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  1. sbi

    Selling: Taking offers on Neopsion Perfected

    WTS Neopsion Perfected. Only 3 looted atm. BO 5k
  2. sbi

    Selling: Selling Bulk (22k) ped tt of components

    22k ish ped of different components. Make an % offer :) Will sell 1 day after last offer or at 105 % BO /sbi
  3. sbi

    Selling: Rare Cold-ir BP

    6 azzurdite 10 blausariam 10 garcen Level 7 weapon BP!! (nice drops possible, only 12 recorded sales ever) QR 89.1 SB 3k BO 5.5k Sold
  4. sbi

    Selling: Easter Ring 2017

    Selling Easter 2017 ring 2% FB, 12% reload, 12% acceleration, 24 health, 24% DCD. SB: 30K - BO 40K. (Alternatively potentially trading for a MS/privateer or imp fap... or selling summer ring/ perfected ares ring instead since I have trade offers for these)
  5. sbi

    Selling: Earth Shock Armor M

    Selling EST set 296,35 TT / or a set around 220 TT @ Make an offer Make a resonable bid and lets trade :)
  6. sbi

    Selling: Uber hunting gear & medical gear

    Moved to separate thread - Easter ring
  7. sbi

    Selling: Earth Shock Armor (M) 2400%

    Selling EST set 296,35 TT / or a set around 220 TT @ SB 2200%, BO 2400% Auction ends 6 h after bid :) /Sbinortz
  8. sbi

    Selling: Selling combat masks

    On ark currently but can put in auction if needed: Combat Mask Bosnia and Herzegovina (F) Combat Mask Brasil (F) Combat Mask Brasil (M) Combat Mask Canada (F) Combat Mask Czech Republic (F) Combat Mask Denmark (M) Combat Mask Finland (F) Combat Mask Finland (M) (pending sale)...
  9. sbi

    Achievement: Maxed weapon @ level 100

    Finally got to level 100 in both hit and dam :)
  10. sbi

    Selling: Selling Summer Ring 2016

    Since I max my gun in less than a level after using this amazing ring for a good while it is time for me to pass it on to another skill hungry and eco focused person :) The stats of summer ring 2016: Right hand Faster reload 8% Increased regen 40% Focused Blow 2% Acceleration 20% Skill gain...
  11. sbi

    Support EU - Stream & watch streams!

    Make a difference, support EU - spread the word about the game. Stream your gameplay or watch other gamers stream! You can even mute the channel and hide it away when focused elsewhere - the more viewers EU have the more it will get promoted on Twitch/Youtube. Want to help even more? Be...
  12. sbi

    Selling: Selling Electric Attack Nanochip X (T0, UL)

    Selling Electric Attack Nanochip X (T0, UL) BO: +1.4k Good tier rates: 139 133 82 101 97 163 112 144 74 108 BR, Sbi EDIT: Price lowered!
  13. sbi

    Buying: Modified restoration chip

    Hi all, I consider buying a modified restoration chip. Let me know your offer if you have one for sale :) Gl, Sbinortz
  14. sbi

    FYI: The wonders of First game Play :)

    I had the pleasure of watching Danoweb make his first play of Entropia. You guys can watch it here if you want to re-experience that first time: Ahh the wonders of a whole new world :) And btw... thanks to the experienced players who helps the new...
  15. sbi

    Buying: Tailot/crafter/trader to buy bulk loots

    I tend to get large amounts of hunting loot. Looking for someone to buy them on a regular basis (oils, tailoring goods, mf chips, armors etc.)
  16. sbi

    Selling: Selling different items

    - Perseus harness, thighs and arms (M) @ 156%. Almost full TT - Hermetic ring + 1350 - Pending deal - Polaris M/F sets and parts @ 103% /Sbi
  17. sbi

    Bad timing

    Vacation away from e during migration is bad. Hospitalized with life threathening low platelet levels (3 - normal 150) is even worse. Will get a blood transfusion in a bit. Disneyland another time likely ��
  18. sbi

    Do you acknowledge ND as president in EU?

    Do you acknowledge ND as president in EU?
  19. sbi

    Buying: Henren cube, Tier VIII components, Durulium

    Plz pm me with offers her or in game :) /sbinortz
  20. sbi

    Auction orders bugged?

    Hi, I am not able to see auction orders after patch... does anyone else have this problem too? Br, Sbi
  21. sbi

    Selling: UL piron-pb20

    Taking offers on UL Piron PBP-20 looted in team. Tier 1 SB + 500. BO +700 :) /Sbinortz
  22. sbi

    Help: Replacement for Proteron?

    Hi all, I just finished all missions on Proterons and really liked hunting them. I currently consider staying there or changing hunting grounds for another similar mob with missions. so here is my question for you... Do you know of any similar mob that I can hunt? Requirements are - loads of...
  23. sbi

    Buying: Buying MK1 / MK2 sight

    Edit: Only interested in mk2 sight atm :)
  24. sbi

    Buying: Accuracy enhancer VII BP

    Missing this one to complete the collection. Interested in any QR. Thx, Sbi
  25. sbi

    Selling: CLD's

    Selling some CLD's (up to 57). 1700 BO for more than 5 at a time EDIT: 10 reserved & 20 sold Throw me a pm with the amount you need :)