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  1. vantastic

    SFE Grand Opening - CND - Win 5k EFD!

    SFE Grand Opening - CND - Win 5k EFD! is proud to announce the grand opening of our latest shop. The new shop is located in Shop #26, Area 3 on Club NEVERDIE. For all of you out there who are familiar with our...
  2. vantastic

    Help: Weird Polygon Problems...

    I'm running an Inspiron 9400 Laptop with an NVIDIA 7900 GS card and have been having some issues... I'm running the latest drivers and this is still happening... anyone else had this problem and were able to fix it? I've tried to change the resolution, the AA, the screen ratio and...
  3. vantastic

    What condition do you want UL armour on the shelf to be sold at?

    Hi everyone... As SFE evolves over time we seek the assistance of everyone in EU concerning certain aspects of the shops we run. In this case we'd like to ask you what kind of condition you want armours to be sold at. Of course our normal policy applies for Limited armour, that all parts are...
  4. vantastic

    How do you hold your coffee cup?

    I'm trying to do a little bit of consumer research and would like to know how you hold a coffee cup/mug or beer stein... Please choose your option in the poll above or post below if you choose other. Thank you!
  5. vantastic

    SFE Twin Peaks Mall Grand Opening!

    SFE is proud to announce the GRAND OPENING of our new shop located at Shop 10, Level 1, Twin Peaks Mall! This shop is now our second shop and will be bringing you the great service and product line that you're all familiar with. We keep the shop stocked all the time, with full suits - that's...
  6. vantastic

    Selling: Spectre (M,L) Full Suit

    To celebrate the opening of our new shop at #10XL, Level 1, Twin Peaks Mall, SFE is proud to announce the arrival of our first complete suit of Spectre (L) armour! Spectre (L) has proven to be a particularly difficult set of armour to acquire as a FULL set. It was our CEO himself...
  7. vantastic

    Buying: 3 x Megaview (PC) Signs

    Hi everyone I'm looking to buy 3 Megaview (PC) Signs. Last check market price was TT+70 or so... Anyone willing to part with any? A good crafter perhaps? Thanks!
  8. vantastic

    How long does a normal support case take?

    Maybe i'm an impatient person, I didn't think so at first, but I sent off a support case to MA 10 days ago regarding a fairly serious matter of a possible breach of copyright... I won't go into the details of this as I don't want to jeopardise any possible legal action that may already be...
  9. vantastic

    S: Purple Leaf Beret (M) Ambu Leather

    Yep as the topic suggests, selling the Leaf Beret (M). It's using 3 units of Ambulimax leather and is coloured a most excellent purple by Sarah Charleton (so you know the quality is tops)... Starting bid is, hmm... lets see... tt+50 PM's accepted or post in this thread. Bids close in a week...
  10. vantastic

    WTB> Langotz & Rugaritz

    Hi everyone Just want to express an interest in buying some Langotz and Ruga. If you have some and are willing to part with them, please PM me or post below. This may also become a regular sale for those miners who come across them quite often... well, maybe not Ruga ;) Thanks!
  11. vantastic

    When I was a n00b i'm pretty sure i saw...

    About 3 years ago I signed up and being a n00b I didn't really know what was going on... (VU 6.4) I did however see the strangest thing which i'm not seen since and am wondering wtf it was and why i haven't seen it since... It was a guy who was dressed normally but he had a bionic arm!?!? This...
  12. vantastic

    Mentor offering services to GMT+8 or so Time Zones

    Just wanted to offer my services to anyone who is looking for a reliable mentor in Australasia or any other country within GMT+8 zone (+/-2 hours) I don't much like 'pimping myself' to the world but this time I will. I mainly offer this because: 1. n00bs don't just run off and get killed...
  13. vantastic

    Play Time vs Skills

    I joined EU (or PE as it was known back then) around 15th December 2004. Can't remember what VU it was but you could still trap mobs and the sweat price was dismal. I would call myself a fairly 'regular' player, spending around 2-3 hours a day on it. There was a spell of 3months where I didn't...
  14. vantastic

    My 4th HOF

    This is my fourth HOF in PE since i signed up about 3 years ago. Not as high as previous ones, 1200, 1080, and 1004... this one is still cool cos I actually had the reflexes to take a screenies with the awesome swirlies :)
  15. vantastic

    How the hell does one Tame?

    Right i'm going to go out on a limb here and call myself the Uber n00b... I've got decent skills in most combat areas (Highest 33, averge 18)... I just recently bought a Cobra whip with the intention of Taming animals... Tried Daikiba's... not enough skills Tried Snable Youngs - I can't get...