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  1. Ottovan

    Buying: [Corvus Arm Guards (M)] and [Corvus Thigh Guards (M)]

    Buying: [Corvus Arm Guards (M)] and [Corvus Thigh Guards (M)] Please message me! Ingame - Regulus Trick Fen / Discord - Regulus Fen#2636
  2. Ottovan

    Free players can not farm skills at Zychion Citadel by Mulciber?

    Oil Rigs where changed because of this type of complaining/whining, leave the hunters alone or better yet make the whole area PvP and find out if you are bothering them, I am guilty of skilling at Citadel, I am not free to play either, Many players do this none destructively, if you are asked to...
  3. Ottovan

    Cant add friends or people in society

    Guys I spoke with Mike some time ago he is looking into why people are still in societies that are not in the games society, he called them Ghosts, also the people who do join the society via the EL society page are not being generated in the $memberlist but in fact are added and their globals...
  4. Ottovan

    EL Live data Trade channels

    According to the EL instruction the trade data is supposed to be listed on the right panel but I only see events on the right side....
  5. Ottovan

    EL Live data Trade channels

    Perhaps I am misunderstanding the merchant Tab on the tracker?
  6. Ottovan

    EL Live data Trade channels

    Hi guys, I cannot seam to locate the live data for trade channels on the EL website, I looked to the right of the webpage but its only showing events not Trade channel information, can someone please provide a link to the trade channel page. Thank you
  7. Ottovan

    EntropiaWiki Professions.cvs not updating

    Hi guys, Question or two, I will do my best to explain. I have been able to upload a Professions.cvs and Skills.cvs previously with success, Now its only updating the skills, I have tried to start over thinking maybe something was corrupt or perhaps something I overlooked and have determined...