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  1. sledgehammer

    Selling: The Farm

    I've played around with threads like these, but I think it's time to go. I have played very little over the last two years, and I can do a lot more with the cash IRL than I can sitting around on an avatar I never play. For sale are: Full Set Protector of the Empire M Tier 1.9 DOA...
  2. sledgehammer

    Question: When will PvP Lootable be fixed?

    Several years ago, against the ardent wishes of the pvp player base, Mindark removed radar from pvp. We have used workaround after workaround and MA keeps removing our ability to use even those. This has made lootable impractical for both pkers and hunters alike. Additionally, Mindark has...
  3. sledgehammer

    Selling: Eomon Destructor Package

    Selling everything you need to take down those pesky eomon for migration this year. Full Protector of the Empire (M). Set is 1.9 DOA StrikeHammer Tier 6.2 Fi/Ra/Co Evil Amp Modified 2600 Fap Tier 1.2 I am using these on Eomon so they will only be sold as a set, or not at all. Package...
  4. sledgehammer

    Buying: DOA Rockjacker Mentor Edition

    PM me with your offers, either here or ingame. Would prefer to include a tier 7.8 Dragons Breath on my end in the trade, but can do ped only if the offer is right. I may also consider a standard Rockjacker with the right tiers.
  5. sledgehammer

    Selling: My Gear

    I did this thread about 8 months ago but I decided to hold off and be sure I wanted to sell out. Well, I wasn't really. So skills are off the table, but all my gear has got to go. PoE Armor Tier 1.X (Mostly tier 1.9) Adj SK-80 tier 2.4 ** I've thrown this in the bank for +500. If I...
  6. sledgehammer

    Selling: Sledge Is A Sell Out!!!

    Hey all, had some IRL changes, and it's time to cash out. Looking for PED or CLD offers only. I'm looking to liquidate everything. Selling main items first before I go in on skills. I may keep some of those and stick around for fapping or something. Items for sale are: PoE Armor Tier...
  7. sledgehammer

    Help: WoF Support Teams (for Team USA only)

    Hardwrath and Corvette have made me a support team captain. I am looking for the best members I can put together on my team. Please spread the word for anyone wishing to assist to contact me either here, or ingame @ Brian Sledge Hammer. We are looking for enough members to field as many...
  8. sledgehammer

    Buying: Imp Hedoc Mayhem

    I could be talked into buying one of these in exchange for my tier 2.3 Adj SK-80 plus ped from me. Send me your offers!
  9. sledgehammer

    Question: Raise the Cap on Pyrite?

    Everyone who is involved in the pyrite trade knows that there is a maximum TT cap on how much can exist at any given time. MA put this cap in place, one can only assume, to maintain the viability of mining in pvp4, as well as crafting those enhancers. This has now backfired. Due to the...
  10. sledgehammer


    If anyone takes a peek at the muluk-hir page on entropedia, you will find that it has been recently updated. I have personally updated every bit of information I can on these (I tried to add a location, but the script works so slowly on my i5 pc, I gave up). There are plenty of people out...
  11. sledgehammer

    Achievement: I Got Haters!

    So, I was out doing muluks, was doing pretty well, and all of a sudden I noticed my name (presumably) on the globals list. I couldn't understand the word next to my name, so I googled it. You can never be sure you're doing well until you have haters. :yay:
  12. sledgehammer

    Uber: When you wish upon a star....

    So, I used my mulmun looter elite money to buy a dragons breath sword, and an amp, and the rest was cycling ped. Was running a little low when I decided to go back to my old tried and true muluk hir spawn. They've never disappointed me in the past, but today was the day I have been waiting for...
  13. sledgehammer

    PC: Necromancer BPs (L)

    I just picked up three necromancer BPs in the eomon event, and I can't click them, so they're going to go up for sale, but I have no idea of the value. There are no previous sales of these ever. Link to Necromancer Armor. I have a 100 click bp each for gloves, arms, and feet. Req level is...
  14. sledgehammer

    Selling: Sledge Hammer's High End Gear

    Got tired of so many multiple sales threads, so I am combining everything here. Rules: No whining, complaining, snarky or rude comments. I would prefer questions and lower offers be sent by PM either here or ingame. Item trades are ALWAYS more than welcome. CLD's are acceptable and value...
  15. sledgehammer

    Buying: Imp Fap

    Looking for one. If nobody accepts this offer I will eventually cash out of the items listed, but now is the chance to make a good deal. Paying with: 25K PED, full RX Optac M tier 1.x, arsonistic TEN chip currently tier 2.5, Cryogenic Nano Attack Chip VIII tier 4.1 UL, Swine Deluxe tier 6.2...
  16. sledgehammer

    Uber: My first 5 digit!!!!

    OMG still shaking. My next highest was an 8900 ped argo young three years ago. The loot was spleen oil, plus a big sword nobody uses, and a full tt pair of rutuba gloves F,L. WWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
  17. sledgehammer


    Devs, Are you going to release them some time this week, or are you going to just leave us frustrated until enough people give up hunting on the LT and you feel you need another cash boost? I'm done hunting until you bring them out.
  18. sledgehammer

    Selling: Swine, Arson TEN, Cryo VIII UL

    Going to see what kind of interest I get on these. I am using all three every day so I'm not motivated to take low offers. Omegaton Swine Deluxe is tier 6.2 atm. With a dante attached, I do 227.8 damage. Remaining tiers 177, 62, 95, 108. TT+7500 (Edit: I got the tier hof on this, and to...
  19. sledgehammer

    Selling: Cryogenic Nanochip VII Tier 3.6 UL

    This sale is good for today, and today only. Only PED/CLD accepted. This is a fantastic chip for pk, or light hunting. I've been doing my troopers with it, but I've got the chance only today to upgrade, so it's for sale to the buyer who gets me the best offer QUICKLY. 5K is instant BO...
  20. sledgehammer

    Achievement: Tier 6 Swine and MF Harmony

    I was able to do both of these tonight :) Not as notable but I also finished my Stage 4 Trooper, and tiered my arson TEN chip to tier 2 - 60 psyche is just a couple hunts away. It's been a good night :)
  21. sledgehammer

    Selling: DOA StrikeHammer Tier 5

    For sale. Damage shown is with enhancers only. With a dante attached, the DPS is a whopping 97.3, with an eco of 2.839 DPP. Great gun for hunting, pk, or events. Looking for ped, but a few trades would be accepted. Even trades that would be considered are full Angel M UL, 5 piece Mayhem...
  22. sledgehammer

    Selling: Eon Feet M UL

    Freshly looted! :) UPDATE! An acceptable SB of 5.1K PED has been made. This thread is now an auction that will run through Sunday 2359 MA time. BO has been set at 10K. Taking bids by PM or ingame. I will be wearing them to get some tiers on them in the mean time. As you can see, the...
  23. sledgehammer

    Uber: Eon foots!!!! :d

    OMG My first ever item loot!!!! Sooooooo happy right now!!!! When I first looted it, I was confused why I was getting a hof for L armor :D
  24. sledgehammer

    Selling: LC-60 Full TT 617 Avg Tier

    Freshly looted and for sale. SB is 150%. BO whenever I feel like I've gotten my best offer. Auction ends 24 hours after SB is met.
  25. sledgehammer

    Selling: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.II TEN Edition - Taking Offers

    SOLD! Gun is currently tier 4.4. With full enhancers and a dante, DPS is 83.8, and DPP is 2.956. Looking to see what offers I get for this, items or PED (atm, PED is preferred). Please send offers via PM, or ingame. Cheers, Sledge