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  1. jomarigsd

    Ibuypower Computer

    Does anyone own an Ibuypower gaming computer and what do you think of it? Im considering one of their machines for my next upgrade. Besides a top of the line graphix card, does anyone else having any "must have" add ons for running EU well? Thanks! lexi
  2. jomarigsd

    Updater Application issue

    New issue discovered for me.....when I go to log in it says " Could not start the updater application". When I click on "try again" nothing happens. I was in the game last night with no issues but Im guessing there was an update today. Anyone know what to do? Does this mean I have to...
  3. jomarigsd

    Help: USB Ports not working

    Hiya :) I am hoping some of you with computer knowledge can help me with this. I have a Dell 630i desktop computer, its about 3 years old I think. Today I went to change out my mouse, unplugged the old one and put in the new one. When I did so, it never would recongize it. I rebooted the...
  4. jomarigsd

    Buying: Master Coat (f)

    Anyone have a female master coat they would like to sell? I dont need any colors or textures on it as I have my own to use. It can have textures/colors on it, just be advised this will not be a plus for me :D. Looking for reasonable rate of course:laugh:. Hit me with a PM if you have one. Lexi
  5. jomarigsd

    Buying: Malachi Ash (F)

    If anyone has a pair of these shades sitting in storage collecting dust :laugh:, please let me know if you want to sell them. I will pay a fair rate, I'm not desparate since they dont help my hunting :cool:. Thanks, Lexi
  6. jomarigsd

    Graphic Card Advice

    Hi all: It appears my graphics cards have crashed an I need some suggestions for a new one. I currently have dual Nvidia 8800 cards. I have windows XP and running a Dell XPS 630i desktop, 2Ghz, 3 GB. I want a card relatively similar to what I have in quality. Im not 100% sure but I think I...
  7. jomarigsd

    Happy Birthday Casay!

    Happy birthday to a terrific lady and society leader (even though she cracks her whip on us often! ) :yay:. You are one strong person and have come through some very tough battles in your personal life and I admire your strength and courage ;) . So glad we became friends and Im sure we will...
  8. jomarigsd

    Buying: Burgundy Paint

    Looking to buy around 600 cans. PM me, thanks! :yay: Lexi
  9. jomarigsd

    Buying: Ninja Jacket (F)

    Looking for Ninja jacket for female ava. Not worried about skins or color, Im adding my own. If you have one to sell for reasonable amount please PM me. Thanks! Lexi
  10. jomarigsd

    Nota - Thanks!

    Just wanted to send out a quick note to all my friends from Nota :). I have enjoyed being in your society for a year and half now. Made some great friends and will always treasure the fun times we shared. I made the tough decision to leave recently mostly due to the fact of the declining...
  11. jomarigsd

    Space Bar Issue

    Is anyone else having issues when using their space bar? When I hit the space bar to go into third person mode so I can use my cursor to click on such things as storage, my screen freezes for about 10-15 seconds or so. This is highly annoying when trying to get around in an auction house or...
  12. jomarigsd

    Help: With New Video Card

    Ok guys, I know this is going to sound like a dumb question ;), but Im close to being totally lost when it comes to computers. I am want to upgrade my video card and not sure what will work. I currently have dual GE Force 8800 CT Nvidia cards. I am looking at the Nvidia GE Force 285. Will...
  13. jomarigsd

    Buying: Texture Enhancers

    Looking to buy 100 texture enhancers. Please PM me if you have any for sale. Thanks! Lexi
  14. jomarigsd

    Buying: Snarksnot Skins and Leather, Texture

    Buying any kind of snarksnot skins/textures at good rates. Let me know if you have some you are willing to sell:). Lexi
  15. jomarigsd

    Uber: 3160 Faucervix Young

    After four years of playing I'm posting my first good loot :yay:. Of course it had to be a darn noob mob and Ive taken a beating from friends about that :D. Anyway, hunting loot has been horrible for me lately so I've pretty much gone to mining, but the other night decided to shoot a few feffs...
  16. jomarigsd

    Happy Birthday BD!!

    Happy birthday to one of the nicest guys in EU....Jake "BD" Janson (well except when he's in ring pking , then you'd better run :handgun:). Hope you have a great day and a wonderful birthday weekend (why not extend it for a few days?) Thanks for being such a great friend, fun hunting partner...
  17. jomarigsd

    Buying: Thrill Seeker Adventure Panties (F)

    If you have a pair, please send me a PM with price. Will also consider trade (possibly with additional ped depending on item) of one of the clothing items I have for sale if your interested (longu rancher hat, Longu flame pants, atrox jacket, atrox foxy high stilletos, all female). Thanks, Lexi
  18. jomarigsd

    Buying: Fedora Hat (F)

    Need one of these right away emergency ;). Texture or color does not matter...just asking for a fair price. Thanks! Lexi
  19. jomarigsd

    Selling: Longu Hat/Pants (F)

    It's the new year and time for a bit of a change for I am offering these two very nice items for sale :). First one is a longu rancher hat, 100% longu all three fields, and painted burgundy in the main field. Second one is longu flame pants, 100% longu all three fields and painted...
  20. jomarigsd

    Buying: Mittens (f)

    Im looking to buy female mittens. Will pay going rate. If they can be found in a shop or somewhere else, please let me know!!! Thanks, Lexi
  21. jomarigsd

    Selling: Female Atrox Cloths

    Hi All: Want to sell these two items if I get a decent offer;). I have a Paris Jacket and Foxy High Stilleto Boots. These are both 100% trox all fields. Almost impossible to make these right now as I have yet to get one trox skin in a crap load of trox hunting :mad:. Please put offers...
  22. jomarigsd

    Longu Texture

    Does anyone other than Sarah have this texture maxed out yet? Thanks, lexi
  23. jomarigsd

    Guns N' Roses - New mid lvl society forming

    Hi all: I am forming a new mid level society for people who would like to be part of a fun team with other players who have similar skill levels. My goal would be for us to skill up as a team to one of the top 50 most skilled societies (while having way too much fun doing it ;) ). The...
  24. jomarigsd

    Selling: Unique Blaus/Silk Set Female

    As much as I hate to part with this set, I would like to purchase something else so have decided to let go of this nice set of cloths!! This set consists of a fedora hat (TT 102 peds), a Cognac Coat (TT 209 peds), Foxy High Stillettos (TT 199 ped) and Bustier (TT 57 ped). Hat has one field...
  25. jomarigsd

    Selling: Hermes (F) set minus the feet

    Selling hermes female set minus the footguards. This auction is for a good friend who is not on forum, and I was going to buy this awesome set until some IRL things came up :mad:. My loss is someone else's gain :). TT Values: Arms: 92 Head Piece: 53 Shin's: 78 Shoulders: 93 Gloves: 77...