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  1. Goody

    Selling: Thunderbird (M,L) Complete Set & 7x6B Plates

    Selling complete set of Thunderbird (Male, Limited) 1. Helmet TT 47.17 2. Harness TT 75.67 3. Arms TT 58.31 4. Gloves TT 56.34 5. Thighs TT 31.64 6. Shins TT 70.74 7. Feet TT 27.27 Stab 8 / Cut 12 / Impact 5 / Penetration 5 / Burn 10 / Electric 50 Offers around 385ped for set Also selling...
  2. Goody

    The only thing that tweaks me....

    Sat at a house party with mates and an advert comes on the TV with Mr T promoting WoW and the competition through playing to aquire the limited Mowhawk mate stands up to say i should "game on...whoop whoop", only for me to remind him i'm not (happily) WoW and long time and very...
  3. Goody

    Perfect place for an Entropian to relax....

    Spotted this on a night out in Berlin. Click to enlarge"]Click to enlarge[/URL] ..........:beerchug:
  4. Goody

    HoF: Goody's 19K Atrox Young

    Click to enlarge"]Click to enlarge[/URL] Gobsmacked................
  5. Goody

    Selling: Gnome (M)

    This is an Auction, ending 19:00 (MA Time) Sunday 21st September 08. Complete set of Gnome (M) armour for sale. 7 pieces TT as follows: Face 3.24 Arms 3.00 Harness 3.48 Thighs 2.93 Shins 3.00 Feet 3.04 Gloves 3.29 TT Total 21.98 Opening Bidding at 40ped (incl. TT, NOT TT+40 !) I reserve...
  6. Goody

    Selling: Kobold (M)

    This is an Auction, ending 19:00 (MA Time) Sunday 21st September 08. Complete set of Kobold (M) armour for sale. 7 pieces TT as follows: Face 17.09 Arms 17.78 Harness 22.08 Thighs 19.68 Shins 20.86 Feet 16.23 Gloves 16.33 TT Total 130.05 Opening Bidding at 140ped (inc. TT NOT TT+) I reserve...
  7. Goody

    Selling: Make Up Mask - Small (L)

    Selling Make Up Mask - Small (L) Full TT @ 100ped Offers welcomed.
  8. Goody

    New Mindforce

    Can't take the credit for this, that lies with one of my soc mates, but thought it a good idea and worth a share on EF. Suggestion for a new type of Mindforce "Foresight", ability to look ahead to the point where you're going to TP jump, before actually TP'ing. Scale the foresight chips, in...
  9. Goody

    HoF: Jamhot's Champions League Training

    Monday night workout...mainly focusing on cardio, with a little Hogglo to finish. Jamhot's Training Continues........:D Click to enlarge"]Click to enlarge[/URL]
  10. Goody

    The Prophecy - Recruiting

    Having just recently celebrated our 2 year anniversary :D, The Prophecy is looking for a few new recruits. We’re a reasonable sized society with active members located across Europe, USA and Canada (English as the primary language), currently members experience ranges from 1 year to +3years...
  11. Goody

    Info: The Prophecy - 2 Year Anniversary

    I’m happy to announce the 2 year anniversary of the formation of The Prophecy, on the 6th July. I’d like to pass on my sincere regards and respect to our members, past and present in making and shaping it into such a great society to be involved with. I’d also like to extend my best wishes to...
  12. Goody

    HoF: The Prophecy - Hog Hoff'in

    Kicking back with a couple of Soc mates... Click to enlarge"]Click to enlarge[/URL]
  13. Goody

    The Prophecy chomping away...

    Great hunt on the Chompers, six globals and then this.... Click to enlarge"]Click to enlarge[/URL] Click to enlarge"]Click to enlarge[/URL] :yay:
  14. Goody

    The Prophecy - 1st HOF for 2008

    Click to enlarge"]Click to enlarge[/URL] First Soc Hunt HOF for 2008, here's to many more :D
  15. Goody

    Old friends the Umbranoids....

    Having just watched the movie "I am Legend" last night, walking away from the movie theatre it kind of made me think that i really do miss the Umbranoids.....:( Would be great if MA could bring them back, if only for a one off event, for example, lets have an Umbranoid invasion of...
  16. Goody

    The Prophecy: Happy Hogglo HOF'n

    A little end of year Soc hunt last night payed off, nice HOF including item. Click to enlarge"]Click to enlarge[/URL] Click to enlarge"]Click to enlarge[/URL] ESI is for sale, see related sales thread Happy...
  17. Goody

    Merry Christmas from The Prophecy

    On behalf of myself and all the other members of The Prophecy i'd like to take this opportunity to to wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here's to 2008 and Best Wishes to all our friends in EU...:tiphat:
  18. Goody

    Curiously confused to Calypso's Government take on recent events.

    /sarcasm on.... Over the past several weeks an increasing number of Black Orbs have begun to appear in several locations on Calypso, as reported.... "to have left Calypso's Official Institutions at a complete loss."...
  19. Goody

    Goody - OA101

    Click to enlarge Blimey ! :yay:
  20. Goody

    PC: Complete BEAR (M)

    Full set of Male Bear Armour (inc. Shins and Feet) How much ??? (not taking offers yet, just thinking)
  21. Goody

    Odysseus Templars - Top 50

    Congratulations to Odysseus Templars on breaking into the Soc Top 50 Good Luck for the future :thumbup:
  22. Goody

    Garnets for Sale....

    I have 10 Garnets for sale, anyone interested. I'm happy to sell all 10 together or split. This isnt an auction, reply or pm me, including your price (TT=150ped ea) Regards Goody
  23. Goody

    OA101....keeerching !!!

    Click to enlarge"]Click to enlarge[/URL] Never had a crafting HOF before.....until now :yay:
  24. Goody

    Goody & JamHot Hoggin !

    Couple of little late night Hogglo... Click to enlarge"]Click to enlarge[/URL] Click to enlarge"]Click to enlarge[/URL] .................:wtg:
  25. Goody

    Equipment Vol.2 BP Book

    Taking offers on a Equipment Volume 2 BP Book. Ideal for the fledgling Crafter :) Will run as an Auction, starting now....ending Sun 23rd 10:00am (MA Time) However if i receive an offer i feel is fair, i'll except and stop auction. I reserve the right to terminate early etc etc All BPs are...