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  1. Blake Seven

    Graphics Settings for Laptop

    My son's laptop has a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce 840M GPU and the game will crash if it is used on any graphics setting other than Safe Mode. While not expecting amazing results with the GPU we would have expected to have slightly more options than Safe Mode or crash :) The laptop is an i5...
  2. Blake Seven

    Funny Amazon Reviews

    Some of the products may seem plain and innocuous but the customer reviews for some of them are hilarious.
  3. Blake Seven

    Online Friends Bugged

    Since yesterday's update I no longer get the friends online status correctly shown for all my friends. The list shows some as being online and others as being offline yet I can receive messages from them and see them globalling so I know they are on. When I reply to a message from them is get...
  4. Blake Seven

    Would Like To Stay Online For Longer Than 10 Minutes

    C'mon MA fix your shite already!!!
  5. Blake Seven

    First Ruga Find (OLA57 Miner's Heaven)

    Not usually being one to post here but thought I would post my first Ruga find. Didn't think Angel would object to the location either :)
  6. Blake Seven

    Buying: Gungnir Mk I

    1K for immediate buy out. Will drop 100 ped with each bump from me, which looking at current changes to buyouts in auction is the rate the MU on one of these is dropping every 8 hours on average :)
  7. Blake Seven

    Happy Birthday Maya!!

    :birthday: Maya I suspect the vodka has already taken a bashing :D :shots:
  8. Blake Seven

    Happy Birthday Spike (Safara)!!

    Have a great Beerchugalug day :beerchug:
  9. Blake Seven

    Happy Birthday Xentric

    Happy Birthday Xen, a little Spikey birdy tells me it's a landmark one too :yay: :beerchug:
  10. Blake Seven

    Happy Birthday Cykel!!

    Have a great day and don't play too many pirate games :beerchug: :birthday:
  11. Blake Seven

    Info: Amethera Mining Resources Maps and Charts

    Update 25th May 2010 A Brief History of the Mining Charts and Maps Prior to the VU10 (Cryengine) release a predecessor to this thread referenced the different resources found within each 'Revival Zone'. Following VU10 the Revival Zones where not known at first, therefore the new world was...
  12. Blake Seven

    Info: Eudoria Mining Resources Maps and Charts

    Update 28 April 2010 Important Notice Regarding Changes to Mapping System A Brief History of the Mining Charts and Maps Prior to the VU10 (Cryengine) release a predecessor to this thread referenced the different resources found within each 'Revival Zone'. Following VU10 the Revival Zones...
  13. Blake Seven

    Portable North Pole

    Got kids? Do they still believe in Santa? Get a personalised message from him via Santa TV Customise the details at and send your child an e-mail and they can view their own video message from Santa. The list of customisable locations is a bit limited and I...
  14. Blake Seven

    Post VU 10 Mining Resources Maps and Charts

    UPDATE 10th Feb 2010: Thread Closed while we complete a new and improved mapping system - see last post for details Eudoria Mapping Now In This Thread Amethera Mapping Now In This Thread This was originally in another thread, my initial intention was only to update the map in that thread...
  15. Blake Seven

    FYI: Claim Position Shown on Main Map

    Can't see this mentioned elsewhere so I'll post my 'discovery'. If you click on a mining deed from your inventory, it will as usual display the find details and a mini map. If you then press M, the mini map will close and the main map will open and show your claim as yellow star on the map...
  16. Blake Seven

    Happy Birthday Lem

    Happy Birthday Lem :D :beerchug: :cheer: :drink: :shots: :wtg:
  17. Blake Seven

    39 Months Later!!

    A while back :D on the old PE website you could e-mail Marco with a brief description and small logo and request your society details added to the Community section. I just got a return receipt for my e-mail. Seems he has a busy schedule :D
  18. Blake Seven

    Cheap and Easy Way to Improve Your Car's Performance Only a day or so on it left to run so get your order in quickly. Don't forget to check the questions section for some excellent additional information.
  19. Blake Seven

    Happy Birthday Cykel!!

    Have a good one mate and I hope they haven't planned a big Pirate Party for you too :) :beerchug: :dance: :beerchug:
  20. Blake Seven

    EFD Icons for Soc Logos?

    We've been mulling this over in the soc forum, with a recent flurry of interest in customised EFD icons, how about societies being able to have their logos as icon. We started with a spoof icon to commemorate our Robot War banner ad that just doesn't go away but I've adapted to just a plain soc...
  21. Blake Seven

    First Timers Beacon Event - Clearing Up the Robot Trash

    TDO (The Disturbed Ones) is holding yet another First Timers Beacon Event on Saturday Evening (MA Time) 31st January :yay: Previous Events:
  22. Blake Seven

    Selling: Full Nemesis (F)

    Bought this a while back on behalf of a cross-dressing mate :D and as a partial "investment", but now it's time to free up some peds for new projects. The set is currently running around in game but will come fully repaired (if it isn't already). No real rush to sell as I'm already in trouble...
  23. Blake Seven

    Master Coat (M) Prancer Skin

    With so many options/finishes available on coats, it's hard to tell market value of individual Master Coats from in game history. Considering selling mine and interested in some opinions on value before it goes in auction.
  24. Blake Seven

    Selling: (Reluctantly) Full Vigi M

    Full TT SB: + 1000 BO: + 1100 Bids prefered in thread, no anonymous bidding (except BO) - all bids/names via PM will be added to thread. Sale will run for 7 days after SB is made GL :cool:
  25. Blake Seven

    Question: New PC - Choice of OS

    The purchase of a new gaming PC is looming :yay: Hardware wise I'm fairly certain about what I'm aiming for, my main dilema relates to what OS to install. My current thoughts lie with dual boot XP Home/Vista Home Premium both as 32 bit, but should I be considering others such as XP or Vista...