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    Help: Weird graphics glitch

    First of all thank you all for advice :-) I was sure I had drivers updated and working, so went first with JJ's advice deleting folders aaand, it worked! Thank you again, finally I can see Entropia in colors once again:D My pc can easily run ultra but I usually use low setting to ease load on...
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    Help: Weird graphics glitch

    Hello, did anyone have same problem as me? In safe mode I can only see dark shades of everything. Can't even see my own avatar correctly. When I set it higher than safe mode it does this: I've tried verifying game data, drivers update, safe mode, ultra mode, windowed or fullscreen, doesn't...
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    HH (happy hunting)

    Greetings I hunted with cmann at midnight. The ugly "monkeys" Furors We had 2 globs. I've got 54PED from the loot and 2 peds for the decay on my vivo. Cmann si very kind and he should receive a reward for what he's doing:) +rep up! Thanks again;)
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    HH (happy hunting)

    I'm choosing Furor :D Full IG name Trinity Hardborn Suzumyia Got 25 agi
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    lvl 0-5 Swunting

    Yeah agree join swunt teams at Nea's. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to encounter some. Sometimes they move to Limnadian District for Esto & Allophyls
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    Where will the sweat price go?

    It depends only on how fast do you need peds:) Patience makes money
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    Agree with Suu, but why not post swunt addicts here too:)
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    Free stuff(200-300 peds)

    So you found them?
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    Free stuff(200-300 peds)

    Wondering what's out there:)
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    Valkyrie Mk1 (HQ Photos)

    No explosion?:D
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    Vehicles Giveaway

    absolutely agree with that
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    Items found on the ground

    4Zane How the hell can you watch TV and in same time watch monitor?Do you have 4 eyes??:laugh:
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    Help: Lost My Ticket Event - 100 ped Reward

    I have spent 2 hours on searching and found nothing,so good luck to others who look for it;)
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    Sweating. 40 peds. NEW PLANET!

    Few days elapsed,so what is your status?:wtg:
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    Sweating. 40 peds. NEW PLANET!

    When you get there, make some screenshots please:) Especially the Video Vixens:D