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  1. gekkegerrit

    Selling: 17k+ Dung

    That's a lot of Dung, PM if you need that much.
  2. gekkegerrit

    Question: Wizards of the Coast and Compet?

    I notice a lot of similarities between the ComPet arena battle engine and the Wizards of the Coast game - Magic The Gathering. Is there a partnership between ComPet and WoC or will there be sparks flying between these two companies in the very near future?
  3. gekkegerrit

    End Of Season II feedback

    Now season II has ended, a very short one too, I thought I 'd post my hopes on what will be fixed for season 3. !. The ranking system, a complete mystery how that works, won 10 battles in a row yesterday lost nearly 100 points in total. This I find the most frustrating part of ComPet so far...
  4. gekkegerrit

    Raid bug

    Clicking on raid removes 80 gold even when there are no targets!
  5. gekkegerrit

    Moving Peds from Entropia to ComPet

    Will it be possible in the future to in-game transfer Ped from Entropia to ComPet and visa versa? ComPet game is so addictive I really need to know :)
  6. gekkegerrit

    Level 6 Residence Upgrade requirements

    Requirements to upgrade to level 6 residence Train 5 pets to level 15 or higher. Not sure whats going to come after that....
  7. gekkegerrit

    Wtf login

    No Idea, keeps asking me to enter double codes on the Gold card, getting nowhere, help please :)
  8. gekkegerrit

    Fix the login bug ma

    wtf are you doing MA
  9. gekkegerrit

    Bring Back Trapping

    Trapping used to be an integral part of the entropia expierience back in my day. Sweating trapped mobs was the only way to get ammo for your gun or to repair your axe. Oh what fun we used to have in this world:girl:
  10. gekkegerrit

    Selling: Kiki Karadi Paintings from 2004

    For Offer Kika Karadi paintings from 2004. Pixed paint media on canvas. "Dog with Pink Sky" "Tapestry of Natural Nonsense" "April" these are big 3m by 3m paintings (9ft byt 9ft) limited edition of only 30 made, so rather rare. I will only sell them as a group. Buy it now price is 1...
  11. gekkegerrit

    Selling: Hair Stylist chair + Face Sculpting Chair

    for sale 1xHair Stylist Chair 1xFace Sculpting Chair pm with offers.
  12. gekkegerrit

    current situation of taming

    Given my last too post's regarding this forum were quickly closed, I decided to open this thread to let those interested in taming expand their thoughts on the current situation of taming in general. thank you. flame on :girl:
  13. gekkegerrit

    Should this forum be removed?

    I suggest that this forum should be removed. Taming is no longer a profession or skill that is available within the Entropia Universe. Therefore using this forum as a tool/marketing space to promote an item that no longer exists or is available to users of the product (formerly known as Project...
  14. gekkegerrit

    Info: Moderators Please close this forum!

    I suggest that this forum should be closed. Taming is no longer a profession or skill that is available within the Entropia Universe. Therefore using this forum as a tool/marketing space to promote an item that no longer exists or is available to users of the product (formerly known as Project...
  15. gekkegerrit

    Lying, Scaming,Thieving Pieces of whatever

    I'm a player of old, from those good old days you may say. I have been sitting on the sidelines since the introduction of the CE,vu10. In these days of sitting on the sidelines, nearly 2 years now, I can't help but feel that I have lost a lot of what I had. Not because of a scammer from some...
  16. gekkegerrit

    How many pets do people still have?

    I have a few in storage mostly prowlers and stalkers and all tamed by myself, just curious to know if anyone else has a large amount too? 1114 Pet Deed 1 0.00 PED STORAGE () 1115 Pet Deed 1 0.00 PED Small Storage Box (C) (1533) 1116 Pet Deed 1 0.00 PED Small Storage Box (C) (1533) 1117 Pet...
  17. gekkegerrit

    Wierd Science!!!!

    Baxter: Product contained live bird flu virus. The company that released contaminated flu virus material from a plant in Austria confirmed Friday that the experimental product contained live H5N1 avian flu viruses. And an official of the World Health Organization’s European operation said the...
  18. gekkegerrit

    missing posts?

    all my post from to 08-2005 thru 08-2006 have dissapeard??
  19. gekkegerrit

    Waiting for Lemmy?

    lol, c'mon Lemmy lets have your castle party palace soon, I need a place to chill too sometimes :cool: ImrtZRrS70w&NR=1 any news on when its going to happen? :scratch2:
  20. gekkegerrit

    my 1st blog entry

    my 1st blog entry :)
  21. gekkegerrit

    EULA: 4.1. the proper authorities and/or other entities ?

    4.1. The privacy of Your personal information MindArk respects Your right to anonymity in the Entropia Universe and intends to keep all Self Registered Personal Information confidential, and to handle such information with accordance to MindArk's Privacy Policy .... In any event that...
  22. gekkegerrit

    Skill up your managment skills while eu is offline;)

    Be a top star something to do while your waiting for the next vu;)
  23. gekkegerrit

    Mark Kostabi & Kika Karade

    Entropia artists at play:) enjoy :yay:
  24. gekkegerrit

    PC: TI Lake View #9 & #10

    Been wondering a long time what these two TI estates would go for if I ever cured my Entropia addiction:)
  25. gekkegerrit

    NextGen Stalkers, bums?

    if you aint got no money take your broke ass home!! So this sick idiot turns up at a memorial party im giving at memorial island and steals the dance floor and then asks everyone if they have any peds they can give them. I have been appalled by peoples behaviour in the past, but this one...