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  1. Mants

    Selling: --SELLING-- the following items

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  2. Mants

    Selling: --SELLING-- the following items

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  3. Mants

    Selling: --SELLING-- the following items

    im online now
  4. Mants

    Selling: --SELLING-- the following items

    Welcome to my sellling thread. I have listed the items below i am selling. Feel free to drop me a pm. More items added weekly. Jaguar harness M tt+1500 Boar foot gaurds M tt+150 sold Ghost full set minus foot gaurds M tt+250 EP4 QR 74 tt+2200 sold Arsonistic Chip 3, TEN Edition tier 6 tt+ 9k...
  5. Mants

    Mants Fap Service

    Ready to heal you tonight. Add me in game and let’s get you that hof
  6. Mants

    Mants Fap Service

    I am online and healing. Add me ingame or pm me here for hire
  7. Mants

    Mod ek2600 Healing service

    Good day fellow entropians a small announcement but if you require a healing service for your hunt at great rates then please check me out and click the icon at the bottom for more information thanks for your time Mants
  8. Mants

    Buying: Devine chip

    Bump this one
  9. Mants

    Buying: Devine chip

    As the title says I’m looking for one of these chips. Pm me price if your selling thanks mants
  10. Mants

    Mants Fap Service

    Bump to the top online and ready to heal
  11. fapper.jpg


  12. Mants

    Mants Fap Service

    Mants Fap Service Tools Modified EK2600 Adjusted Resto Chip Reload 10% From Ring 3% from Thoro Helmet 13% reload in total Cost Decay Team shared loot : Shared loot can be used to pay a part of decay or as a tips, at the hunter's discretion. (More economical solution as it include fap decay...
  13. Mants

    Buying: Arsonistic Ten

    As the title says looking for this chip. Pm me with your offer. Paying pure peds thanks Mants
  14. Mants

    Buying: Attachment bp’s

    Buying most attachment bp’s send me a pm with what you have and price and I will take a look Thanks mants
  15. Mants

    Selling: Uber and rare items

    Has the Devine gone. If not I offer Sb on it as nothing on spreadsheet
  16. Mants

    Buying: Mid Range UL gun

    As the title says looking for mid range gun. Lvl45-50. Up to 13-15k peds pm me offers thanks
  17. Mants

    Selling: Imp 2870 Tier 3.99

    bump fsdf
  18. Mants

    Buying: WTB ArMatrix BP-20 FEN

    Bump this up. Pm me if you have one for sale. Paying pure ped
  19. Mants

    Buying: WTB ArMatrix BP-20 FEN

    Still looking for this gun
  20. Mants

    Buying: WTB ArMatrix BP-20 FEN

    bump still looking for this gun
  21. Mants

    Buying: WTB ArMatrix BP-20 FEN

    As the title says interested in this gun. Let me know price if you have one on pm Thanks Mants.
  22. Mants

    Buying: CLD`s

    Let me know if you have any Currently paying 2130 per deed thanks Mants
  23. Mants

    Buying: M2870 improved

    Wanting any tier. Paying pure peds Send me pm if your selling one Thanks Mants
  24. Mants

    Selling: Maddox 4 Tier 3.9

    Bump bump bump
  25. Mants

    Selling: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 1 tier 5.4

    Bump this great weapon.