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    Buying: Cld

    Buying CLD@1400 ped each. Add me ingame if you wanna sell, my inbox here is full. Cheers!
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    Question: Is it possible to build a lag free setup?

    Just curious, Is it possible to build a rig that won't lag at the bigger 50-100 ppl events, like sand king or the arkadian events? Or are the servers lagging anyway, no matter how a badass-computer you have? 100 avatars on radar and 60 fps would be sweet, instead of my 9 fps.
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    Selling: Misc Makeup (eye shadow, lip liner, face paint ect)

    Have 322 ped of misc makeup items that I want to sell. Give me some offers in a PM or chat me ingame! BO 350 ped /Krimanji Krimey Groening
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    Selling: Tier Components 1-10, Armors, Gunz..

    Selling some stuff! Tier Components. I-X. Div Alien loots Ghost, Gremlin, Vigi M Apis Might be selling the shop as well if I get any good offers. Emerald Lakes Mall Floor 2, second shop to the right. heya!
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    Selling: Uber Armors (L)

    Unloading some of my limited armors. Atm sentinel and shadow parts. Both male and female. More armors coming soon. Placed in shopkeeper inside Emerald Lakes Mall, floor 2, second shop to the right. Enjoy!
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    Buying: Buying CLDs

    Buying CLDs @ 1400 ped Hit me with a PM or add me ingame /Krimanji Krimey Groening
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    Selling: Chronicle M (6 parts)

    Selling/Trading this fine piece of armor. Gloves are L, rest is UL. Lots of monies spent tiering it, Tiers are ranging from 2.7 to 3.5. Price 45k Trades possibe, Items of interest: CLD, High dmg handguns (X5, Smugglers, HL, L4 etc). Hit me with a PM if you have an offer.
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    Selling: Unique Svempa T15 UL

    Selling the one of a kind UL Svempa T15. Tier 6.8. at 84.1 old school dps (with dante) it places just between the HL14 and HL15. 118.4 dps fully enhanced. Maxed at level 34. Price +27k, tt is 5.5-6k-ish. /krmy
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    Selling: Dps for mayhem? CB26 Tier 6.8 for sale.

    SOLD! If anyone is interested in placing in the top10 in Cat 2 this year I might be selling my CB26. Tier 6.8 atm, could turn 6.9 soon. 139.2 old school dps with evil (not included) + enhancers. 55 meter range. Maxed at level 39. Asking +38k. TT at minimum. Might be available for rental...
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    Selling: Trading UL X5 for CLDs or Imp Fap

    Since I don't play much nowadays I am looking to trade my Tier 7.0 Unlimited X5. Price is ~80k total. Accepting peds, clds, imp fap. Hiho!
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    Selling: Phantom (M) and Ghost (M)

    Edit: Phantom sold! Have ghost for sale. Hit me with offers. Ghost comes without feet. /krmy
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    Selling: Esis in bulk. 587 ped total.

    Selling some esis. 587 ped total. 191 ped, 161 ped, + small ones (10-20 ped) 3700 ped total ~630% hiho!
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    Selling: Unlimited HL15 T5.6

    SOLD! Need peds for possible upgrade. Tier 5.6 TT+40k Hiho.
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    Selling: Deino Lodge (Medusa Shop)

    Taking offers on this shop located at the small scip revival on medusa island. 50 indoor points and 12 in display area. Price 8k ped. Or item/cld trades. Items of intrest: Mayhem, Angel, Lion, Tiger, Jaguar, Salamander, ML, HL8, cb24, a204, etc. PM me with offers. /krmy
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    Buying: Gigantium Sign (PC)

    Need one outside my shop. Let me know if you have one for sale. /Krmy
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    Buying: Chron/Vain/Sentinel Male (L)

    Hey y'all! Trying to find these Limited parts: Chronicle Shins (L) Vain Helmet (L) Vain feet (L) Vain gloves (L) Sentinel arms (L) Sentinel shins (L) Sentinel feet (L) Let me know if you have any! /Krmy
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    Selling: Shadow Parts Male

    Hey! Have some parts for sale Shadow Harness M T1.x +7999 Shadow Arms M T1.x +5999 Shadow Helmet M T1.x +5999 Sentinel Harness M T0.9 +8999 Available at my shop in Emerald Lakes Mall Floor 2, shop 12. Close to tp. /Krimey
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    Selling: Full Shadow M

    Set is no longer a set. Closed! /Krimey
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    Info: I have an idea...

    Hey ya'll! Don't know if anyone have thought of this before, but wouldn't it be cool to be able to let people grind missions for you? Let's say i wanna have the atrox mission reward, but i don't want to do it myself, because i am too lazy. Then I could just make some kind of order in a mission...
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    Buying: Buying ML35

    Need some range. Paying +10k hao! /krmy
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    Selling: Trading: Teleport chip V for Teleport chip III.

    Looking to trade my teleport chip V for a III. Might add a couple of ped. Let me know if you're interested /Krimey
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    Selling: Trading Sentinel Harness (M) / Medusa shop

    Looking to trade/sell my Sentinel Harness M and Medusa shop located at Small scip revive (Deino Lodge) Items of intrest: Mainly Camo Arms series and ML35/45. Could also be interested in other crap. Give me offers by PM. Thanks /Krimey
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    Discovery: Gosubusagi Blood Sample

    My first discovery. (and probably my only) Ath a couple of days ago and now this? High five lol!
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    ATH: 43201 Ped Rextelum

    Don't really know what to say... AMAGADROLF*CK!11!! Didn't think it ever would happen, but it kinda did. Thanks to myself for grinding since 06. NOW OFF TO SPEND IT ALL ON MISSION TOKENZ LOL!
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    Buying: Phantom parts (M)

    Hey y'all! I´m searching for untiered phantom parts (M). Mainly Arms, Thighs, Gloves and Feet. Hook me up! /Krimey