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  1. Zamarin

    WoF Team Wales

    Will try to be there NATION OF CHOICE: WoF Wales FULL AVATAR NAME: Sam Zamarin Mariner CHOICE OF CAPTAIN (if known): Spike.
  2. Zamarin

    Spike & Rockchick - "Mr & Mrs Disturbed"

    :D reading through this again just made my night :yay::yay:
  3. Zamarin

    Tactical minded &l looking for Tactical soc

    and no Beer is not medication it is a necessity for life :D
  4. Zamarin

    Selling: Hardend Alloy BP

    oooo is it still available?? get it while u can peeps!
  5. Hunters On R&r

    Hunters On R&r

    Me n Jas in the night market, Hua Hin
  6. Zamarin

    :D Its good to be back, miss u all loads!

    :D Its good to be back, miss u all loads!
  7. Mallorca


    Me n P on the beach =D
  8. Good Enough Stinky??

    Good Enough Stinky??

  9. Out With The Boat :)

    Out With The Boat :)

    how do I remove a pic?
  10. Zamarin

    The TDO signatures.

    ok who stole my Beer?? its after lunch and I still havent gotten my Monday brew!!!
  11. Zamarin


    now that hillarious.... ok everybody line up at revival.. I want my 100 peds first :cool:
  12. Zamarin

    Will join Society for 500 PED

    hmm who u calling strange??? :confused: we are the most normal people in Calypso... isnt that right Mr. Coconuthead, (yes u can have another Beer before lunch .. but only one mind u...) :wtg:
  13. Zamarin


    :laugh: sounds like she/he will have lots of success recruiting that way.... :wtg:
  14. Zamarin

    Happy Birthday Goose

    Happy Birthday :yay: Goose :yay: Have a great day :birthday: :cheer: :birthday: :dance: :beerchug: :dance: :shots:
  15. Zamarin

    Question: Am i reading the auction right? Hanger selling for 27k us??

    hmmm :scratch2: note to self: GET A DOG... :laugh:
  16. Zamarin

    Soc, why do we join soc??

    um he so is... thats why we lurve him :grouphug:
  17. Zamarin

    iam rich

    :D :yay: to the :tower: way to go viv :)
  18. Zamarin

    trading ladder

    :yay: ah well might have streched the 35 bucks an hour there but was not really counting ... just trying to make a point that TIME is also worth something :)
  19. Zamarin

    trading ladder

    um I like the idea of traders working hard to make 50 pec profits and spending hours to finaly reach 350 ped a week... but why?? why isnt the time spent ever taken into account in these theories?? spending a weeks effort to raise 350 ped ingame or work a RL job an hour for at least the same...
  20. Etch A Sketch

    Etch A Sketch

  21. Etch A Sketch

    Etch A Sketch

  22. Zamarin

    First Timers Beacon Event - Clearing Up the Robot Trash

    never aided in one so if Im down from CP Ill be glad to help out :) (and I can always come down from CP so thats not an issue ;))
  23. Zamarin

    Question: What's the point?

    can only agree with Stinky.... :cool:
  24. Zamarin

    New spawn locations???

    um and when I look at entropedia I can see there are more than one LA14 and 15.... ?? is there an official nummbering of the LAs anywhere??
  25. Zamarin

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas