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  1. Brink-EricJL

    Post your New Computers!!!

    NEW COMPUTERS Well I know a significant amount of you had to build new computers or at least add some decent upgrades to play the game!!!:wtg::wtg: So lets see them!!:wtg::wtg: This will also give you some of you Computer enthusiasts the chance to show off your BEASTS!:lift: Also feel free...
  2. Brink-EricJL

    Selling: Fish Tank and Fireplace!

    Hey Guys I'm selling 2 of my favorite items I have acquired over the years. My 2 Fish Tank and Fireplace made by the amazingly talented "Georg Bear Mavel". The Fishtank has a sweet life size Rippersnapper swimming in the tank and, is 1 of 25 made.(Please Mind your fingers and any other...
  3. Brink-EricJL

    CES january

    Cant Wait!!!!! Who should I expect to see there?
  4. Brink-EricJL

    What is loot the Contraction unit

    what is the official confirmed looted mob(s) that is/are looting the unit
  5. Brink-EricJL

    Entropia Outfitters Ped Give Away!!!

    FREE Christmas Ped From Are You good at Christmas Trivia? Do you Like FREE PED? If you can answer Yes to either of these!!! Then come on down to Entropia Outfitters Shop in Twin mall Floor 3 12S On Saturday December 20th 23:30 CalypsoTime! Entropia Outfitters...