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  1. Dessa

    Selling: [Imperial HAZEN Arm Guards (F)]

    Hi. Selling [Imperial HAZEN Arm Guards (F)] SB 2500, BO 3000k
  2. Dessa

    Buying: EWE EP-40 Mercenary, Modified

    Interested in buying EWE EP-40 Mercenary, Modified. :tiphat:
  3. Dessa

    Achievement: Compiled achievements

    After MA announced the introduction of Codex and end of Iron missions I decided to grind hardcore and finnish of some missions. :sweat: Along the way I reached some milestones. Reached first lvl 100 in a profession. Unlocked quickness, Mindforce Harmony and Force merge. Gained 400k skills and...
  4. Dessa

    HoF: Mayhem luck 7170 ped Zombie

    Had some luck last days in Mayhem. Got this nice Zombie on Friday. Was a relief for my low pedcard after being drained last weeks :yay: Followed by a 1500 ped Zombie on Saturday/Sundaynight after deciding to do a last run before sleep :cool: GLHF all :tiphat:
  5. Dessa

    Buying: Perfected Ares

    Considering buying a Perfected ares ring. Pm, post or add me ingame :tiphat:
  6. Dessa

    Achievement: 350k Skills

    Reached another milestone in my entropian life. Got hooked on Entropia again and been skilling some lately. Also reached 270 hp. I had a break from 2017 and when I came back they nerfed skills giving health so I suddenly was above 250 hp so missed out on that too :scratch: Next is 300 HP :cool:
  7. Dessa

    Selling: Eudoracell & Pills

    Eudoracell Selling some stuff. Eudoracell rabbit. BO. 200 ped Also have 4 Whiskers and some other rare pets. Dont remember wich atm. Also alot of other pets . Just post or pm :tiphat:
  8. Dessa

    HoF: Last hour 1255 ped HoF

    Was in my last hour of a Mayhem run. I was abit down since I had crashed 6 min before second last Warlock and lost some points there. But then luck smiled to me and Lootius sent me this nice and sorely needed HoF. My first in 20 hour of Mayhem and first over 300 I think. Also droped me a 1000...
  9. Dessa

    Selling: Omegaton M83 Predator, Mod Hedoc, RX2 (M)

    Considering selling and taking offers: Items might be part of trade. Omegaton M83 Predator tier 8.7 SB 30k - BO 35k Tier cost around 20k (30k bid) SOLD. Modified Hedoc tier 2.9 SB 25k - BO 30k Tier cost around 5k SOLD. RX2 M tier 1, most parts at 1.9 SB 11k...
  10. Dessa

    Uber: Adjusted Hedoc Mayhem

    Finally got some luck after having some not so nice returns so far in MM :xmas: Still this loot wont cover my losses so far but hoping more uberloots will pop up along the way :broke::whiner::saint: First I thought it was just a small hof since I only saw global value. Didnt notice I got the...
  11. Dessa

    Selling: Meckel & Loch ML-45 tier 4

    Selling my Meckel & Loch ML-45. Shoot me an offer! BO 5k
  12. Dessa

    Achievement: Killstrike, Medical therapy, 100 Agility & 300k skills!

    After alot of hardcore skilling I Finally unlocked Killstrike today.:yay: On the way I also unlocked Medical therapy. Was so busy skilling that I didnt notice it at first before I suddenly noticed some skillgains I couldnt recognize :p On Friday evening I hit 300k of skills. I also reached...
  13. Dessa

    Selling: Male Gremlin Tier II, Ghost without Feet Tier I

    Selling these 2 armors since I have upgraded and dont really use them anymore. Gremlin Sold Ghost Bo tt+150 or best bid. Most parts close to tier be rdy for tier II. Pm here,ingame or post in thread .:tiphat:
  14. Dessa

    Buying: RX Optac x2 Harness,thigh & shins (Male)

    Buying Rx Optac x2 Harness, Thigh and shins Male
  15. Dessa

    HoF: 5262 Ped Eomon!

    Was working on my eomon mission and talking with wife on phone, was pretty shocked when this one popped up :yay: My biggest HoF in tt value so far. Was not much interesting in it. Sharpnel, ammo , (L) sword. But still nice:dunce: Got so shocked so I didnt manage to get screenie so I needed to...
  16. Dessa

    FYI: RX-Unit Beta

    We managed to track and hunt down the RX-unit in PvP4 after we saw him globaling inside the zone. We had a team of 5 ppl Me , Linzey, Nika, Elle and Lola After some hard fights with him we managed to loot him with a surpisingly nice bathc of loot:handgun: :eyecrazy: Was in quite a shock when...
  17. Dessa

    Uber: HoF at Takuta Plateau Landgrab with UL Slugstorm

    Got this nice spider during Landgrab at Takuta Plateau :yay: Was hunting some spiders since BA or anyone else hadnt got themselfes out of bed to fight us :silly2: Stumbled over this baby spider.. 517 ped hof containing some tt stuff, a Isis Project Zero-Four (L) + a nice surprise UL...
  18. Dessa

    FYI: Ex Cons Landgrab recruitment

    After Ex Cons finally won land again in landgrab after much struggling and long battles. We want to recruit more pk active men and women to help us defend our land! Come join the fun and a soc with a long history, a soc of honor and of many great men and women! Please apply trough our soc web...
  19. Dessa

    Ex Cons won Landgrab!

    After many hours of hard fighting, having lost one Landgrab battle earlier same evening, and claim being reset shifting ownership several times Ex Cons Finally managed to claim LA2 from CCCP. Thanks alot to all who helped us! And thanks for a good fight CCCP. GG!:bandit:
  20. Dessa

    HoF: 1675 Levis

    Fat little levis :bandit:
  21. Dessa

    HoF: 2591 Scipulor young :)

    Its been a while since last time, but finally a sprinkle of luck for a poor Ex Con :bandit: My biggest solo so far :yay: Items is imp LR53 (L) and HL8 (L) and both are for sale, just drop me a pm if interested. (no impressive tier rates)
  22. Dessa

    Buying: Jungle stalker, ML-45 or ML-35

    Im considering buying one of these. Havent decided yet wich one. But if you have one to sell pm me please :cool:
  23. Dessa

    Selling: Merry Mayhem helmet M

    Considering selling my precious Merry Mayhem helmet ( Male ). Starbid: 7k Buyout:8k Please pm or post offers. :pimp: (Peds are prefered , but Im open for suggestions. )
  24. Dessa

    HoF: 2199 ped Frescoquda

    Finally found a good loot along my way. My best hunting loot so far :yay: Was looking for a lr66 but not complaining:cool:
  25. Dessa

    Selling: Selling: Reworked Infiltrator Harness M,L

    Im considering selling this nice piece of armor. Please pm or post with ur offers.