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  1. Goody

    Info: FoFW 5 Year Anniversary

    Congratulations FoFW, one of the nicest soc's i've had the pleasure of getting to know (and be a member of), here's to many more more years having you around !! :yay:
  2. Goody

    Crone wants to be in all 50 most skilled societies for a week

  3. Goody

    WHEN was your Highest Loot?

    2nd January 2009 Atrox Young 19,334 Ped :woohoo:
  4. Goody

    Selling: Thunderbird (M,L) Complete Set & 7x6B Plates

    Selling complete set of Thunderbird (Male, Limited) 1. Helmet TT 47.17 2. Harness TT 75.67 3. Arms TT 58.31 4. Gloves TT 56.34 5. Thighs TT 31.64 6. Shins TT 70.74 7. Feet TT 27.27 Stab 8 / Cut 12 / Impact 5 / Penetration 5 / Burn 10 / Electric 50 Offers around 385ped for set Also selling...
  5. Goody

    Crone wants to be in all 50 most skilled societies for a week

    Can't believe i haven't spotted this thread earlier ! I'd just like to endorse Crone's thread in saying that i've known Crone ingame for many years and been a soc mate for several years (you do actually get used to the third person talk with time :yup: !!). A studious, sociable and honest...
  6. Goody

    Buying: Shopkeeper(s)

    Bumpety Bump
  7. Goody

    Are you an Old Player but not super active?

    Since December 2005...... Definately less time than back in the day but still logging in as and when i can. Even with little time a quick soc chat and a quick hunt is well worth the log in. As much as EU frustrates me it also intrigues me ;)
  8. Goody

    The only thing that tweaks me....

    There is no advertisement................... We kinda' know Neverdie..... But where are the Hero's, the Legend's and the here - we - goe's................. Please come' is easy imho................
  9. Goody

    The only thing that tweaks me....

    And before anyone starts banging on about how i'm against current MA developments,,,,,i say what i say because i'm EU.....not because i'm anti !!
  10. Goody

    The only thing that tweaks me....

    Sat at a house party with mates and an advert comes on the TV with Mr T promoting WoW and the competition through playing to aquire the limited Mowhawk mate stands up to say i should "game on...whoop whoop", only for me to remind him i'm not (happily) WoW and long time and very...
  11. Goody

    Kitty - going well thx, hows you ? been a while !

    Kitty - going well thx, hows you ? been a while !
  12. Goody

    Happy Birthday Jamhot

    Happy Birthday mate, have a good one :thumbup:
  13. Goody

    Bring back Champions League NOW!

    Totally 100% agree with you there mate.
  14. Goody

    WoF 2010: Team England

    Afraid i'm going to have to withdrawl my support to WoF and Team England this year, unfortunately RL commitments will conflict. Apologises however sure you'll be fine without me ;) Best of luck.
  15. Goody

    Happy Birthday Pirx Danford!

    Happy Birthday mate, here's hoping you have a good one :thumbup:
  16. Goody

    Fashion Armor Party... overpriced and in style

    Sounds like a good enough reason to root out my Vampire set from the deepest darkest depths of my Storage :D
  17. Goody

    Planet Calypso - The Colonist MMO teaser

    Summarises a thought ive been having for a while. Are we matching our competition in the draw for new players ?
  18. Goody

    Who have yet not found a single SGA item ?

    Nothing here, but feel better i'm one of the ~790,000 :grouphug: :D
  19. Goody

    HoF: Huge (XVIII) Lysterium and a tier.

    Gratz mate :D
  20. Goody

    Selling: Full Knight M and full Koblod M

    Think i can pretty much remember each piece as you looted it along the way mate !! Consider this a bump.
  21. Goody

    This is Jaaaaamhot!

    Sweet ;)
  22. Goody

    WoF 2010: Team England

    I'm in :D Bob Goody Kochanski
  23. Goody

    "CRT: 10 hoggs" is back