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  1. JohnCapital

    More crits is less loot? loot 2.0 bug?

    Well, let's do some fake test math to see a theoretical higher DPP via crits Caveat: These are fake numbers just to show basic math concept. Don't get caught up in the specifics. ----------------------------------- Start ped = 100 mob hp = 100 cost/shot = 1 ped dmg = 34 shots needed = 3...
  2. JohnCapital

    Question: Would it be great to have cycle amount "even" between all activities?

    Deemer, I think you misunderstood the OP's question. You seem to think he's talking markup and peds, but he's talking about skill gains.
  3. JohnCapital

    I'd like to ask a question. What do you do now Irons have gone?

    Octo Production, I get your frustration. It's common for specific goals to be the foundation of what we do ingame. Having iron missions taken (and clothing not as viable) when it's defined your play is rough. Over the years, as I hit personal little "to do"s, (mission here, skill up there...
  4. JohnCapital

    Suggestion: Loot 3.0 ideas

    Forgot to add total spent: Hunting/mining: 232,926.06 Crafting: 121,834.30 Color/texture: 327.27 tiering: 340.10 misc expenses (space travel, pet food, etc.) 2,740.65
  5. JohnCapital

    Suggestion: Loot 3.0 ideas

    Just to add some numbers from my side. Since June 2016 (as far back as current spreadsheet goes): Total deposits: $665USD (Majority of that is in Strongbox keys to open random boxes I've received. One $300 depo for ESI buying to pull skills from my wife's avatar.) Hunting/mining returns overall...
  6. JohnCapital

    Free players can not farm skills at Zychion Citadel by Mulciber?

    Cool, so you're fine with people intentionally being inconsiderate asshats just because it's not a written game rule. Got it.
  7. JohnCapital

    Selling: Nemesis full set M

    Well, be pretty stupid of me to not offer you SB here, so consider the TT+10 taken.
  8. JohnCapital

    Free players can not farm skills at Zychion Citadel by Mulciber?

    Quite simply, it's about courtesy and politeness. While it's well within the game mechanics to allow us to be dick's and interfere with each other activities (jumping in front of someone while they're trying to shoot a mob, for example) Most of us are polite enough to not do those things. I try...
  9. JohnCapital

    Question: How to fap to get fap decay compensated in loot ?

    Well, let's test it out. health = 200 mob = snable male young weapon = tt pistol + ZX fap = ek-2600 damage method = falling (over and over and over again) Removed as many variables as possible. No Vtol, no pets, no extra regen, no enhancers. Just weapon/amp, fap, mob a) tag mob , fap to full...
  10. JohnCapital

    Suggestion: Tax the leeches

    Oh, so you'd be perfectly ok if the changes you ask for were made and your personal loot wasn't altered a single bit? I don't care about other MMOs. I only play this one. You didn't answer my question about Mercury. How would you prefer to handle high turn over playing resellers?
  11. JohnCapital

    Suggestion: Tax the leeches

    Long-term? Dude, this game started back in 2003. 17 years is already a LONG time for an MMO, or frankly any online business. And it's not looking like it's dying any time soon. Little Perspective: Entropia is older than World of Warcraft. Entropia is older than Facebook. Entropia is older than...
  12. JohnCapital

    Suggestion: Tax the leeches

    HUGE difference between scammers (who lie and deceive to trick people out of money) and people trying to get the most they can for what they own, even if they bought it with the intention of reselling for higher. How would you handle someone like Mercury, who was not just one of the biggest...
  13. JohnCapital

    Suggestion: Tax the leeches

    Let's put it another way: You want to kick out specific game players because you think removing them might help your personal loot improve by a slight amount. That is honestly a pretty selfish and dickish move on your part.
  14. JohnCapital

    Suggestion: Tax the leeches

    Don't try to change the game to fit your wants. Doesn't work. No fun. Try to figure how to have fun adjusting your play to fit the game.
  15. JohnCapital

    Fiction - Not Just Another Day

    Glad you folks liked it. :)
  16. JohnCapital

    What is the cheapest/most efficient Blue Print to Craft for general crafting skills?

    As Darth Revan rightly noticed, I wasn't disagreeing about the concept. I was just making fun of the math error. :)
  17. JohnCapital

    Removal of Iron Challenges

    Being a forum mod has nothing to do with this. They told us the old missions were going away and gave us lots of time to finish as much as possible. We all knew not all missions would be completed in time. It's just too bad. I have TONS of missions I haven't finished and frankly, couldn't even...
  18. JohnCapital

    Removal of Iron Challenges

    :eyecrazy: Holy crap. Mindark allowed everyone to double dip on skill bonuses for an entire year, warned us at the beginning that it was temporary... and still some folks complain about it being unfair and point at technicalities. Yeah yeah, we've all got tons of missions that we won't finish...
  19. JohnCapital

    Suggestion: Accounts on forum should have mandatory 'avatar name' field filled.

    While I love the idea and wish it could be done, truth is... There isn't enough manpower to handle it, no matter how easy you think it could be implemented. (Speaking as someone who's worked on the back-end of this forum, I should know) It's easy to say "all YOU have to do is...", when you...
  20. JohnCapital

    PCF Forum Migration Complete

    I think you misunderstood. The unsecure pics are from this forum. The default "copy link" in the media section are still http Here's your own pic with http Messi's sig pic And the "share this media" options for any pic in the gallery.
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