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  1. Anteyu

    Question: Chipping: worth it? u did it or will do it?

    Couldn't agree more about the "naturals".
  2. Anteyu

    Question: Do you still find hunting 'FUN'?

    I still enjoyed it (haven't played properly for a month or so), but I would agree that there are no nice surprises. Hunting is a numbers game completely, pretty much, skills, peds spent, peds returned, nothing special. There's a lot more fun things to do than EU in its current form. Its dull.
  3. Anteyu

    New use for fragments?

    Not a bad idea. BUT, rather than just adding more of the same, why not have nova's set the opponent on fire, and act like a DOT (damage over time), and have blazars kind of freeze the opponent, making them run slower. Would be loads of fun in PvP.
  4. Anteyu

    "I will kill you in RL!"

    More pussies hiding safely behind the internet who think they're tough. :rolleyes: They're everywhere. :laugh:
  5. Anteyu

    What the h*ll is up with the loot?

    OMG NO LEWTZ. For anyone who doesn't want to read the whole thing.
  6. Anteyu

    Question: Would you be interested in a one of everything type of weapons shop?

    Depends really on the amount of time between each restock, otherwise it could put people off I think.
  7. Anteyu

    Great job MA!!!

    /agreed :rolleyes:
  8. Anteyu

    One type of Sweat for one type of ME

    People who want to skill MF can now do so the same way we can all skill whatever interests us. Its better this way. Not for the sweaters, maybe, but for the paying customers.
  9. Anteyu

    Balancing Manager should be fired for incompentency

    Good post. If people aren't willing to work for what they want, why should it happen? Makes sense to me.
  10. Anteyu

    Is MISS MISS MISS where the ped comes from for missions?

    Kinda makes sense. Seeing as a whole lot of people notice it, not just one person thinking its odd.
  11. Anteyu

    Balancing Manager should be fired for incompentency

    Found your sig pretty funny. You don't care so much you felt the need to go around telling everyone how you feel. :confused:
  12. Anteyu

    Balancing Manager should be fired for incompentency

    There should really be a forum section specifically for posts like this. :rolleyes:
  13. Anteyu

    Mice: Wired vs. Wireless

    They're pretty cool, but I can't use em at all for shooters. :D
  14. Anteyu

    Mice: Wired vs. Wireless

    Generally the wired mouses have a lighter click, and weigh less, from my experience, so wired is the way to go for gaming in general. Less important for some though, mainly important for shooters/any fast paced games.
  15. Anteyu

    how to get Banned from PE ?

    Just testing my Revive chip.
  16. Anteyu

    What would you do with 20.000 PEDs?

    To avoid making mistakes you'll regret later, i'd say do absolutely nothing but what you normally do for maybe a week, and have a think about it. :D
  17. Anteyu

    how to get Banned from PE ?

    :revive: :revive: :revive: :revive: :revive:
  18. Anteyu

    Anyone ever seen these?

    :revive: :revive: :revive: :revive: :revive:
  19. Anteyu

    What is a Colonist MMO to you?

    :revive: :revive: :revive: :revive: :revive:
  20. Anteyu

    Just came back - What skills should I chip?

    Of course, its just that settler and pixie are pretty close in price, so it seems more logical to go for pixie.
  21. Anteyu

    Just came back - What skills should I chip?

    Pixie and 5b is probably even better though. :D Depends on what you are hunting and what maturity I guess.
  22. Anteyu

    Just came back - What skills should I chip?

    I would say laser pistol is the way to go, and work your way up to the KorssH400, nice eco gun. But it really depends who you ask, thats just what I think. Also you may want to skill a bit of evade on the noob mobs first, will save you a lot in armour/fap decay.
  23. Anteyu

    Just came back - What skills should I chip?

    I think maybe you mean Pixie? Settler is meant to be very un-eco and useless from what i've heard.
  24. Anteyu

    Is It Time To Bring Back the Sweat Cap?

    Somebody has probably already said it, but whatever, the sweat cap isn't whats needed. What we need is for sweat to be more useful. Make things that aren't exactly necessary, but cool so that people want em (like cars), and have that something only available with large amounts of sweat. Cool...
  25. Anteyu

    Agility - Changed again ?

    Never was, never will be. :D