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  1. Droops

    Selling: Lion Helmet (M)

    Selling this Helmet, make me a decent offer.
  2. Droops

    Selling: Armor Plating Mark.6A set of 7 pieces.

    Selling: Armor Plating Mark.6A set of 7 pieces. SB: TT (175) +200 BO: TT (175) +225
  3. Droops

    Achievement: Bibo Alpha Hof

  4. Droops

    Info: Shagadi Disintegration Sword - Hunting Log

    Purchased @ Tier 1 currently Tier 2.4 79 runs done sofar (66 on feffox, 13 other). 78 of those un-amped and un-enhanced, tried one run amped (IV) and 2 dmg enhancers, might do some more tests with bigger amps. 10672,38 Total sword repairs. 11166,09 Total tt value returns. 41 Globals, 1...
  5. Droops

    Selling: Esi 155,41

    SB/BO 1630 Ped.
  6. Droops

    Selling: Pet Deed(s).

    Selling: Ancient Exarosaur Strong Energy: 0 Level: 3 Experience: 676.5 Tamed: 2008-01-08 Price: 250 ped
  7. Droops

    Selling: Christmas decorations

    31 Christmas garland 10 Christmas advent candlestick 10 Gift wrapped box 10 Jack O'Lantern 9 Christmas reindeer 8 Christmas lantern SB 70 ped for all
  8. Droops

    Achievement: 80 Strength

  9. Droops

    Loot Balance

    Nothing new i know :silly2: and happy for the guy who got them but .... :scratch2:
  10. Droops

    Selling: Sollomate Opalo's TIER 0.9

    Selling 11 Sollomate Opalo's TIER 0.9 :yay: (Full TT ofcourse ;)) SB and BO 69 PED
  11. Droops

    Increase the Daikiba Spawn

    I almost finshed the 10k Daikiba Mission but with current Spawns after the latest Vu it almost impossible to finish it. Running around for ages to find a "spawn" of 5 Daikibas is not my idea fun :D So FPC/MA please increase the Spawns, until then gonna put this mission on Hold.
  12. Droops

    Selling: Esi 89,39 ped tt Value

    Selling this Nice Esi :yay: SB and BO = 600 Ped Pm me pls ;)
  13. Droops

    HoF: Warrior Gen

    Nice bonus while doing the Warrior Mission :wtg: Biggest hunting solo Hof sofar :eek:
  14. Droops

    Achievement: 70 Strength

    Not that bad for a 2 Stamina Noob :yay:
  15. Droops

    Achievement: 80 Agi

    After I hit another Milestone :yay: No way i'm gonna do 500 + Hiryuu's damn they suck :D Although the missions are not very challenging i must say the attribute gains are really nice ;) P.s. Ma now how about granting someone with 80 Agi something bigger then 659 Ped :duh:
  16. Droops

    HoF: Small Aurli Hof

    Click to enlarge
  17. Droops

    Chat Focus should change asap

    Slowly but surely this starts to gets frustrating so pls change this :mad:
  18. Droops

    Uber: First Uber for me

    After almost 3 years mainly hunting with biggest Solo 659 peds :scratch2: tried some bombs when this one popped up :laugh: First Uber for me :bowdown:
  19. Droops

    Trade Terminal not Working

    Trade Terminal is not working for me after VU 10.5 :scratch2: So supportcase however :scratch:
  20. Droops

    HoF: Tooth Hof and few Globals

    Swirlies from 08-12-2009 with in the last one Pixie Footies SGA :yay:
  21. Droops

    Achievement: A few migrating Globals

    Few Globals from the last two days :yay: Nice to have some items in loot window again :D
  22. Droops

    Uber: Tiny Team Hof

    With soc mates Kubroz and Fanta we got this one :wtg:
  23. Droops

    HoF: Tiny LongTootH

    Something to post again and my first Sga item :laugh: Pixie footies :yay:
  24. Droops

    The truth about cow poop

    Was looking for a more relevant :D new ef sig&pic and could not resist to share this one :smoke:
  25. Droops

    Virtual Worlds and Entrepreneurship

    Was looking for some info about "MindArk’s property in Dresden" and stumbled on this. Might as well share ;)