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  1. LangeTobias

    Mulmun Degenerate location?

    Hi, Any one got the location for mulmun degenrate? Thanks
  2. LangeTobias

    Suggestion: Dormant LA's with DNA's in them, how to get the spawns back

    As we know, there are several LA's all around Calypso, Foma etc with LA's filled with unique creatures Some LA owners has for a long time decided to not feed the LA's and that results in some mobs simply vanishing from the game, mostly. Take Daspletor as a great example. Have fun with that...
  3. LangeTobias

    Question: When did you first join Entropia? (Project Entropia, or Entropia Universe?)

    Edit: If you started before 30th of January 2003, the official launch, please select 2003 in the poll Errrrrrr I messed up the poll.. I typed 2019 instead of 2009 in the middle of the poll answers... I just need to find out how to edit the poll lol Posting a poll as I am curious to see...
  4. LangeTobias

    Selling: [Adjusted EWE EP-41 Military] Tier 1.9, Arkadia Underground, A104

    [Adjusted EWE EP-41 Military] Tier 1.9, TT+3000 OBO Omegaton A104 no longer being sold. Arkadia Underground Deed 78 peds each (7 available) Pm here or in game Keep it clean Chairman whatwouldjesusdo Edgewise
  5. LangeTobias

    Selling: Modified 2350 tier 2

    Closed thread. The fap can be found in game auction for tt+0.
  6. LangeTobias

    Enigma Stage 3, What went wrong?

    Simple question, complex answers... What went wrong for you? I have different players telling me that their missions just dissappeared, couldn't enter the cave, crashes in the cave 4 out of 5 deaths, 5th you are revived on.. Let others know what has gone wrong for you - simply to see what...
  7. LangeTobias

    Modified 2350 healing service

    Hi, I've got a tier 2 modified 2350. I've currently got heal enhancers available, making the fap heal 66 per heal, 41 times a minute as base. My price is decay, enhancers (if used) and ME for teleportation chips. I have no fee per hour. On top of that I am using 13% reload speed. I've...
  8. LangeTobias

    Buying: Mod 2350

    Found one Cheers
  9. LangeTobias

    Selling: Various items, BP's etc

    Name Quantity Value Container 1 A large trout (L) 1 0.95 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 2 Adjusted A-3 Justifier Mk.II 1 85.00 PED CARRIED 3 Adjusted Pixie Arm Guards (M) 1 4.20 PED CARRIED 4 Adjusted Pixie Foot Guards (M) 1 3.80 PED CARRIED 5 Adjusted Pixie Gloves (M) 1 3.80 PED CARRIED 6 Adjusted Pixie...
  10. LangeTobias

    Selling: 232k total skill

    Selling 232k total skill, thread will be updated with exact amounts the next few days. Mostly hunting Level 63 laser sniper hit Level 62 BLP sniper hit Level 60 Handgun hit Level 58 damage laser / blp 192 hp unbuffed You provide ESI, bulk deals gets a discount. I am not in a rush to...
  11. LangeTobias

    Selling: Adjusted A-3 Justifier Mk.II tier 1.9

  12. LangeTobias

    Buying: Adjusted A-3 Justifier Mk.II

    Found one, no longer looking for adj mkii. Regards, Edge
  13. LangeTobias

    Selling: Improved A105 & Adjusted Justifier mk.ii tier 4.8

    All sold Thread closed Cheers
  14. LangeTobias

    Selling: Mod 2350, Divine Intervention, Dominax Boiga Adjusted, Melee trauma VI

    Selling Mod 2350 Divine Intervention (SOLD) Dominax Boiga Adjusted Melee trauma VI Prices around monthly MU in game, Last time I was online and checked Divine was +1444 and fap around +4900. You can contact me on the forums or in game, but for quicker reply (since I get an email when you...
  15. LangeTobias

    HoF: A honest feedback, my perspective on Entropia Universe RCE part Edgewise Edition

    :yay: Thank you all for participating, Check out my video for the full hunt (Sorry about the lag at the start of the stream, it was fixed after a little while after a friend notified me by PM. Thank you Sev) Team: Poor loot? We don't agree Edit...
  16. LangeTobias

    Buying: Mod 2350

    Hi, Buying mod-2350, paying pure peds pm me here or in game. Thanks (Order is up on auction for tt+5k, as i am going offline you can put it there and it should go to me straight away.)
  17. LangeTobias

    Selling: Adjusted Restoration chip

    Selling Adj resto chip, Instant BO tt+5k Sold at BO Still buying mod-2350
  18. LangeTobias

    Edgewise skillin' and killin' live!

    Hi! I'm live each time I bump this post, Join me and have a chat! Edgewise
  19. LangeTobias

    FYI: Playing EU on a Laptop, performance issues? This easy fix might help you!

    Hi ya, I've been running Entropia on my laptop that I purchased one year ago. A cheap laptop. I've been using lowest settings with one or two options on medium and still had low frames per second while playing. Today I decided to dig deeper into this because it didn't make any sense. I...
  20. LangeTobias

    Buying: Adjusted Restoration chip

    Found chip closed thread Chairman whatwouldjesusdo Edgewise Thanks :yay:
  21. LangeTobias

    Customizing weapon appearances!

    Edit: Poll is supposed to read "Would you ever use a feature like this if the price is low?" Hi, My friend Slim StrongMinded Joe had an idea, which can be found in other MMORPGs. Transmute/change weapon appearances. This would make an additional income source for MA (which I hope could...
  22. LangeTobias

    Global Defense Initiative (GDI) now recruiting all avatars!

    Hi, My name is Edgewise. Me and my close IRL friend Sev Seventia Lothander have created a society today called Global Defense Initiative. (Abbreviation GDI) We are recruiting, your skill and level does not matter. We promote team hunts at all levels and also have a Discord channel where...
  23. LangeTobias

    Atrax spawn event in Twin peaks

    I came upon some Atrax Stalkers ripping apart all the traders in Twin peaks, Decided to help... Then I asked a MA official about the spawns Here is the wonderful conversation
  24. LangeTobias

    Selling: Tier 4 Adjusted A-3 Justifier MK.II

    Selling this beauty of a gun, Currently running it with Improved A105 and doing about 3.04-3.08 damage per pec with Imp Ares according to Entropia Life combat tracker. Current tier 4.2, Remaining TIR: 69 91 79 129 162 92 PM me your offer either here or in game, instant BO on the gun is...
  25. LangeTobias

    Uber: Uber MM FFA4 and other hofs

    :yay: Thank you Ivan for hosting, was a lot of fun this evening! These ones I was afk getting my mom from a party :laugh: 127 ped 73 ped 81 ped: 65 ped: The rest: 138 ped Got my ass handed to me 139 ped: 290 ped: 313 ped: 333 ped: 385 ped: 61 ped: Hof 559...