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  1. pesok

    Info: Attention! Take the TelePorter (TP) Foma- Calypso instead of flying and Avoid being looted due to a possible pirate Attack!!!

    Attention Entropians!!! It was brought to my attention that a lot of colonists are still not aware that they can use exclusive interplanetary TP and safely TelePort from Foma-Fortuna back to Calypso(for a fee) by choosing Calypso at the drop down menu at any Foma-Fortuna TelePorter(TP). If you...
  2. pesok

    Info: F.O.M.A - Fortuna Mining charts with Ores per Dome (constantly updated)

    Here is the link to a great chart started by Arkonen and constantly updated by all users.
  3. pesok

    Info: Foul Iron Mission finally made easier...

    This event has Ended, thank you for your support! if you want it restarted again - dont hesitate to PM me and if enough interest is shown - i will restart it again. First of all Foma-Fortuna has gotten its own section on the forum. Thank you to all that made this finally possible(you know who...
  4. pesok

    Info: Foul Iron Mission finally made easier...

    Mods: Please move if this in not in correct category on forum. Foul Iron Missions made easy in Dome #8 on F.O.M.A-Fortuna! (for a limited time only) Due to numerous requests from fellow entropians(pointing out the grave scarcity of Fouls in Entropia) over the past few months i have maxed...
  5. pesok

    Buying: 3 Shopkeepers

    I am looking to buy 3 more shopkeepers for shops on FF. Preferably male and not bald but can get a female as well if we agree on price. PM me with offers Uber huge!
  6. pesok

    FYI: Small cornoanterions have moved OUT of Dome 18(the narc dome)

    As per request from quite a few of you miners(with FreezyPops leading the way) i have completely moved small Corns(mutated bulls) from Dome#18(Narc dome) to Dome#19. Happy minings and if you have any suggestions - dont hesitate to contact me in the future(all requests will be considered)
  7. pesok

    Use my equipment for Merry Mayham event(or others) offer

    To mods - wasnt sure where to stick this - so move as u c fit and thanks! Since i decided not to participate in the Mayham Event this year(time constraints issue) i though it would be a good idea to see if anyone is interested in renting out some of my equipment i do not need for the duration...
  8. pesok

    Buying: Dante shades male

    Dante shades male - pay in peds, can buy right away
  9. pesok

    Buying: Jade coat M

    Pay in pure peds, ready to purchase right away.
  10. pesok

    Buying: Shadow shins M and F - unlimited

    Buying shadow shins M and F unlimited only. Paying pure peds, ready to purchase as soon as in 10 mins from your PM.
  11. pesok

    Super mirror prank

    good prank
  12. pesok

    U think ur shop is large - check out Mega Shop! :)

    How is that for price-item ratio:)? Non believers check out shop #1 on asteroid (and yes i know its bugged) check your own shops - might be surprised:) :laugh:
  13. pesok

    Buying: Jungle stalker SGA or regular - BLP gun

    As the topic says - looking to buy that gun, tier dont really matter but higher - will pay more naturally. SGA preferred but regular will be accepted as well(since i think only 1 SGA ingame). PM me with your offers or post here
  14. pesok

    Name that Asteroid and win 5000 peds!!!

    Here is the promised thread on naming the Asteroid (CND). First of all i get a lot of requests on leaving the name as it is now. Unfortunately due to NeverDie being a trademarked and copyrighted name of John NeverDie Jacobs i cannot use it or any portion of the term NeverDie (including...
  15. pesok

    Achievement: New owner of the Asteroid (CND), finally pulled the trigger

    As many of you already aware of -after over 6 months of negotiations me and Mr. John NeverDie have finally completed the biggest transaction ever in Entropia (or in any other Virtual universe) - the Asteroid (CND) now has a new master. I am now a proud owner of 8 biodomes (including both unique...
  16. pesok

    Buying: Svempa XT blueprint any QR

    Buying Svempa XT BP (any QR) for my new RL crafter friend. Payable in pure peds on the spot, can usually meet quickly.
  17. pesok

    Buying: OA-106/107/8/9, MA-106/107/8/9 unl bps

    My RL friend is interested in buying those bps to complete his mining amp bp's collection. Since he does not have the EF account i am posting this for him. Please PM(or post here) fair offers on those bps(any qr-higher will be payed more) and he is interested in acquiring only one of each...
  18. pesok

    Buying: Around 100k EFD

    Need almost 100k EFD, can buy less naturally(at least 5k efd per sale please) - PM your offer, no rush but will stop as soon as i reach needed amount though
  19. pesok

    Buying: Robot Tilt Compensators 170%

    Robot Tilt Compensators 180% 180% -Contact me here, via PM or ingame, need 400 units. Have an ingame order as well
  20. pesok

    Auction freeze during servers downtime

    I know this has been discussed before but after tonight's fiasco(which is still going at the time of writing) i feel we need to revisit this topic. I as i am sure many have lost good peds because the auctions kept going while noone was able to login. Why not make an auction freeze so that when...
  21. pesok

    Basic Vehicle Suspension

    Although wasnt first to discover this but here is the vehicle part(1st 2 b made as of right now). For sale if anyone interested. Click to enlarge Put this into wrong section of forum, mods please move to appropriate section, i am not the first discoverer
  22. pesok

    Best entropia related sites, you use frequently?

    A list of most usefull and interesting Entropian sites. Please add/update/correct!!! Does not look like we have a list here on EF of usefull Entropia related sites. Put your most used sites/links here, updates and corrections are highly appreciated/encouraged. I will update this post regularly...
  23. pesok

    Buying: Manufacture weapons and weapon technology and other skills-fair prices payed

    Trying to help my RL friend to build up in this game so buying the following skills(not interested in any others atm): Manufacture weapons, Weapon technology, Blueprint Comprehension, Manufacturing methology, Machinery, Tailoring, First aid, Engineering, Surface composition Small(from 0.50TT)...
  24. pesok

    Buying: Manufacture weapons, Weapon technology and few other skills

    Thinking of resuming buying following skills(only): Weapon technology Manufacture weapons Machinery Man meth Industrialist not looking for chips under 1ped in value(except for industrialist), will buy any amount if agree on price. Not in hurry so no need to offer inflated prices, looking to pay...
  25. pesok

    John Foma Kalun is not dead!

    Hi my fellow calypsonians. To dillute the PM's i received when i first logged in today after over 2 month absense i am not dead nor did i quit. As some of you might know (i managed to keep in contact with few closest ep friends over the phone) i was involved in auto accident at over...