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  1. Aydonis

    Auction-Orders-Browse Glitch

    Rolled back through the threads but hadn't seen this. Was brought to my attention by soc mem, checked it myself, asked a third soc mem to look on auction and we have all encountered the same problem. If you open the Auction window, Select Orders tab, then the Browse tab. And then attempt to...
  2. Aydonis

    My First HoF

    Logged in today and, realizing I was down to my last few peds, I figured I'd buy a pile of probes in the hopes of gettng a little Nexus since markup should be on the rise with the reimplementation of the Mindforce chips. (btw i just sold off some auctioned metals right after buying the probes...
  3. Aydonis

    My First Global(s)

    Well, been in this entralling world for about four months now. Tons of ups and downs, but all-in-all a real blast. Even the forums are fun and have a great atmosphere :) I finally have lost my antiloot skill (for months at a time I had streaks where I would only get 1 loot window for up to 10...
  4. Aydonis

    How to get to Nea's Alone and Nekked

    This route gives you a good direct passage to Nea's that requires no TP chip, armor, vivo, weapon or ammo. Though having a TP chip, vivo, or armor will make it a little easier on you =) The red line shows the passage I took, sorry it's a little faint, but I didnt want to cover too much of the...
  5. Aydonis

    Loot Blocking Glitch

    Sorry if this is already up here. Searched forums but couldnt find a thread for this bug. Already sent bug report to MA so I'll just post the screenies and the report below since it describes the incident...