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  1. orlando

    Automated uploading of screenshots

    I think should be a nice feature for everybody,they if don't wanted can make the settings as they wish.Thank you for your improvement.:)
  2. orlando

    Name the new sweat "gun"

    Everybody will want that :laugh::laugh::laugh:
  3. orlando

    Question: Petition about Pets

    damn ya ! i wanne ride em !!! You can see me ridding from nea`s to WO.:laugh:
  4. orlando

    Hmm.... is this a real neomaven(711)

    It can be done,but means a lot of work.First he must contact the server admin who can verify the servers logs where you can find the IP address and the MAC from the person who posted that.After this you can dns the IP and traced simple via google maps.All this time you must be seconded with an...
  5. orlando

    :birthday: Happy Birthday! :birthday:

    :birthday: Happy Birthday! :birthday:
  6. orlando

    :birthday: Happy Birthday! :birthday:

    :birthday: Happy Birthday! :birthday:
  7. orlando

    :birthday: Happy Birthday! :birthday:

    :birthday: Happy Birthday! :birthday:
  8. orlando

    La multi ani!

    La multi ani!
  9. orlando

    Hello!You still don't answer my question on the last private message that I sent to you,or I...

    Hello!You still don't answer my question on the last private message that I sent to you,or I must understand that is a punish also fo the necro-spam that I make 5 month ago?Is forbiden to me seeing HOF`s and ATH?
  10. orlando

    Neg Rep

    Yes.Go on I can get all -rep you want,don't need to have any reason to give it to me,I will not complain neither.:laugh:
  11. orlando

    Question: Female or Male

    Male,I always play with male char this is not means that I cant play with female,I choose that because I can't design a female char 100% like other female can do,because they have their feelings and can do better than me.I paint like a man,walk like a man,think,talk...a woman has her feelings.
  12. orlando

    Is this game free?

    For the first time you must go to the first step wich is to find an good mentor who can teach you some about the game,in the second step you must read most of the guides in here and I garanteed that you can learn a lot of about game,meanwile you can depo and keep your ped away from spending on...
  13. orlando

    No theory

    I think this theory its not fitting also to me,I will agree that is an algoritm(in another one algoritm) for example like a shufle when you listen music on winamp,but not the same,its just an example.But all make the result to see it an random drop and you got something you believe that you`re...
  14. orlando

    EF Titan Typhon (VU10) Survivor Icon -- VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE!

    I saw two icons who can fit,but I can`t vote two.One is Calin icon`s and the other is Addz icon`s.I voted Addz ones.
  15. orlando

    How long will EU be down (poll)

    I think it will go up after 10 hours.If it works we will see:laugh:
  16. orlando

    Your Favorite VU 9 Memory

    Was the day I started,the people that I have meet,the best loot I ever have a pear of jag gloves and not in the last today, the last hours of us,toghether,the last minutes of ours...I never saw many people like I see it this night,thank you all of you for this last momments in the vu 9,hope the...
  17. orlando

    Where were U at the The End of The World......

    I was at the shuttle in PA the place where I started long time ago,4-5 years.A lot of people was there waitting the impact,but at the end was just an "press escape" :laugh:
  18. orlando

    War Titan Changes Trajectory

    What a little poor ending.I was waitting to see,but not expected that,I just thought that will be like the secvence of flying to the cp or cnd.Your planet was died by 159823567 chemichal damage...or something like that...:laugh:
  19. orlando

    New Mob List and Maps for VU10

    I had a wish to take some sea dogs for the dinner, but I think just we have just some sea fish, jellyfish...nevermind,we will try it.:laugh:
  20. orlando

    Good or Bad time to buy...

    Rumors,just rumors.In my opinion we must wait and see the challenge,than we can talk about it.;)
  21. orlando

    The New Map

    Will be some places to explore,here we go again.May be will get something :laugh:
  22. orlando

    Loot By Dynamic Pricing Using Microsegmentation

    I do understand what are you saying and I will try myself to be also.First nobody folow you in any way to know somehow what are you doing in game.The game are based on mathematical analysis and combinations and if I knowing well is never changed from the day I start,but over the time I was the...
  23. orlando

    Pet parking

    I have pet also and also I got some skills but I don't see what is for those tick and tricks,are useless same thing with the pets on the peoples ways.Do you think that if you let your pet in the way will pe more visible,nah, more people will hate you and your pet, more war for nothing.You want...
  24. orlando

    Is your rig Cryengine ready?

    Should be run ok 2 X 7600 GT in SLI, until now.CPU and the DDR will be used more and you must be ready also for this kind of competition.;)
  25. orlando

    A simple question

    What is mentorship for then? What is Entropia Forum used for? I think that is more than a guide,because have on it more than one guide,you just need to know what you want looking for and you will know in a few reading the forum.