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  1. Parlog

    Not gone just f* busy

    Hey guys, first thing, i am fine! Second thing, i broke up with her like 10 months ago (insider). Third, iam reeducating as an industrial electrician. I wasnt aware of how timeconsuming that is, really. But i love it so it pushes me through! Love you all, ill be back! Par
  2. Parlog

    Selling: 100x HyperStim 10mg

    Hi, i am selling upto 100x HyperStim 10mg pills. They last for one hour each and grant an additional 10% to run speed and reload. Their bonus is stackable with other speed toys like rings upto a max of 25%. Bulksale offer: 8.50ped/pill no matter the quantity SOLD OUT!
  3. Parlog

    Selling: WTS Karmoosh Lateef (Pet) lvl.1

    I want to sell my Karmoosh Lateef (Pet) lvl.1 It takes to kill the 5 bosses of Toulan along with their armies to get a chance to tame this pet. The buffs are unknown yet, It cannot be spawned on other planets than Toulan unless it gets to level 7. SB:450ped Insta-BO:550ped Toulan Info...
  4. Parlog

    How are the looting skills put together

    Hey everyone, first lets collect some info about how you gain primary looting skillups: skinning, scourging and reclaiming -kill and loot an animal, mutant or robot. Confirmed! -You can get skinning skillups on a succesful taming attempt. After new VU confirmed! after the latest VU many ways...
  5. Parlog

    What is a fanboy?

    Really, now really, fanboy is the right word, ohh yes! Hi guys, sry guys, i am a fanboy! I lol started to be a fanboy quite early... about a decade ago, i went through every stage from discusted to euphoric, many, many times... Right now i am, i am even out, which will probably change tonight...
  6. Parlog

    Thumbs up for support!

    Not sure if this is the right section but i wanted everybody to read this. I lost 6 claims due to FOMA server crashes weekend before last and i wrote a SC to MA. They have put all the lost ressources in my inventory and i am really happy about this! Way to go MA!
  7. Parlog

    Happy Birthday Spawn!

    :birthday: Spawn! Three cheers for our fellow society leader Storm Spawn Bootcamp who is getting 44 years old today. I raise my glas on his health, success and happyness! Cheers!
  8. Parlog

    Selling: full EMINE Armor M tier 2/3 + the right coat for it

    Well this fine piece of armor not only protects you well, it also looks awesome! Its light reflection is probably higher than the light reflection of any other armor set in EU, this effect is increased bigtime by the white coat as well. The armor stats are pretty similar to the stats of Jaguar...
  9. Parlog

    WOF TEAM DACH (germany, austria, switzerland)

    Hey and welcome to the thread of WoF Team D-A-CH! (-s for south tirol, just so we can cheat in geats and with him the whole squadra italia, team vatikan, the roman empire and team romania) :dunce: Its dunce hat time! To make sure you are a member of WoF Team DACH we recommend the follwing test...
  10. Parlog

    German jury nominates shitstorm as anglicism of the year 2011 !

    :yay: Germanies linguistic research is finally worth its money! A jury of german linguists nominated the word "shitstorm" as the anglicism of the year 2011 and explained its importance is so high because theres no direct german translation to it. Öffentliche Entrüstung? Scheissesturm sounds a...
  11. Parlog

    R.I.P. German EU Forum

    After a long and unsuccessful search for a new forum team, the german EU forum went down. We saw it come, we couldnt help it, now it happened. It was a nice bridge to live under. In the name of the german community i´d like to thank Fishtown, Joey, Fox, Nenja and Globator and all the others...
  12. Parlog

    Merger of OU and cK Shadows

    Hey all, i am here to inform you that Oddysseus Unbound and cK Shadows merged and now will continue to run under the name cK Shadows. We are proud and happy to carry the cK tag and also that our blue chat is used around the clock again. Let´s roll!
  13. Parlog

    Iron Trox completed

    Damn i am so happy i can leave therse lootless *@#kers now! I saw about 50 ubahs loots on Atrox pass me by. 12 months, 40k mob, Steelbirds, Araneatrox, Longtooth, Eomon and now Atrox Iron Quests done... 40k ped loss. Now i am off to my moms house to have some serious duck feasts over christmas...
  14. Parlog

    Interesting Science Fiction Movie

    Hey all, i found that movie on youtube and id really like to share with you! That could be a nice source of inspiration for MA and maybe it was, because some things looked really familiar ... Enjoy!
  15. Parlog

    Buying: Buying Generic Fuse

    As the titel says, i am buying Generic Fuses, hangar part from pre vu10. Pls pm me your offers!
  16. Parlog

    Odysseus Disciples

    Hi all, Odysseus Unbound is complete. Its not really looking for any other members anymore, its mentally balanced and its a global family. It has a spirit of its own. For long years we have let our newbie members grow up in our midst, but its like: once you have reached a perfect state, you...
  17. Parlog

    Harrassment at Mulmun Spawn

    This is the thread to my support case about Sammy DavidHasselhof Junior who harrasses hunters at the Mulmun Elite spawn by mobtraining everyone numerous times. He also insulted me, when i asked him if he finds that funny. Feel free to add your own pics, if youve been harrassed. And feel...
  18. Parlog

    10k spider mission done

    me nib cant even post an achievement and must doublepost so i highjack my own thread to post another one instead :) 3 level evader in one week, that was fun :) now i carry my broke and tired ass to bed and tomorrow i start the run on Commando. I hope i can do that till Christmas, but we...
  19. Parlog

    10k spider mission done

    i thought i show you some action... bad point to run out of ammo, lol but i didnt! I have 174hp and these are my skills before i took the evade-boost: and after? 5606 evade skill, which made me a level 38.5 Evader. warm and fuzzy huh? Now bend over Lexx! what she said btw :wise: Other...
  20. Parlog

    There will be threads...

    yes Tiny Dancer there will be threads! there will be pictures! Yes Tiny as you wish! There will be mockery! Not from my side. You got great skills in shittalking, i guess you learned that in your youth! This is what i learned in mine.
  21. Parlog

    Selling: SPIDER HUNTER for WoF Finals!

    Yeah thats right! Players from USA, France or Sweden can buy me to hunt Spiders for your country in the 2011 WoF Finals! I am Parlog aka Peter Parker aka 10.000 spiders killer aka Cajuze is my living room Gothakaur! Do you really want me to fight for one of the other teams? I doubt it! Check...
  22. Parlog

    Buying: Buying Hangar for 1ped!

    Hi peeps, i am buying a hangar for 1ped, maybe i can go down 15-100%, but if you want to make sure that your hangar goes for a huge loss, my offer is probably the best offer you will ever get on the market! I am a passionate pilot who even can fly a Slepinir upside down! I cleaned my inbox and...
  23. Parlog

    A Generalists Blog

    Hi all, i wondered for a long time where i should put a Generalists Log so i asked John Capital about it. He said that the best place to put it might be the General Economy Discussion. So here we go, this is what i do ingame 1. mining (both ore and enmatter) 2. hunting (focus:Araneatrox...
  24. Parlog

    If i were the CEO...

    Hi all, i have two simple questions for you How would you finish the sentences...? If i were the CEO of MA... and If i were the CEO of a planet partner... You can give as many answers as you want, they should stay related to EU (you are in charge to decide where EU goes to from now on) and...
  25. Parlog

    Hierarchy of Fortune Wheels

    What i see are interlocking fortune wheels with different ranges of loots in a strict, pyramidal hierarchy. You click a BP, drop a bomb or kill a mob and you turn the wheel that you are on. They are interlocked, so sometimes you enter a field where you exit one wheel and enter a new one...