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  1. Jet Black

    New CND? How does it look like?

    Can't log in. Please post random screenies of new cnd to see how it is like now :tower:
  2. Jet Black

    Is your system capable of running EU?

    With the new specs released. How many of you will be able to run and enjoy the new CE2? I think laptop users in general will be most harmed due to lack of graphics capability on common laptops. My system can hardly reach minimum specs. :rolleyes: But a new rig is unavoidable sooner or later. :)
  3. Jet Black

    Brazil! The Champion!

    !!:wtg::wtg::wtg:BRAZIL :wtg::wtg::wtg:!! Champion of 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup! :yay::yay::yay::yay: Congratulations to all fans world wide! :yay::yay::yay::yay:
  4. Jet Black

    VU 10.0 twenty years from now

    :D VVpulhO3jyc
  5. Jet Black

    What if EU was NOT RCE?

    but a monthly payment game. Would it be a better game? More fun to play? far larger player base? OR already dead for years now? I really like EU setting and gameplay without the magic and wizards like other mmos,but I find the RCE preventing me the average player from a better EU...
  6. Jet Black

    ESI Scammer on the loose

    Earlier tonight I was approached by a person from the La Faction Sativa society. She said that her husband wants her to quit the game and that she wants to give me all her skills and items (lots of armors and weapons) for FREE! all I had to do? is to give her an ESI so she could load the skills...
  7. Jet Black

    Jet Black your Love Mentor

    Tired of being a wimp when it comes to women?:rolleyes: Tired of getting ditched when you think you've got everything under control?:rolleyes: Tired of getting rejected all the time?:rolleyes: Well get your game together and join the winning team,stop looking at women pixels with fat men...