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    What Floats Your Musical Boat- Volume ii

    Koi No Yokan
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    Anatomy gain and disciple progress

    Thanks for removing that post Safara. I had just come to edit it away as it`s purpose has been served. Gee my first ever removed post! I think I just saw my progress meter rise. lol
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    Secret Event on Rocktropia

    I might check that out Ed... and I might not. Shhhhh.
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    Anatomy gain and disciple progress

    Confirmed you don`t have to be in team for progress to count. After all mining and crafting count. {removed}
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    Discovery: First Disciple graduated after mentoring is back on 04.10.2011

    Gratz! I took one on and had to kick her. Like a dormant infection that keeps coming back another round of anti biotics was needed. I should have known better. Not even a full set of armor was worth the sickness. I only wish the ignore list worked both ways.
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    If you want to know about me...your best off asking me. Counterfeit goods may be cheaper but...

    If you want to know about me...your best off asking me. Counterfeit goods may be cheaper but they don`t stand up to washing as well.
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    how much cost for the players to travel in space?????

    LMAO! :laugh:
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    Question: Invisible Mobs?

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    The Thing: The Arctic Area - A Job well done By ND/ the the reasons why I"M still here in EU

    Agreed. Great concept and execution. This could be a huge thing for EU. But I`m also stalled on the flamethrower mission. There were a few bugs but they got sorted fast.
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    "The Thing" Destination on ROCKTropia

    After the last update the supplies mission finally completed for me when I walked into the shed where the hole to go into the cave is. Killed a thing, exited the cave in a jeep and got stuck in the hillside and had to relog. Had to go back into the cave from the exit to get the mission to resume...
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    "The Thing" Destination on ROCKTropia

    Bah I`m still stuck on the find storage stash mission and it does`nt seem to work. Wondering if there is another way to get the chain started or can the Kill the THING mission be completed for the chopper independently? Jeep is now quickly decaying and the northern TP`s keep giving me inoperable...
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    "The Thing" Destination on ROCKTropia

    Thanks Snuggins! Big help! :) Yeah RT just got a whole lot cooler! And I finally got a drink from someone in the bar...imagine that!
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    "The Thing" Destination on ROCKTropia

    I`m still wondering if I`m on the right track with the missions to get there. I wazs on last night crashing repeatedly until I turned down graphics settings. That area has always crashed me but it was better on lower settings. But I got to the pvp mission and the muscle camp one. Have`nt...
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    "The Thing" Destination on ROCKTropia

    Stepping back...Wow what a great concept! To be able to add content for more mature audiences in theaters in game! Pairing with an upcoming release is also a brilliant move for several parties. One of the best moves I`ve seen in game in a while. And I`ll say it again. The Thing 1982 ruled!
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    Entropia Universe 12.0.4 Release Notes

    John Carpenters The Thing ruled! :headbang:
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    What should I do to mainly close to or break even in this game?

    I`ve known you a while and know what you mean. Toward the beginning of the year I sold off most all the stuff I had aside from my core gear. I also took a long break from steady play. The grind got boring and the losses insufferable. But the grind is what makes progress. It`s not always fun but...
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    Chem Trails

    You can blame me it`s okay. I dropped the link to "What Are They Spraying" in the second post of the thread and then went running off. :laugh: Either way discussion is good and every reality starts with a theory whether it`s a conspiracy or not. Calling conspiracy theory is an attempt to...
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    I'll just leave this here

    I still had to look for at least a minute or two the other day when you used "inorite?" LOL And let`s not forget capitalization while we are at it. Capitalization is the difference between "I`m helping my uncle jack off a horse" and "I`m helping my Uncle Jack off a horse" I know it`s a tired...
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    Hi Rufen! Glad to add.

    Hi Rufen! Glad to add.
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    Whats New ?

    Hi Sevvy! I don`t know about skills aside from the fact that they don`t seem to matter much. But what else is new. I think it`s all the same it`s just wearing a different mask.
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    Achievement: Iron Mission Complete

    And an unlock! Gratz!
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    Paper bag joke: truly dreadful, sorry if you ignore my warning and still decide to read it

    A blonde a brunette and a redhead are in an elevator. The brunette says hey that looks like cum on the wall! The redhead smells it and says "Yeah it`s cum alright." The blonde tastes is and says "Hmmm, not anyone in this building."
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    What Happend

    Yes! Just like everything else in the real world. Tailored over time for maximum profit.
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    Achievement: 150 hp

    Gratz Cyber! Keep on marching!