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  1. global on ola 39

    global on ola 39

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    Info: Old School Caly Faps now have constant (FIXED) heals (like Adj FAP)

    FAP 24 28.8 41 19.68 49 9.07 PED 7.2 0 7.200 4.00 0 No Crafted ---EMT 2350 tier 4 FAP 50 50 26 21.67 230 20000.00 PED 2 0 2.000 25.00 0 No Looted ---FAP adj tier 0 This 2 tools has almost the same heal/sec. (19,68 21.67) but a big deifference in markup (9 and 20000) but eco is very...
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    Info: Old School Caly Faps now have constant (FIXED) heals (like Adj FAP)

    the max level is 19,66 paramedic
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    Info: Old School Caly Faps now have constant (FIXED) heals (like Adj FAP)

    its because fap 90 is maxed out for you Rick
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    Info: Turret in instances..

    I had it it was 99% dead so unfair well I will hunt Combibos now naked because why use armor?
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    Caly Dev team, what's the 2014 game plan?

    Yeah it was my fault ofc. But I am saying IF IF IF that turret HAD NOT been there with that ridicoulos range I would have killed it easyly AND I was trying to run as fast I could away from it (The turret hoping the stupid Fat Harbinger would follow me.)
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    Info: Turret in instances..

    Look at this fail
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    Caly Dev team, what's the 2014 game plan?

    Hope they fix the unwanted unexpected lose of a mob when it gets shot unwanted unexpectedly by a Automated Gun Turret Like this:
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    FYI: My withdrawal has not been received within 50 days

    Well there is very simple solution to all speculations that is a official comes forth and tell us how it is going. Then we can all have a beer in the park and be social together.
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    Help: Anyone know how to fix this pop up?

    You have to abandon that mission
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    Ricks Budget Cat4 MM 2013 For LAUGHS!!!!!

    How is it not possible to get a global in cat. 4? I mean they are sopsosed to be stonger mobs than cat. 3 and 2 but the loot is badder makes no sense to me.
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    Ricks Budget Cat4 MM 2013 For LAUGHS!!!!!

    Thank You Kimmi
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    600 000 Ped

    its just ajoke but thank you for the gratz DUDES and MISS DUDES
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    600 000 Ped

    I just looted a snabelsnot male young
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    Dear guest GOTO TWITCH.TV to see me U R proly wondering what is this game all about but I show U
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    type BJORN in chat to win 51.72 ped
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    online now with Erasure:girl:Huge giveaways funny faces in chat
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    Buying: oweko

    Oweko dna parts find me ingame my name is Martin Martin Petersen
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    Increased damage from mobs after latest VU.

    Mindark never tell you what damage types or how much damage each mob do. You have to find that out for your self or else its too easy. And yes they have increase the damage before many times its normal. Sometimes they decide to decrease the damage, but then they tell you if they do that.
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    How active is the player base?

    Happy birthsday Skunk! May you have a very good one because you need it and while you are having birthsday why not take a very good long vacation too. Goddbye!
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    Is there a good reason for leaving carcasses laying around with minimal visual representation they have looted?

    "If you just read a little more about what MA writing and talking a little less crap then you would know that the MA's calculations, it costs $ 1 per hour per player.": I thought you meant taking a little less CRACK:D
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    Entropia Universe 14.4 Release Notes

    what do you mean with atrox done do you have some numbers to show us?
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    Dear MA...this game has finally become unplayable for me.
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    Waiting for boss mob during wave events

    To the first post in this thread. Yes they are whores. Good job making a video about them.