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  1. Stutoman

    Selling: Full vigilante set

    Selling full vigilante set, fully repaired 435PED. As it's a full set at convenience, the price at only a few ped over MU is very reasonable. I will not sell individual parts, it's the full set only. Please PM me, I'll most likely be available on the weekend to make the transaction.
  2. Stutoman

    The Planet Calypso Story - Your Opinion

    I want to know your opinions. Do you follow the story of Planet Calypso, or do you not really give a toss about it and just play for the game? Do you like the back story, or do you think it's just there to cover otherwise unexplainable changes to the game?
  3. Stutoman

    Flying vehicles can be attacked by mobs now?

    I thought aircraft were excluded from being able to be attacked by mobs. I was flying a group to Athena Spaceport when suddenly my gungnir was attacked and destroyed on the spot by mobs which took me by susprise considering it's normally an empty and quiet spot. Did I miss an announcement about...
  4. Stutoman

    Chest Size

    Since the avatar update chest size has been made extremely disproportionate. (Male avatars, unsure about female avatars). Even the skinniest of avatars still have a disproportionately large chest.
  5. Stutoman


    Gullaldr Shades are now broken since the recent avatar changes. One side is darker than the other, and they are no longer reflective.
  6. Stutoman

    Calypso Gateway

    Lieutenant Smith asks if you'd like to go to Port Atlantis which is incorrect as it now takes you to Camp Icarus. When you arrive at Camp Icarus via Lieutenant Smith you spawn on the ground and not on the landing pad.
  7. Stutoman

    I wish that we would actually be listened to.

    Seen the new planet calypso website? oh gosh it's horrible. Do we really get ignored this badly? Us the community have practically handed MA a winning formula for how to improve things and they just get totally ignored. I was shocked when I saw the new site. It looks totally unfinished, and the...
  8. Stutoman

    FYI: For God's Sake MA/FPC/SDS or whoever's running this thing now, GET A GRIP OF YOUR MARKETING!

    (Please read the entire post before making assumptions about what I'm trying to say) Okay, so more than half a year ago 60,000 CLDs were sold in order to raise $6million USD in which to use on a marketing campaign. What has become of it? This measly banner ad has become of it: Now I'm sure...
  9. Stutoman

    What happened to the drones???

    Just went for a little wander north of the Jason Center, but all the drones are gone! Did the spawn get moved elsewhere?
  10. Stutoman

    Web developers check out this awesome resource!

    On my site you can pick and choose just the icons you want to download by clicking and dragging them, it then puts them into one zip file for you, so no need to download icons you don't want or need! If you like it then please share it with your colleagues and friends as...
  11. Stutoman

    MindArk copying EVE Online?

    Now it's a bit of a statement I know, one or two similarities is a coincidence... but a bunch just goes a little far. I think it's quite obvious that someone on the development team is a player of EVE. Firstly vehicle names. Yes they're directly related to old language meanings for words and I...
  12. Stutoman

    Phantom Arm Guards + Thigh Guards

    I have a tier 1.7 phantom arm guards and a tier 2.2 phantom thigh guards. The thigh guards have never been sold on auction before at tier 2.2 so i'm looking for people's opinions on the value of these items. The thigh guards have sold for +500ped for tier 1 on auction in the past.
  13. Stutoman

    Selling: All

    All// Includes items such as phantom armour parts See something you like? Give a price and we can negotiate. The leftovers will be auctioned or TT'd. I'll probably be online several times today at Twin Peaks. [Item Name] [Quantity] [TT Value] I might return in a year or so and maybe try out...
  14. Stutoman

    Last VU or VU before, graphics gone weird

    I first noticed it in a PA building. The walls were translucent in a way, the things from outside would be visible through the wall but only as a shadow, and would follow the camera. It has been on and off and i've only noticed it around PA, was before this update but I remember it happening...
  15. Stutoman

    Post Your Gaming Rig!

    Post a picture of the inside of your pc below and also the specs it has CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 580 Case: Coolermaster CM 690 II Advanced HDD: 4X 1TB Samsumg Spinpoint (RAID10 Setup) Motherboard: Gigabyte P67A-UD3P-B3 Intel P67 (Socket 1155) DDR3 Motherboard CPU...
  16. Stutoman

    Add a turret to naga island tp

    It gets very annoying when you teleport somewhere and get instantly killed - wasn't this why they introduced the grace timer? It works for the televators, why not the teleporters? And whats more it's not like dieing and doing a runner to the tp to try again, you end up in the middle of the land...
  17. Stutoman

    FYI: Website needs updating

    The planet calypso website needs to be checked over and updated. Pages such as this one still refer to "First Planet Company" instead of SDC: Also the favicon for the website is messy and is not consistent with that of the forums.
  18. Stutoman

    Naming/Area Creation bug...

    This always struck me as weird since CE2 was implimented and i'm sure others have had similar thoughts... Crystal Palace... used to be a "space station" but now it's on a star-shaped asteroid. Doesn't really make much sense imo. I know it's player owned now, but I really think it would be fun...
  19. Stutoman

    Ahh the good old days

    Not so sure about the music... but deffo brought back a few memories! A shame the landscape means events like this by foot are now impossible.
  20. Stutoman

    I am impressed

    Seems MA has been doing a bit of listening, and a bit more working! I must say I am impressed with the amount of features this VU has brought in comparison to previous VUs. Keep up the good work MA!
  21. Stutoman

    MA's manipulation of market value - overview and discussion

    I've been playing this game for almost four years now and have always been a close watcher of market values. I've come to learn that the difference between items in the real world and ingame is that in the real world the price of an item will always be based around the cost to produce it...
  22. Stutoman

    Gungnir Tower!

    Ahhh the random awsomeness that can be achieved with vehicles :) Started with Bertha and Me: Faye Joins: Here comes Norwegian: Almost there: Gungnir Tower! :D
  23. Stutoman

    Insane lag

    I am trying to fly to neas place and we're going like 10kph simply because the chopper keeps getting pulled back by extreme lag. Should be easy to fix right? It wasn't like this a month ago.
  24. Stutoman

    Mengingjord + Pitbull = Super Tank!

    Looks cool don't you think? :D
  25. Stutoman

    Expo Opportunity!

    I would like to recommend that SEE prepares and takes part in expos this year such as the Eurogamer Expo in London this september or E3! Would be a shame if SEE/SDC missed such a great opportunity!