. There was a NPC Event Manager in front of it, so I guess you now have to create an event to be able to go in. Couldn't enter the one at Twins either, although I didn't see an Event Manager near it. It used to be interesting to stop...
  8. Mulga

    Selling: 280 ped esi

    281.36 to be precise. :D SB :2.9k PEDs BO: 3k PEDs =1066% Finish at 0700 MA 11/11/08, goes to ingame Auction after that if not sold
  9. Mulga

    11k Scip- Aussie State of Origin

    It was war! Well almost. :D A contest created by socmate Ian Brownlow Stewart, imitating traditional sporting rivalry between Northern and Southern states. South rules, obviously..;) We gathered at TI Bar, teams were formed, and we faced off for an emote battle :P Headed out to Scipland to...
  10. Mulga

    Buying: 147ME or Adj97...

    with PEDs. :yay: PM or Post.
  11. Mulga

    I challenge Litano Sacklitch Makero...

    to a duel. :eek: Why? Are you crazy? :yay: We were involved in a PK incident at the Scipulor Lands South of Oshiri on Saturday. He thinks I did the wrong thing ; I think he did the wrong thing. Life is too short for feuds and grudges, so this is a way to work things out. What exactly...
  12. Mulga

    Battle for LG 04 - A spectator's view

    Headed out to the party with Socmates Jod and Haffe, and Xaph from Global Alliance. Stopped at the nearby Formidon LA on the way, raking in 5 globals and a HOF under the name "pwning the LG with Opallos" :yay: Got to the revive, where it was already pretty busy. Many players reviving, many...
  13. Mulga

    Changes to Piloting

    With the advent of new planets around the corner, are MA going to make some changes to the way people fly? With the Chinese and possibly Brazilian influx into the game, there will be more demand for pilots. Looking at the ongoing Pilot wars and dirty tactics being employed, it's hard to...
  14. Mulga

    PVP4 HOF- 443 PED Blaus

    Second time ever in PVP. Bought a cheap 211 finder and 40 Bombs. Got almost to the centre of the Zone, when this happened. Gratz PM's started going off, while I'm trying to figure out how the hell to get out alive with at least a little bit of the loot. Within 10 minutes, the cavalry...
  15. Mulga

    Society Beacon Mission - A.A. V the Bots:)

    The following is a composite of 3 Beacon missions. Names haver been included to implicate the guilty :D It was a lazy Saturday at the Society Clubhouse. Serica calculating skills, economy and efficiency, with Spreadsheets and formulas all over her desk. Tex polishing Argo skulls and...
  16. Mulga

    Spider Hunt!!

    Log in and Serica & Jod are talking about a hunt. "Ever been on a Spider Hunt Mulga?" "No, what type of armour do you need?" "Lol, you won't need any armour" "Oh, ok".....why are they snickering? :scratch2: No Armour? Must be some super easy creature. A tiny thing, perhaps like a Chirpy but...
  17. Mulga

    Jod V Grrrr V Mulga...The Sunday Session

    After watching the guys and their challenges over the last couple of months, and me dropping subtle hints (Can I play too? Please!! Can I? Can I? Go on, let me!!! Please!! Can I? Can I?) :laugh:, they agreed to let me in on the challenge on a Sunday afternoon. :yay: My choice of mob, so we...
  18. Mulga

    We're gonna be on TV!!

    Logged in and Serica says "Want to be on TV, Mulga?" Being a vain ponce, I say yes immediately :p "A guy from Nowegian TV is here, and wants some people to show him around, so come down to PA" She always seems to find something interesting to do. Arrived at PA where the OJ's begin, and...
  19. Mulga

    Me Vs Skalman

    There he was, one of the most uber players, General of one of the most uber Societies, duelling with no armour inside the ring at Twins. So, while he was letting his gun cool and waiting for his last 5 victims to return from revive, thought it was time to have a crack at him. Plus, I'm sure...