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    Corinth Under Attack !!

    Oooo scary reminds me of an alien horror film.
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    where you live, what's your language?

    I live in Sarajevo, Bosnia I speak Bosnian,English,German curently learning Turkish. I am 15 years old. I am male and so is my Avatar. P.S. my avatar is really ugly i don't know how i made him to be as mutilated as he is so if anybody wants to practice plastic surgery PM me.
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    Need a mentor

    Five different societys and i waited for a week and nobody answered.
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    Need a mentor

    I've been trying to join a society for some time now but it seems that nobody looks at those pending aplications at all.
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    Sweat price

    The times are bad for poor non-depositing sweaters like myself. I personaly refuse to sell under 1.0 or 1.05 depending on the amount. I was actualy thinking that prices will go up after the sweating bug, but just the opposite happened. Hopefully MA will influence the market before this gets out...
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    Need a mentor

    Hello, I've been playing EU for a few months now, every now and then but i'm still stuck in that orange jumpsuit. I've got a Opalo and a broken A103. Currently i'm just gathering sweat to try and buy some ammo and fix my amp. So i'm looking for a mentor to give me some guidance, I'm not a...
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    The Prophecy..looking for recruits

    Can I join your society?
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    When do you predict the market will collapse?

    I doubt the market will crash and if there ever comes a threat of a market crash Ma will manipulate the prices to keep everything normal. Considering i'm still a noob i only hope sweat prices will go up a bit.