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  1. Vixen Cyblade

    Paradox Female w/o feet

    trying to come up with a good number to put a value on my Paradox set. It's not uber Armor good mid-range but super rare I only know of 1 complete set and 2 sets w/o feet and one is the set I own
  2. Vixen Cyblade

    Buying: Paradox (F) Feet

    Looking to buy Female Paradox Feet to complete my set
  3. Vixen Cyblade

    Selling: Selling All My Skills

    PM me for skills that you are interested in All pricing is Negotiable bulk discounts. I prefer that you supply esi for skill = 850% off market discount Make Texture sold out
  4. Vixen Cyblade

    Selling: Lich and Disco BP's

    Taking offers on full sets of LICH and DISCO blueprints
  5. Vixen Cyblade

    Selling: Dunkel Plastix

    taking offers on 7 Dunkel Plastix
  6. Vixen Cyblade

    Selling: Rare Female items

    Taking offers on these items, Ped only Paradox armor missing feet Urban Nomad Lavender Coat goes great with the Paradox Spiral Street Night Shift Jacket Malachai Ash Malachai Dante
  7. Vixen Cyblade

    Selling: Female Paradox

    This set is missing Feet SB 1k Auction will run until November 03 then 48 hours after last bid
  8. Vixen Cyblade

    Selling: Thrill Seeker Lingerie

    Activity Party Hunter Action Adventure I will only sell them as Sets panties and Bras
  9. Vixen Cyblade

    Selling: Star Satin Shoes

    Sunshine Sapphire Saunter Lime Marina Serenity Lady Scarlet as of right now will only consider selling them in a bulk deal
  10. Vixen Cyblade

    Selling: Female Armors 2

    Dragon Predator L Rascal L Vindicator Knight Vampire
  11. Vixen Cyblade

    Selling: Female Armors

    Paladin Hunter x2 Shogun Goblin Vigilante
  12. Vixen Cyblade


    Female Paradox set 6/7 missing feet to my knowledge only 2 other sets in game 1st is Skam's full set 2nd is unknown owner missing feet
  13. Vixen Cyblade

    Crude Nails (F)

    one of 3 in game
  14. Vixen Cyblade


    a house on Treasure Island North can't find anything on going prices on Houses and knowing the deflation in game making it hard to get a good value on it
  15. Vixen Cyblade

    Malachai Dante

    Below is my ticket on my Malachai Dante The Original color of the lenes was green making then unique pair of sunglasses in the game. Thou is only effect a small percentage of people its just the principal. now I have a pair of Malachai Ash with green frames Thanks MA P.S. I love at frist how...
  16. Vixen Cyblade

    Info: Paradox M feet

    just saw a drop today the Avatar name is LA LAlaLA la
  17. Vixen Cyblade

    memory leak

    I can stay in the game now for 10 minutes in twin peaks without crashing or load up a new zone, like teleporting without crashing, never had this problem before UV
  18. Vixen Cyblade

    Buying: Star Satin Elegance Shoes
  19. Vixen Cyblade

    Buying: OLD Doll

    buying OLD Doll
  20. Vixen Cyblade

    Gem Buster

    Not showing Color or Texture
  21. Vixen Cyblade

    Selling: (F) Armours and Guns

    Male Imperium (L) full set Paradox 6/7 missing Feet Supremacy (L) full set SOLD Shadow (L) full set Hermes (L) full set Salamader full set SOLD Disclaimer not a auction PM me offers all can be viewed at Genesis Star Tower D 19B
  22. Vixen Cyblade

    Supremacy (F) (L)

    After 2 years of collecting :eyecrazy: I findly completed the set :yay: :wtg: :yay: can be viewed at Genesis Star Tower D Apt 19 B
  23. Vixen Cyblade

    Buying: Mannequin's

    Need Females Mannequin's :shower:
  24. Vixen Cyblade

    Buying: Silver Fang m.01 Starlight

    Buying Silver Fang m.01 Starlight
  25. Vixen Cyblade

    Buying: Supremacy

    Looking to buy ( L ) Supremacy ( F ) feet