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  1. Henceforth

    The truth behind the lootpool

    I discovered the truth behind the lootpool. This short clip explains it all. 3uYuScZOyiM
  2. Henceforth

    Auction graph tooltip

    Where is this feature gone? You know when you open the auction markup graph and you point a spot in the graph you can see the actual markup and TT (or amount for stacks) of the sale popup in a tooltip message. This was really usable for the >9999999% items because you cant really see in the...
  3. Henceforth

    Classy Highroller Casino SLot Machines

    Click to enlarge When I logged back in today (after a while not online and downloaded the VU) all object textures are fu*ed up, and they change when I move, some do others not. Its not playable because I have no icons for my items either.
  4. Henceforth

    Weird login bug

    I try to login, I enter my username and password, it continues. Then I need to enter the coldcard code: it keeps on verifying, if I wait nothing happenes. When I press enter again it states username or password incorrect :confused: But I already passed that without problems. This happenes 3...
  5. Henceforth

    Uber Formidon spotted

    I found this mob while looking around, I tried shooting it but got killed in one hit. Location is: 367/288 Amethera. Click to enlarge
  6. Henceforth


    I've come along some tps/locations that are called fort xxx and they have no fortification walls anymore, I think they should lose their "fort" status. Because without walls it is no fort. They are rebuilds of their former locations, but in most of the cases they are not even close to near their...
  7. Henceforth

    My quick review on VU10

    I have ATI 4870 its running somewhat well on high settings but: When you start up the game all the settings have resetted to default, and thus my controlpanel forced Anisotrophic Filtering gets overruled because a shader change ingame rebuilds the world. If I dont change the settings after...
  8. Henceforth

    Selling: Skills, cheap, bring your own ESI.

    Ive got some remaining skills you can get them cheap if you bring your own ESI's. Updated skill points: 9663 LWT 8338 ANA 7895 MMS 7455 RDA 6471 WH 5768 SERE LWT - 200% ANA - 300% MMS - 200% RDA - 250% WH - 200% SERE- 200% If you buy in bulk I can take off an extra 50% If you buy all you...
  9. Henceforth

    Who said EU had no addicts?

  10. Henceforth

    Create a Critter - Torva

    Name: Torva Desciption: This fierce creature is named after the Latin word for "wild" due to its aggressive nature. They are known to roam the desert landscapes of Calypso in small packs. Due to their low profile and good camouflaged skin they are rather hard to spot. This explains why they...
  11. Henceforth

    Selling: Unlimited Adapted Vivo T15

    Sold .
  12. Henceforth

    Selling: Hitch Hicker Towel

  13. Henceforth

    Selling: Skills on chip

    all chips sold
  14. Henceforth

    Selling: Improved EWE EP 21 Defender

    Im selling my Imp EP21 Let me know your price. I also have an EP41 Military for sale. edit: placed om ingame auction, but feel free to offer me. Can be closed... ------------ And both sold.
  15. Henceforth

    FYI: Chipping out is flawed

    There is a big flaw in the system for chipping out skills. When chipping out skills there will only be fitted whole points in the chip, and the last part of the ESI is given back in PEC/PED At lower points this is no problem because it will only would be about 1 to 10 PEC. But at higher...
  16. Henceforth


    Today I reached new rank in LWT, I wanted to post it when I reached 10k but I guess the last 500 points would take much to long with my current activity so I decided to post this one now. Click to enlarge I will post the 10k LWT also when I reach it, and then I can check back to this date to...
  17. Henceforth

    Uber: 80 Agility

    Today I reached 80 agility. Bring on the next 10 :) Edit: Hmz it has taken more than 1 year from 70 :eek:
  18. Henceforth

    Mulmun Elites @ Hades?

    Why are there now Mulmun Elite spawns @ Hadesheim? Is the uber spawn gone @ Orthos orb? For mid level players its now impossible to hunt @ Hades, the Mul Elites spawn not only @ the Mulmun spawn points but also on the Feff spawn. Hades is turned into a Uber playground. I bet some ubers...
  19. Henceforth

    Dynamic team leader change

    The system should have an automated team leader change after the leader goes offline and leaves the team after a few minutes. It should automatically choose the first member that joined the team if there are more than 1 left in the team. Otherwise it should just disband like it does now. Now...
  20. Henceforth

    Uber: Camping paid off! 16k cers.

    Ive been on these suckers for quite some time now. Although the spawn is way to low to hunt them properly, I kept up with it. Because when you quit someone else will get that uber and you feel sorry for a long time. Click to enlarge Full TT HL14 (L) inside. Still no discovery of the ULHL14...
  21. Henceforth

    Selling: Mannequin pad (F)

    I like to sell this Mannequin I looted last week, it failed to sell for +500 at the auction. (while there were 4 sold that week for +601, I guess all the same manipulation) SOLD
  22. Henceforth

    Will henceforth be know as Commando Will Henceforth

    I just gained this skill after hunting very much and long. Mostly all natural, I just chipped in a few ped along the way but not that much. At least from lvl 52 to 70 its all natural. Commando with less than 135k skills who else can say that? Well Im a hardcore hunter I almost never mine and...
  23. Henceforth

    Why did MA mailed to all registered participants?

    Now everyone is lured back ingame, because nobody wants to miss out the extra skill gains. And all players are overloading the servers. I never have seen so many players in one spot and there are 5 or more places with the same or more players. If MA only made the announcement in the Client...
  24. Henceforth

    Selling: Breer P1a (L) BP 98QR

    Im taking offers on this BP Offer through PM or in this thread. Disclaimer: I did not skill this BP myself because Im not a crafter, Im also not a reseller. I sell this BP for a friend because he has no account on EF. I have the BP in my possession so the trade will be with me only and not...
  25. Henceforth

    What would you do if you re-looted the UL OA-105

    We all know that Squall accidentally TT'd his Unlimited OA-105. If the theories are correct it should return to the lootpool and will be found in a while. (if it hassnt already) What would you do if you found it?