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  1. SirCuteNShy

    Proportional reward event system

    Great post by Naomi, and a very good point by Oleg. I've got no fancy rings nor a high tiered gun anywhere close to max base dps, so ofc I knew I couldn't compete (And I'm sure this is the case for very many players; High combat skills doesn't mean one possess the gear to reflect said skills)...
  2. SirCuteNShy

    Merry Christmas!

    Happy holidays everyone :-)
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    13 Amazing Things Mindark Has Done Right With Entropia...

    I like how they have developed lots of content for newbs to make them stick around (and deposit) Fort Lahar, Sisyphos, puny mob missions around Cape Corinth etc. Oh, and daily missions for tokens (though I rarely bother doing them myself)
  4. SirCuteNShy

    Atrox And Osseocollum Event, 10 Peds Per Global LA40, LA51

    Sign me up Geir SirCuteNShy Halv
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    8K Bery - MA serioulsy? What is this shit?

    Noobs getting ubers from noob mobs is great imo, it can potentially bring many more players to the game, and some of those will undoubtedly get addicted enough to depo far more than what they get in return. However, it should be better balanced, as mentioned by others in this thread. Big hofs on...
  6. SirCuteNShy

    Entropia Universe Release Notes

    Haven't had serious lag issues myself for quite some time, but last evening was very bad, and it was consistent. Delays when switching between weapons/fap, shooting 'pauses', looting delay, taking double hits, all that jazz. Storage/inventory and auction takes time to load items. Relogging...
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    Atrox And Osseocollum Hunting Bonus Event, LA02, LA40, LA25, LA51

    Sign me up please Geir SirCuteNShy Halv
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    Performance Update

    I find this encouraging too, and second what Madmartigan wrote. Communication is king.
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    If your looking for a side hustle to fund an uber item purchase in game...

    I have a webcam, in case anyone don't really need their privateer anymore *nudge nudge wink wink*
  10. SirCuteNShy

    Halloween Mayhem 2017 Results

    Gz winners
  11. SirCuteNShy

    Lootable Halloween Strongboxes...

    1 box from two hours of hunting zombie dogs alpha/OA. And here I thought this was a clever incentive to make players deposit... :duh:
  12. SirCuteNShy

    Call to Leeloo Leeloo Mountain

    I've had way longer breaks from the game than that. Could be several reasons why she hasn't been on, without anything bad having happened. Hope she's alright.
  13. SirCuteNShy

    Halloween Mayhem Crawls Closer!

    All the earlier whining about players withdrawing and successively buying large amounts of seasonal strongboxes.. Personally, I like this approach. Seems fair, one just have to grind. Nice that the boxes can be looted from other mobs on other planets too. Just a question: (as I've never tried...
  14. SirCuteNShy

    HP before and after Release 15.15.4

    248 --> 268 here. Time to skill MF on missions that give diagnosis/bravado etc as rewards. Never imagined that would happen!
  15. SirCuteNShy


    Unbelievable amounts of tedious grinding behind those numbers! Take a bow :bowdown:
  16. SirCuteNShy

    Arkadia forum expired

    As my great grandfather used to say: Lol wut!? :eyecrazy:
  17. SirCuteNShy

    An Entropia Space baby is born!

  18. SirCuteNShy

    Some mob's corpses are not appearing after kill/loot not registering

    Same happened to me two times as well. Yes let's hope that's the main reason for the servers going down. Thanks to OP and Mac for sharing, +reps spread.
  19. SirCuteNShy

    Selling: One of a kind setup C.L.R 101 UL + OMEGATON A202

    I can't see how complaining in a sales thread on pcf will bring you any compensation? The Planet of a Thousand Silent NPCs have their own forum. I'd suggest making a thread there. Good luck.
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    EntropiaFund Bonus Events

    Sign me up please Geir SirCuteNShy Halv
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    EntropiaFund Progressive Jackpot event

    Sign me up please Geir SirCuteNShy Halv
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    MMOWC 2017 Discussion

    Neverdie admitted officially and apologised, that he made a bad judgement. Would taking back the gun correct that mistake? No. Will ND repeat the error again, with all the shitstorm it caused? Highly unlikely.
  23. SirCuteNShy

    Christmas Strongbox Availability Ending Soon

    Waat, we can soon no longer weigh down our avatars with all the extremely useful garlands and snowballs?! Bummer.
  24. SirCuteNShy

    Entropia is a SCAM!! Proofs inside

    When I read that error message in Spanish, Basil from Fawlty Towers came and slapped me in the back of my head