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    Buying: Full Merry Mayhem (F)

    Hello, as title says i'am looking for this armor set PM here or ingame for price and offers.
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    Selling: Genesis ArcSpark T2.9 & Ares Ring, Augmented and more

    Want to sell Everything here. All items have full TT Value! Grenade Launcher NGL-1 Tier 5.89 +400 Remaining Tiers: 116, 90, 65, 119, 76, 127 x2 Ignaritz Laser Sight Sold Longreach 4 Sold Ares Ring, Augmented Sold Athenic Ring, Adjusted +150 Nemesis Adjusted Female Tier 0.9-2 +2k //DD
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    Selling: Ranked Scorpion T6.9 + Omegaton A105, Improved

    Hey, Want to sell this combo and both is full TT Ranked Scorpion T6.9 + Omegaton A105, Improved SOLD FOR BO //DD
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    Buying: Ranked Scorpion

    Hey, as title says i'am buying Ranked Scorpion Got one //DD
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    Selling: EWE EP-41 Military, Adjusted Tier 2.9

    Hey, Selling EWE EP-41 Military, Adjusted Tier 2.9 Price: SOLD //DD
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    Selling: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.II TEN Edition T7.8

    CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.II TEN Edition T7.8 TT value: 125PED (Full TT) Instant BO = +18k Taking offers aswell.
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    Buying: Large Chadriak Mushrooms

    Hi, I'am looking for some Large Chadriak Mushrooms paying 67PED each. You can find me ingame or pm me here on forum. //DD
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    Selling: Full Adjusted Boar (F) & Ranked Scorpion T6.6

    Full Adjusted Boar (F) Selling only as SET. Tier: Few ticks here and there its still untierd. Asking price: SOLD Ranked Scorpion T6.7 Asking price...
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    Buying: Koroma full set (F)

    WTB Koroma full set (F)
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    Selling: Mah'ketta full set (F) & CDF Scout full set (F)

    Mah'ketta full set (F) TT+270 SOLD CDF Scout full set (F) TT+5 SOLD
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    Buying: Boar F UL Parts

    Buying Boar F Gloves UL
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    Buying: Mah'ketta (F) Full set

    BUYING Mah'ketta (F) Full set. Pm me offers
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    Selling: King Kong Snubnose T3.6

    Hello, I'm selling my King Kong Snubnose T3.6 Tiers remaining: Tier 4 - 110 Tier 5 - 56 Tier 6 - 84 Tier 7 - 140 Tier 8 - 132 Tier 9 - 108 Tier 10 - 103 Entropedia link: SOLD Thread Can be closed
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    Buying: A106

    I'm looking for 1 x A106. Offer here or in pm
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    Uber: Massive niks few month but whatever lady gaga pray for me <3

    february uber but whatever here it is should post it earlier but im not for fame im for learning others :) i pray for lady gaga songs and i hof and uber like a maniac 2003 old player here over and out Sir Yes Sir :D btw 30 friends online time to chat ;) instead of starting new...
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    Markus is trapped and i have loaned out my stuff to stacy.

    well markus need help hes in next island he cant get out alot of big scipulors and sumima dominant there, i pay 15ped to who can help him out Coords: 53528 72466 at calypso near next island hope this is right thread for this otherwise move it
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    where is big evis?

    someone hunting big evis on entropiatracker i wonder where to find them :D
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    Info: Looking for a hunting mate with p5a

    Looking for a mate to hunt with that plays often My gear rascal+3b sk-20 p5a A103 hope this is right section for it but i think so :)
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    Selling: some BPs and skills

    Simple I plastic ruds 82.9 QR Simple I conductors 68.0 QR Simple I Plastic Springs 56.0 QR Simple II Coductors 44.4 QR Simple II Plastic Springs 67.8 QR Skills: Handgun 5799 Melee Combat 2196 You need to provide esi Serious offers please! thanks
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    Selling: Engineering & MME Implant

    Hello, snice nobody wants it at twin, i gonna post it here Engineering Skill Implant tt 11.97 @ 4593.06% = 550 PED, weekly @ auction ~4.9k% & Manufacture Mechanical Equipment tt 5.78 @ 4322.72% = 250 PED, weekly @ auction ~4.8k% And bulk sale 750PED for both implants. You can post here or...
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    HoF: Lets Mine Shinookz Junglez

    Got something atleast here, seen alot of miners, fex long that camp here but i stolez some ^^ Click to enlarge Click to enlarge I Always getting HoF unamped ^^ I use amps aswell but not these times ^^ Both HoF's OF-105
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    Buying: Sunstorm Limited

    Buying Sunstorm, so crafters get started :)
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    Selling: Sell/Trade Full Salamander F

    Hello, i'm selling my full Salamander F for peds, Here the link to the armor Offers are welcome for full set with foot, no lurking prices idea would be to pricecheck if your interested of it. I perfer PM
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    HoF: Almost 3 SEGS HOF in a row

    Hello, wanted to hunt second entity generation so i hired a faper, imp fap service 60/h this is the result: 232PED Second Gerenation 01 220PED Second Gerenation 01 ~60PED Second Gerenation 02 i think 202PED Second Gerenation 01 didnt have a screener on so i did my own loot window + HOF Board...
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    Buying: Full Salamander (F)

    message me or post here if you have on for sale