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  1. LangeTobias

    Question: How to heal now vu 16

    ive been healing for years - and let me tell you... using auto use tool as a healer delayed the uses per minute you could do.. it was ALWAYS quicker to just hold down left mouse button... and it aint that difficult holding a button xD omw in now to test the VU so... ill let u know how i feel...
  2. LangeTobias

    FYI: Amps work even they have run out of TT

  3. LangeTobias

    any ideas??

    another splendid useful post from mastermesh not useful at all to mastermesh as the webshop armor and the maze is the only thing this said person runs around with doing nothing in game.. others who have an armor other than webshop, and a gun other than the stupid maze (i.e, while hunting) does...
  4. LangeTobias

    Uber: 12k LT OA :D

    Grattis din tursamma jävel
  5. LangeTobias

    pc Eudoracell pet
  6. LangeTobias

    Selling: Mod 2350

    Bring Up My post :yay:
  7. LangeTobias

    I lost it!!

    Maybe changing focus completely in game might help with the spark? I have long wanted to start a shop in Entropia, but really never had the funds to do so. An apartment with some shopkeepers are in the ballpark for me though, I might look into that and start crafting on my EU time..
  8. LangeTobias

    I lost it!!

    Some are mentioning that MA hasn't released new content for some time and that is a part of it.. Tbh.. new content to me over the last few years has only felt like the same content, with new skins/textures. Apart from vehicles... I have somewhat lost the spark too, I do not see the reason...
  9. LangeTobias

    Omegaton A104 Ancient

    Gotcha, Sorry about the current situation, I've been there and I know how it feels. I hope it turns for you ASAP, I do not wish to see any one in a state like that...
  10. LangeTobias

    Omegaton A104 Ancient

    OK I do not understand at all - coronary closer than ever Can some one please update me, as I must have missed this, Why is this amp great for overamping? I do not understand that - at all. Why would you ever want to over amp? (reduce damage per pec, basically)
  11. LangeTobias

    Omegaton A104 Ancient Please, tell me how that amp is soooooooo good when we have other items clearly in the same range, with more uses, better availability, better...
  12. LangeTobias

    Mulmun Degenerate location?

    Got a reply in game that the current location of Mulmun Degenerate is S/E of the PVP Rig border, [83866, 78449, 166]
  13. LangeTobias

    Mulmun Degenerate location?

    Hi, Any one got the location for mulmun degenrate? Thanks
  14. LangeTobias

    Buying: SI Flamethrower

    I've got one if you want it, The standard, not the ranked I suppose from reading the title. Msg me in game, Chairman whatwouldjesusdo Edgewise
  15. LangeTobias

    Sorry m8 I totally gave reputation to the wrong post, I didn't meant to neg rep you.

    Sorry m8 I totally gave reputation to the wrong post, I didn't meant to neg rep you.
  16. LangeTobias

    Suggestion: Esi

    IF you thought skill prices were low as they are now, then consider this boost the economy with esi at TT, imagine the availability of skills suddenly available.. People are chipping out because of the complete BELL END who decided that...
  17. LangeTobias

    Suggestion: Dormant LA's with DNA's in them, how to get the spawns back

    Very cool thought, But that would not keep LA owners from deliberately fucking up the spawns. (Cough, cough, D to the eathifier) He would just head back and set it to private. He is in some sort of dispute regarding the current landscape of his treasure island and therefore decided to not...
  18. LangeTobias

    Suggestion: Dormant LA's with DNA's in them, how to get the spawns back

    As we know, there are several LA's all around Calypso, Foma etc with LA's filled with unique creatures Some LA owners has for a long time decided to not feed the LA's and that results in some mobs simply vanishing from the game, mostly. Take Daspletor as a great example. Have fun with that...
  19. LangeTobias

    Event Category Chip Out Dysfunction!

    Base Mayhem categorys on Agility. Skill problem solved...
  20. LangeTobias

    Just wondering if I'm the only one who noticed....

    First of all... The basics mastermesh.. How does lowering your GPU settings resolve in a better network connection? Unless you are running at extremely low FPS which delays your inputs because your GPU/CPU/FINGERS ain't up to speed then lowering graphics...
  21. LangeTobias

    Just wondering if I'm the only one who noticed....

    What?? Do you have ANY proof of any of the BS you are spewing? First of all.. Longtooth hit me as much this year as past year. The difference now is that armor and fap decay is given back in the loot. I am having better avg. returns on LT and Eomon than I ever wished compared pre loot 2.0...
  22. LangeTobias

    Selling: Most Eco/DPP Item In-game; Thougth to be the only one Ingame.

    Douchebag... Lies and mocking mods..
  23. LangeTobias

    A Random Icarus Encounter

    Edit: Your signature seems a bit out of... proportion.
  24. LangeTobias

    Real Reason why LA are selling so hard.

    WTB Osseo LA tt+ 750 ped Why is it so hard to sell it????????????? Because it is easy to buy at that price!
  25. LangeTobias

    Note to others, Don't bother... I signed up, got the email, confirmed the email and then nothing works. No wallet available. Error messages on the websites Just a big waste of time, so save yourself from being annoyed, just wait until the damn product is finished because what it is now...