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  1. alex_usmc

    Selling: Support Weapon Systems Skills 72.71 ped TT

    Skills sold
  2. alex_usmc

    That's it, I'm leaving

    In the past 2 months while being in a team with Looser, I watched him ATH and get a 19k hof. Tonight I got to see this..... Click to enlarge
  3. alex_usmc

    Selling: UL X5 and ML35

    I'm looking for offers on an Unlimited X5 and ML-35. The tt of the X5 is right around 12k. This is not an auction. Please feel free to PM me any...
  4. alex_usmc

    Selling: Merry Mayhem : UL X5 and ML35

    With Merry Mayhem right around the corner, I'm looking for offers on an Unlimited X5 and ML-35. The tt of the X5 is right around 12k. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a nice Christmas present :D
  5. alex_usmc

    Uber: Small Longtooth

    Since I started limiting my hunting, loot seems to be a bit better. Click to enlarge
  6. alex_usmc

    Happy Birthday NOS!

    Happy birthday to one of the three people on my FL that still log in to EU.
  7. alex_usmc

    Uber: Late Night Feff Hunt

    I was half asleep when this happened. For some reason the loot window hadn't popped up yet but it was just oils, a korss, and riker 1. I guess I'll keep trying to find that fap. Click to enlarge
  8. alex_usmc

    Uber: Fatty Scores a Tower!

    After all of those countless minutes spent mining MA gave me my tower! For all of you that know me, you know how hard I've worked to find my tower so thank you all for you support and encouragement. Click to enlarge
  9. alex_usmc

    Uber: Silent Osseocollum

    Mark up of the pistol brought me a bit above the 1k mark:) Still searching for the UL HL20, but in the meantime I'll take these small HOFs. Click to enlarge
  10. alex_usmc

    HoF: Dragon HOF

    Was out looking for some Osseocollum and ran into a Mal (which I normally avoid because they loot so crappy for me). Got a set of full TT spartacus arms and headpiece. Ended up to be pretty nice once they sold on auction:) Click to enlarge
  11. alex_usmc

    HoF: Osseocollum Rockets Skilling III

    Apparently Mind Ark wants me to continue hunting in the middle of nowhere ;) 3rd HOF on them in 2 weeks, one step closer to the UL HL20 :yay: Click to enlarge
  12. alex_usmc

    Uber: Finally 4 Digits!

    I was out skilling rockets on Osse today when I finally broke the 4 digit barrier. Click to enlarge
  13. alex_usmc

    HoF: Osseocollum Rocket Skilling Pays Off

    I was out trying to do some skilling on my rockets when this one hit :) Click to enlarge
  14. alex_usmc

    Achievement: Alex Get's CS

    Just got this one on CP last night during a very good hunt. Click to enlarge
  15. alex_usmc

    Achievement: Alex Gets Wounding

    I always forget to post achievements till I have several of them to post. I am glad to have this one out of the way, seems like it took forever! Click to enlarge
  16. alex_usmc

    Achievement: First Event Win

    Got my first event win a few weeks back. Thanks to Pink for putting on a great event every Saturday. It's alot of fun and recommend it for all skill levels! Click to enlarge
  17. alex_usmc

    Team Dasp Uber

    Thought I'd put up a pic of our "last minute" CND hunting team HOF. Click to enlarge
  18. alex_usmc

    My first Dasp Hof

    I went out to try and bag me a Dasp global but got a HOF instead :) Click to enlarge
  19. alex_usmc

    Hogglo with some footies

    Been a little while since I could post in here. At first thought they were Bear L feet but when i checked the TT I realized they were Eon:yay: Also got full tt LR48 L and 11 ped Esi. Click to enlarge
  20. alex_usmc

    Uber: New Mullet and a Nice Little Ambu

    Sorg hooked me up with some real style today then we caught a nice little uber on an ambu. Click to enlarge
  21. alex_usmc

    Achievement: Alex get's his meds

    This one felt like it took forever, but thanks to the 3x skilling:) Click to enlarge
  22. alex_usmc

    Uber: XX Belkar Silent Uber :)

    Just barely made it with MU... Click to enlarge
  23. alex_usmc

    Achievement: My greatest Achievement

    Please dont hate me Mr. Rilort Click to enlarge
  24. alex_usmc

    Hogglo ESI

    A nice loot from my favorite mob. Click to enlarge
  25. alex_usmc

    Achievement: Coolguy for real now?

    OK I'm a month late to post this but better late than never..... My goal was to unlock this in my first year, hit it at about 7 months. Click to enlarge