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  1. skeezer

    Question: Drop Items

    When will we be able to drop items like Beer Kegs again to have some impromtu Pogo Skilling fun and/or hide little presents for others to find? Thanks, Skeezer :beerchug:
  2. skeezer

    Question: Real Mindforce Sweating, Face to Face Trades, Sitting Down, Lying Down

    When can we expect the return of these compelling, immersive, simple fun things? Real Mindforce Sweating - tribal drums, green beams and no stupid tool - we use our minds! Face to Face Trades - so we can see the unique avatar we deal with up close! Yes/No trade option gives old emotes -...
  3. skeezer

    Prison Life

    I finally get to post here again: Prison is very long and hard, so thanks to all of you who make and have made it colorful lo these many, many years! Especially Elf on this one ;-) :beerchug:
  4. skeezer

    HoF: NEVERDIE XMAS FAP Tier 7 Jingle All The Way! :xmas: ps. I really wish the message window could be somewhere other than dead center... grrr pps. WTB ~ 10 Medical Tool Economy Enhancers Tier 7 on RT ;-)
  5. skeezer

    MA says I am Cool!

    Ok, so it only took a little over 7 years, but now I am officially Cool! (Getting this in the new skill unlock mode doesn't seem as cool as in the past, but I'm sure they will fix that soon ;-)
  6. skeezer

    FYI: I'm an idiot, don't buy my ESI on auction...

    Hello all, All I can say is that I'm too tired and clicked the wrong number column... Please don't buy my ESI on auction! If someone makes a mistake like I did in turn, of course I'll make it...
  7. skeezer

    Achievement: Neverdie xmas fap tier 6

    Jingle All the Way! :xmas:
  8. skeezer

    Huge fap!

    A graphics glitch made Xeng into a huge fap! :laugh:
  9. skeezer

    Zombie Kong ESI 384 ped ESI! :yay:
  10. skeezer

    Neverdie Xmas Fap Tier 5

    My NEVERDIE XMAS FAP is now TIER 5! Jingle All the Way! :xwink:
  11. skeezer

    Skeezer's 3D Pix ;-)

    Hello and welcome to my new thread for the 3D anaglyph pictures that I make in Entropia Universe. To see the 3D, you will need a pair of red - blue/green anaglyph glasses or you could make your own with colored plastic/glass or clear plastic and some colored markers. Red goes on the left and...
  12. skeezer

    Skeezer Is A Noob!

    Hello everyone, I have a funny story to share and explain what a NOOB I am. NEVERDIE made an event on RT and messed up the rules by setting it to most votes wins with 800 ped in prizes. So the plan was to vote for Skeezer, Commander and Acey for the top 3 spots and then we would split the...
  13. skeezer

    Funny video from ;-)

    Hello everyone, Summergirl and I started playing EU after we learned about it from Robbie F. on his geektastic tech show. So, I thought I'd share this funny parody video they made - enjoy! :cool:
  14. skeezer

    Adam Wants Some Clean Underwear

    This was by far the best time I ever had hanging out with Adam!!!! Click to enlarge Click to enlarge animated gif :cool: 3D Picture of Adam's corpse is here: Let's show Adam how much fun it was...
  15. skeezer

    3D Pictures from VU 10!

    Hello all, I've been dinking around with 3D anaglyphs in Entropia for a while, and I'm tickled to be able to bring you 3D visions from version 10! You need red on the left and blue/green on the right... Thanks to Cappy, Cy, Volo, and you wonderful, and unknown, avatars that I used ;-) 3D...