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  1. Lardinho

    FYI: 40 Business days for withdrawal - has come and gone...

    Agreed, they must have someone new, I asked support guy after 51 days why my status wasn't commited as when I wrote on 41 days they said "if your details are correct then the money will be in your account within 50 days"... so I cited this when I wrote the support saying "it's the 51st day...
  2. Lardinho

    FYI: 40 Business days for withdrawal - has come and gone...

    Today was my 50th business day since the 21st of October 2013. Still pending...
  3. Lardinho

    Help: 1st armor set ? what and where?

    skip the pixie set that most people use, when you want to move on to something else, go with shogun. great set that covers you for most things, 2a plates and you can do argo and 6a plates and you can do drones.
  4. Lardinho

    FYI: 40 Business days for withdrawal - has come and gone...

    shit bro, you're worse than me :O 68 days for me 47 working :'( still pending...
  5. Lardinho

    Selling: Navy Hebredite Essi Dress

    nice dress
  6. Lardinho

    Elite: Dangerous

    I remember playing this as a 6 year old and not having a clue how to play it and then playing the game with the boulders in a maze where you collect gems and shit that some dude made a better version of years later on the programmable PSOne. Then I moved onto the C64 and discovered "Eye ball"...
  7. Lardinho

    No Withdrawal ... no money?

    Serica, I would like to marry you.
  8. Lardinho

    FYI: 40 Business days for withdrawal - has come and gone... I eagerly await. It says expect 50 days, but as I've withdrawn before, there's no reason why it should take longer than business days really.
  9. Lardinho

    It's Never Sunny on Planet Calypso

    I'd like answers to these things !
  10. Lardinho

    Planet Calypso Content Release 2013.3

    the turp returns :D <33333333333333
  11. Lardinho

    News: Halloween Mayhem 2013!

    wow, this looks frickun ace... and along with MA letting us know about the next patch being slightly delayed ie. talking to us it really does seem like the message is getting through and things might have turned a corner. Great news indeed. Kudos MA, you are turning things around.
  12. Lardinho

    Selling: Fabulous Fuga Outfit (M)

    Soz about snipe bid but tbh, I assumed everyone else would, I just set "Cool Timer" to about 15 hours time before work then went out. When it dinged, I bidded. I honestly thought I'd be outbid tbh. w00t, I've been a Bears fan since 1985 when I was 7 years old. Love those buggers, not up on...
  13. Lardinho

    Selling: Fabulous Fuga Outfit (M)

    mate, this was 1 hour and 4 minutes after close of auction afaik. Are you a fellow Bears fan btw?
  14. Lardinho

    Selling: Fabulous Fuga Outfit (M)

    w00ts, I win :D
  15. Lardinho

    Selling: Fabulous Fuga Outfit (M)

    +48 for Hallowe'en win.
  16. Lardinho

    Uber: I just can't stop

    rofl XD you crazy f*cker!! :D Awesome luck matey!! For the last one it already said "you need to spread some love around before blah blah blah" and same again >.o; even PCF thinks you got too much lucks :O
  17. Lardinho

    Selling: Blueprints, Sweat, Bones

    BUMP that shizzle.
  18. Lardinho

    Selling: Fabulous Fuga Outfit (M)

    +11 muahahaha
  19. Lardinho

    Buying: Nexnecis Leather Texture

    I got Fugabarba, Itumatrox, Mang Chang, Jellyworm, Riptor, Cersumon, Nusul, Tiarak, Scoria, Tezlapod, Tantillion, Atrox, Ambulimax, Berycled, Combibo, Daikiba, Mermoth, Aetherex, Madana, Ostelok, Feran, Halix, Jori, Kiana, Bokol and Kadra... but you want Nexnecis _:(´□`」 ∠):_
  20. Lardinho

    Selling: Blueprints, Sweat, Bones

    BUMP for SOCKET and TIER thingies !!! also if there is any MATERIAL TEXTURE bp that you want, try asking me, I might well have it ^^;
  21. Lardinho

    Selling: Blueprints, Sweat, Bones

    All sweat sold.
  22. Lardinho

    Buying: 225 CLDs

    wooohooooo =P is this the most bought in here in one go? GL!
  23. Lardinho

    New ships in the Sky

    afaik there will be new ships abound by the end of the year (or likely next year). I imagine others have heard this rumour too, hence the selling of several motherships and unlimited quads so people don't get caught with their goods being massively devalued and others perhaps so they have ped...
  24. Lardinho

    Selling: Blueprints, Sweat, Bones

    much sweat sold. Little more to go. Also have almost every bp for components and material texturing bps (unlimited ones) up to level XI in some aspects. Got over 300 bps with varying qualities that are high enough to auction for a few ped. All the ones likely to end in nothing or 0.99 BO if...
  25. Lardinho

    Selling: Blueprints, Sweat, Bones

    Vigi SGA sold.