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  1. SK8bords


    After a good day of profiting a little had about 16 globals then this one.
  2. 2012-02-24 -- aurli watcher 2211 ped

    2012-02-24 -- aurli watcher 2211 ped

  3. SK8bords

    Unlocked Wounding

    Unlocked Wounding was unexpected as well had forgotten all about that unlock. LOL.
  4. Wounding


  5. SK8bords

    Achievement: Unlocked ESL

    Unfortunately I did not get a screen shot since it was in twin and chat zoomed right by :( But all that matters is I can see what dead people are saying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yay::yay::yay:
  6. SK8bords

    I am not sure about sat and both threads just talked about saturday. i am going to go out of...

    I am not sure about sat and both threads just talked about saturday. i am going to go out of town tonight and be back on saturday just not sure what time i will be getting back
  7. SK8bords

    Merry Christmas...Climbing Buddy

    Merry Christmas...Climbing Buddy
  8. Nbk Mountain

    Nbk Mountain

  9. SK8bords

    EU World Boxing Championships 2009, sponsored by FPC

    Sign me up. Nik SK8bords KillALot. Lightweight, although that may have to change.
  10. SK8bords

    MSR - Athena Spaceport TP Run - 9/5/09

    Here is my entry Click to enlarge
  11. Landscape9


  12. SK8bords

    MA says im cool...YEA!!!

    Click to enlarge
  13. SK8bords

    MSR - Fort Fury Road Trip - Sat 9/5/09

    Here is my screenie entry Click to enlarge
  14. Coolness


  15. Landscape8


  16. SK8bords

    Action Shot Photo Competition

    Nice Screenie Archman. I think I was there....Wait I think that me lol. :yay:
  17. SK8bords

    Cryengine: Have you Stopped Playing ?

    Well I voted Other, so I will explain. I dont love or hate VU 10. I think I will love it once they get the bugs out. I deffinetly do not hate VU 10 I infact like alot that they did. Dont really hate anything done. Just need to get the Kinks out and it will be once again great. Oh yea and PLEASE...
  18. Vu10 Screenshot

    Vu10 Screenshot

  19. Vu10 Screenshot

    Vu10 Screenshot

  20. SK8bords

    EntropiaForum VU10 Screenshot Competition

    Here are my entries First one. Click to enlarge Second one. Click to enlarge Third one. (Possibly Memorial Island?) Click to enlarge
  21. Vu10 Competition

    Vu10 Competition

  22. Vu10 Competition

    Vu10 Competition

  23. Vu10 Competition

    Vu10 Competition

  24. SK8bords

    FYI: NBK Group of Societies

    Wow. If you want some attention you got it, great job. NBK Army is for new players to EU. So sometime they dont have the respect that other people do but only time will help them learn. I am pretty sure that they were not able to KS from you anyways nor do I think that they would have tried...
  25. SK8bords

    NBK, socs, sk8bords... etc

    First of all thank you Virus, and I dont know what to say. Just doing what I normally do. Thank you for taking the time to post this, apparently what I did meant alot to you and I am happy to hear that. I am glad that I was able to help you view the NBK soc's in a different light. Thank you to...