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  1. MsPudding

    Question: Land Areas: Purchasable Features

    MindArk, First and foremost thank you guys for taking the time to read our posts, answer our questions and communicate with us! We, as a community may not always be the easiest people to please, but one thing is for sure. We are a passionate bunch! Thank you guys for the hard work you put in...
  2. MsPudding

    Buying: 10mg Pills Bulk Order 1,000+

    Looking to place a huge order for 10mg pills. If you've got a lot of MTokens and want to make a deal, PM me and let me know what your asking price is. I'm interested in 1k to 3k pills currently.
  3. MsPudding

    Buying: EST Earth Shock Trooper (F) (L)

    looking for a female set of EST. Let me know the tt, your price. Thx!
  4. MsPudding

    Buying: Left Handed Ring - Halloween 19 or 18

    I am in the market and shopping for a nice left handed ring. Something like the Halloween 19 would be nice, but PM me what you've got and what price you're expecting. PED in hand. Thanks!
  5. MsPudding

    Buying: S̶t̶r̶o̶n̶g̶ ̶A̶r̶g̶o̶n̶a̶u̶t̶ ̶C̶l̶a̶w̶ or MF Chip FEN

    No longer looking for a claw. Interested in FEN MF chip. Corrosive, Electric, PM with details if you got one!
  6. MsPudding

    Strong Argonaut Claw

    WTB Strong Argonaut Claw. Pure PED.
  7. MsPudding

    Dune Official Trailer

    🤯 So excited for this movie!
  8. MsPudding

    Selling: Land Area: Atrox Zone - OLA#39 Atrox Zone SW of Akmuul Island TP: FOR SALE!!!

    SOLD OLA #39 Atrox Zone - SW of Akmuul TP Features: Atrox DNA x 2 (Active & suggested over Neconu) Neconu DNA x 2 (currently inactive but could be activated or removed if you like at no cost) Close to a TP! (Akmuul Island TP) #1 Most Popular Event Mob in EU! Easy to Manage Land! (low risk...
  9. MsPudding

    Question: Webshop down?

    Is the webshop down for anyone else? Trying to open some Summer Boxes and needed a few keys. Keep getting an error page when trying to head to the payment screen.
  10. MsPudding

    Suggestion: Please Make a GZ Emoji

    If it isn't too difficult, being able to react to someone's post with a "GZ" emoji would be pretty cool! We're always GZ'ing each other in game, let's allow that on the forum! Maybe this is already in the works.
  11. MsPudding

    Buying: Vain Harness (F, L)

    Plz check your storage. Do you have a Vain Harness (F, L) kicking around in there? Lemme know! Thx
  12. MsPudding

    Mang Chang Mission Bugged

    Flew over to Cyrene to continue working on my Mang Chang mission. Got this after the first kill :D Dang!
  13. MsPudding

    COVID-19 Impact on Entropia Universe: Data Analysis & Call to MindArk

    I've been very curious about CV-19's impact on EU, as I've noticed myself, as have others, that the game "feels" more vibrant than ever. Well, it's not just a "feeling" we have anymore, it's a fact, and I have the numbers. And numbers don't lie. The best way, in my opinion, to measure the...
  14. MsPudding

    OLA#30 Combibo Stalker & Berycled Stalker

    Very happy to announce that I have acquired this land recently! I have been eyeing this property for over 2 years, and extremely happy to be the new owner! :) There are no other LAs managed on Calypso that I am familiar with that have Combibo, as such I will keep their spawns up at all times...
  15. MsPudding

    Entropia Gold's NEW Event: HOFF's HOF OFF - 5 Land Areas & 5 Different Mobs!

    4 Participating Land Areas: Medusa's Head - Deino Island: Scipulor OLA#02 - Atrox Paradise OLA#30 - Berycled & Combibo Stalkers OLA#50 - That Freaking Cold Place: Neconu Start Date: 7/31/2020 - Immediately! :D End Date: None Currently (will run several months) Registration: Required to claim...
  16. MsPudding

    Buying: UGC Gigantium Signs

    I am looking for Gigantium Signs UGC. Paying good $ for them! The UGC is critical, if they aren't UGC I don't need them. There are also Gigantium Screens, but I am not after the Screen variety, I am only in need of the "Sign" variety. I am paying good money for these! PM me if you have some!
  17. MsPudding

    Buying: DNA - Mobs on Calypso

    Do you have Calyoso Mob DNA? Do you have the rare parts for a Caly mob? Let me know what you've got, and what price you're asking for it.
  18. MsPudding

    "Bugged" Avatar Statue Deed Being Sold on Auction - MindArk PLEASE REMOVE IMMEDIATELY

    MindArk, Edit: initially I said "bugged", because I thought these types of deeds might be removed after being claimed. The description on the deed doesn't indicate that it's already been claimed. That part was the confusing part. It would be helpful to either remove the avatar statue deeds...
  19. MsPudding

    LM: Episode One - Official Results

    Congratulations to all the winners listed below! Prizes will be distributed tomorrow, Sunday, July 12th at 20:30 UTC on the roof of the Twin Peaks Mall (bring champagne & fireworks!!!) Please be on top of Twin Peaks Mall tomorrow at 20:30 UTC (4:30 PM Eastern) Prizes will be awarded in order of...
  20. MsPudding

    Buying: Land Area on Calypso

    I'm looking for a blank Land Area. One with noob mobs that could just be wiped clean would be fine. Ideally something suitable for mining or for me to add my own DNA onto Land Area must be on Calypso Ideally an unmanaged, "fixer upper" plot of land Please PM me the details and your asking...
  21. MsPudding

    Selling: Land Area: Sentosa's Reach on Planet Arkadia (Contains Unique DNA)

    SOLD Every now and then a solid, sought after LA comes to market. One with a great DNA, great location, and at a great price. This is that kind of LA. Up for sale is an excellent Land Area on Arkadia, named by StarKiller & the community back in April of 2016 This Land Area, Sentosa's...
  22. MsPudding

    Buying: Adj or Imp 5b Plates

    Looking for some upgraded 5b plates. Let me know your price! Thx
  23. MsPudding

    Lootius Mayhem: Stretch Goals, Q&A, and My Thoughts

    First and foremost, thank you! From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I've been receiving a lot of uplifting PMs and kind words, which honestly just brightens my day. But, this post isn't about me, it's about you, the community, and my appreciation for your show of support of Lootius Mayhem...
  24. MsPudding

    Info: EntropiaGold Website: New Event Platform

    Mission Statement EntropiaGold turns apathy into action with the most exciting in-game events and awards available. Compete in our unique, interactive 35-day-tournament to score unbelievable in-game prizes! Our passion is Entropia. Our purpose is to bring excitement back...
  25. MsPudding

    Poll: Choose MsPudding's Character Class (closes June 1st)

    Lootius Mayhem starts June 1st at 00:00, it's an epic 35 day event with a guarantee'd 40k PED prize pool. Players can choose character classes in the event and even manipulate their score. All this made possible because of a live leaderboard hosted at my new website I'll be...