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  1. Wiseman

    Selling: 1 CLD 995 ped

    *EDIT* SOLD Selling 1 CLD, 995 PED @ Twin Peaks right now, or send me a msg.
  2. Wiseman

    What is wrong with my computer / Cant logg in?

    So, today I started my computer and can't logg into Entropia. After using my goldcard, the login screen just stops at the Security Code screen, and keeps on "loading". On the client loader, I get this: I have tried starting other games, and they run without problem, so I doubt the computer...
  3. Wiseman

    Do U make music? Want it released on iTunes/Spotify etc, without cost?

    Do you make your own music? Do you want it released on sites like this: "Spotify, 7Digital (that you buy music from spotify), iTunes (global), Napster, Amazon MP3, Emusic, Vidzone, Junodownload, Peoples Music Store, Sony Play Now Arena, Nokia Music Store, Deezer Rhapsody, 24/7 Entertainment...
  4. Wiseman

    35 PED Beacon MA Quiz

    I won a 35 PED (silent hof!) Beacon on a quiz MA official had at Twin Peaks some minutes ago! Picture Gz to NBK Elite who got a total of 3 Beacons, WTG!
  5. Wiseman

    Selling: Alot of stuff for sale! (Total of 8328 PED TT Value in 1032 Items)

    EDIT: IRL costs were meet anyway and selling out is not longer on the list, for now, anyway. Sorry for not responding to the people asking in the post, but I have been away and just came back! Thread can be locked.
  6. Wiseman

    PC: Apartment - Bilton Towers 1, 3C

    Want to know about what price this apartment could go for! It's apartments 3C, Bilton Towers 1 The apartment is medium sized. 205 sqm Room for 150 Items & 25 guests. :dunce:
  7. Wiseman

    How to Leave a Society (as Society Leader)?

    Hey there, just have a little Question. Im the Society leader of a Society called "Wisemen Collective". These days we are just 3 friends left and not really playing so much anymore. I´d like to know since they are almost never online, is their a way to pass Society leader over by myself...
  8. Wiseman

    Achievement: Finally Im also Cool!

    Took waaay to long, but finally unlocked coolness :ahh:
  9. Wiseman

    EU MUSIC: Wiseman - Project E

    So, made this track back in 2007 just for fun, has been laying around on my Hard-drive since then, so since I'm not really gonna do anything more with it because of lack of inspiration & time, Id thought it was time to share it with you here. FileType: MP3 Size: 3,62 MB Kbps: 192 Genre...
  10. Wiseman

    Loungy Chillout track to greet 2009

    Made a little song last 4 nights, so havnt sleept much at all. For thoose who enjoy a laidback, chillout ambient trip-hop track, this is 4 you. Wiseman - As it rains outside Use the Download (or save as) button in "Download Options" section to the right on the page.
  11. Wiseman

    SPAW - Sheree

    Small little video I put togheter with my music. Vintage Erotica goes psychadelic. For better quality & certainly sound, use the "watch in high quality" button on the original youtube page. Btw.. This is a weird one. :rolleyes:
  12. Wiseman

    The Scientology Irony Song

    Im not sure how many of you are aware of what acctually right now is some sort of history taking place. For the first time ever ppl have come togheter for a good cause, just using the internet, like anarchy under respect, with no leaders and still this MASSIVE protests. Ofcourse, Im talking...
  13. Wiseman

    Good Copy Bad Copy Documentary about Copyright and/vs Creativity. Well worth the look for the interrested.
  14. Wiseman

    Question about Weapons & Decay/Effect

    Sorry if this is somewhere in the forum, but I didnt find it. Oh, and sorry if this is in wrong forum to... ^^ "noobscorner" would maybe be more correct ;) So, with that out of the way... I was looking at the Mindark page, and when reading the "Fee" section, I found this. "For example, a...
  15. Wiseman

    Looking for singers, or even musicians.

    << Scroll down to listen to the music direct, while your reading ;) >> So, as some of you might know Im a musician, and thats my main purpouse in "life". EU has become a substitute for not loosing to much money on Texas Holdem. I explained for my mentor back in early 2005 that I was in this...
  16. Wiseman

    B: Vigi (M)

    With or without foots, as long as the price is fair. Please PM me!
  17. Wiseman


    After unlocking Serendipity this Sunday, I decided to put my last 300 peds into a Mechanical Engineer Skill Chip, since, after a long long time of skilling, I now finally unlocked BPC!!! No more dampers for me for a long time! :laugh: And no more unlocks either ;) Click to enlarge :wtg:
  18. Wiseman


    Wot :wtg: Took some time! Click to enlarge
  19. Wiseman

    Second Hof!

    Yay! Was looking for a Korss and found it! Click to enlarge
  20. Wiseman

    FeralCode & Wiseman - Next Time (Music Video) [Progressive House]

    FeralCode & Wiseman - Next Time (Music Video) To buy the track, just follow the link in the signature!! ;) Or this link ;) Buy FeralCode & Wiseman - Next Time Singel [Progressive House] The Singel Cointains a few mixes and a few remixes. This track has been played on the Entropia Radio...
  21. Wiseman

    Buying Beginner Weapons of Low TT for my Deciples

    Hey there. I would like to buy a bulk, or part by part, of beginner weapons like fap-5, Opalo & TT Pistol etc, to be able to give as gifts for my deciples. I all want it to be really low TT, and sell price sould also Be TT!! Please MSG me, or reaply! Ill meet you up ingame. I know theres not...
  22. Wiseman

    1k suprise!

    Finally! :yay: A 1k Caudatergus Young suprise! This one was not at all expected though. Just came home from a sochunt on argos & some bots, and was standing outside the Twin Mall & going thrue todays loot & how it should be devided. One socmember leaves the game just minutes before, the...
  23. Wiseman

    B: Dominax Original Viper (L)

    Looking to buy a Dominax Original Viper (L) for a fair price. Checked the forum, and the shops selling them, but couldnt find them in stock. Please PM me before I waste my PEDS ^^ Any one know off a shop selling them, pleae leave a reply. EDIT: It´s bought. So no longer interrested! Where can...
  24. Wiseman

    B: EP-41 Military

    As the topic says. Want to buy a EP-41, for a fair price ;) * Bought! Not interrested anymore!
  25. Wiseman

    B: A couple of 5A plates

    Want a few 5A armor platings for a good price :wtg: Or know any shop that sells them reasonably priced? PM me!