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  1. endermigne

    Question: What Are the Plans About Graphics?

    I'm not asking about content or quantity, this is just about the quality of graphics. The current rendering engine isn't new and an update seems reasonable from a player's perspective. I understand that not everybody owns the latest computer hardware, but that's what such engines usually deal...
  2. endermigne

    Can't See Embedded Media in Posts

    While reading this thread I noticed that those who were quoting others had embedded media (a pic and a video) in their quotes, while the posts they quoted do not. From my point of view the two posts also weren't edited. So I thought that it may have to do with my forum settings or my browser is...
  3. endermigne

    How Do You 2FA?

    I was wondering how you handle your 2FA when you log in to the game. What do you use for the security code? I assume most are using the smartphone app?
  4. endermigne

    Where Are the RSS-Feeds?

    I'm looking for some RSS-feeds. I have these, but it seems that I'm missing out at least the events and developer notes:
  5. endermigne

    Suggestion: A Linux-Subforum Under "Technical"

    @711 Please, pretty please!!! Please! Please... We really do need our own section there. That one thread gets messy and we don't have the community yet to spread our questions and infos around several threads that get lost as a part of another subforum. A Linux-subforum would really make...
  6. endermigne

    HoF: A Berycled Young... Whow!!!

    I was so stunned because I simply didn't expect any of this to happen on a Berycled Young... Therefore, sadly there is no pic of me celebrating in the swirlies... :cry: Loot was Shrapnel and Animal Muscle Oil.
  7. endermigne

    Looking For Some Non-Beginners

    Hi there, :) I don't provide actual mentoring support, but in case you know your way around in EU, have the proper equipment and only need a mentor that gives you the time you need to graduate, I'm your guy. Note however, that you should give me the impression that you work on it (i.e., the...
  8. endermigne

    This is What a GDPR Report Looks Like

    Well, I got my GDPR report today two weeks after my latest request. Therefore, for all those who have (not) waited for this, here it is: You get an email explaining a few things about their strategy with the data and what you are free to do plus a docx-file with a size depending on your...
  9. endermigne

    Question: Has Anyone Received a GDPR Report Yet?

    I created a support case on May 25th where I requested one and only received one response four days later where they said they would answer "within the allowed time frame". Well, a few reminders later still nothing. According to law they have to respond within one month, but now it's been five...
  10. endermigne

    Selling: Saehrimnir Mk1 (C,L) nicely coloured and textured

    Its TT-value is 18.95 PEDs The first to say "250%" wins, other than that post your bids :) I'm usually playing in the later hours MA-time.
  11. endermigne

    Question: Right Job for Graduation?

    Let's say I'm level nine Laser Sniper and a noob in healing, crafting and mining. Once I again I was asked to be a disciple so I finally took the opportunity. Reading the info-screen about mentoring the important skills that count for the progress are Anatomy, Geology and Engineering. What...
  12. endermigne

    Selling: Clothes & Armours

    I've been posting this in-game for a while now. I thought I also should let those know who aren't playing when I'm playing: I'm selling a bunch of clothes and armours: This is a plain and simple site without ads, bitcoin mining, viruses, hidden downloads, pop-ups, naked...
  13. endermigne

    Rename EFD-Auctions-section

    Let me post the most obvious requests of them all: Rename the EFD-Auctions. :yay::yay::yay: I'm 100% sure this will be done :)
  14. endermigne

    FYI: Q&A with Support: Private Data vs. Third Parties

    In case you always knew or you don't care, there are other threads for you... Thanks for understanding. I opened a support case about various questions that ran through my head when the voice-chat-system came out. Despite it took them two weeks to answer, here are my questions and their...
  15. endermigne

    I can't +rep

    I do see the , but if I click it nothing happens. It has to work for others as I got +rep from others already. I'm using Opera 10.10 on Win7. EDIT: well, -rep doesn't work neither, but I don't care too much about that ;) EDIT2: how to use the poll: Click on the of every post. Does the...
  16. endermigne

    Question: Will you use voice chat?

    The reason for this poll is quite simple. If just a small number of people are planning to use it, there isn't really point to subscribe to the service. I mean you'd need to run around to actually find one person who has it, too. Just because you can use it on folks in your FL doesn't mean that...
  17. endermigne

    Bertha to parse FPC's Facebook page

    As announced yesterday, FPC has its own Facebook page. I wish that Bertha, in addition to her excellent work on the news, parses that very page, too. This is also true for other planet partner accounts there and on other social networks. Otherwise we may run into a situation that certain things...
  18. endermigne

    MA vs. FPC

    With today's thread of a MA-employee I was wondering how many posts they actually write here on EF and how FPC does in that category. Well, as far as MA is concerned, there was the infamous one from June 22 2010 about the vehicles. Then, well, uhh..., yeah, Jan 16 2010 about an interview. And...
  19. endermigne

    MP3 player with nested m3u *AND* multiple playlists?

    I'm (by now rather desperately) looking for an MP3-player for Windows that supports nested m3u-files AND multiple playlists. With nested m3u-files I mean that an m3u-file can appear within another m3u-file. When I open the main m3u-file, it should open the m3u-files within it recursively...
  20. endermigne

    FYI: Wine 1.2 released

    WINE 1.2 was released yesterday, just in case anyone with the tendency to play EU everywhere missed it... I hope it fixes some problems.
  21. endermigne

    Selling: Gateway items -- no minimum bid

    -- CLOSED -- The mining equipment has full TT: Genesis Rookie OreFinder (L) TT: 0.06 Genesis Rookie OreExtractor (L) TT: 0.01 The refiner was used as necessary: Genesis Rookie OreRefiner (L) TT: 0.01 The guns and the amp are broken: Sollomate Eucalypto (L) Sollomate Kiwio (L) Rookie Laser...
  22. endermigne

    We need a new update management for VUs

    I posted this just recently, but with today's "VU" this deserves its own thread: With the current way to release something MA simply can't release FPC's or Rocktropia's stuff without making that their own VU. Besides that I dislike the fact that everybody has to update their EU, even the ones...
  23. endermigne

    Group-runnings for scouting challenges

    So I went to the outpost SE of Jason's TP to start the Argo mission. Like in many other missions the first challenge there is to find locations. The first two were easy and I was lucky on the third one as I literally died into the third one (I even think the mission-update came after the "You...
  24. endermigne

    Question: Port setup changed?

    For a while I allowed entropia.exe to access to use outbound TCP-port 21 and outbound UDP-port 30584 for address This worked quite a while and my firewall didn't complain about other ports. EU's website lists more ports that should be open including inbound ones, but they never...
  25. endermigne

    Question: Why is installing and patching not working for everybody?

    It really amazes me what kind of trouble some people have to go through to install and patch EU. Poor you :( I mean I'm downloading a full EU installer while playing EU and everything is fine (I do this for quicker installs just in case my current installation breaks...) I'm downloading patches...