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  1. zero wolve kool

    Hey Hey =) thanks for the xmas & new year wishes, sorry for no reply havent been online since...

    Hey Hey =) thanks for the xmas & new year wishes, sorry for no reply havent been online since begginging december =( But a merry Chrissy and new year to you =) Hopefully see you all very soon as soon as optus decides to connect my internet ...
  2. zero wolve kool

    Sweating Competition

    Ok I apologize to all who are looking forward to this event, but the rules have changed it does make the competition a little different but the concept is still the same. Please check out the first post of this thread for the changes, or Event Section.
  3. zero wolve kool

    Sweating Competition

    lol... show me.. :)
  4. zero wolve kool

    Sweating Competition

    Excellent suggestion, I knew most ppl would hit top pull easily, and yes it is run by timeframe the first to pull the max amount wins the round, also I luv CozMoDan suggestion and will be editing the rules soon. If there is no objection from CozMoDan :) Will keep this thread and the event page...
  5. zero wolve kool

    Sweating Competition

    Objective Its all about what the mob drops, the idea of the event is to sweat a mob and if you think you have the biggest sweat pulls, take a screenshot and if your screenshot has the biggest pulls you win the round. Each round is worth 50PED and Competition will last for 7 days. Rules...
  6. zero wolve kool

    You know you are addicted to PE when:

    OMG this happened to me... I had to catch a cab to work today cause i slept in... 38 bucks the first thing that came to mind when the taxi driver told me the price was 380PED I was dirty that could have been a good run... I ashamed....
  7. zero wolve kool

    Strangest Global/Hof

    Love the drama, nice one and grats
  8. zero wolve kool

    NextGen Stalkers, bums?

    lol good example Are you high on something?..... Or .... dont matter..
  9. zero wolve kool

    Why solid Trees?

    trees work now? :scratch2: damm that means that i have to watch where im going now.....
  10. zero wolve kool

    Pet Pyramid Challenge

    lol.... :clap:
  11. zero wolve kool

    hungry hungry hippos... :)

    hungry hungry hippos... :)
  12. zero wolve kool

    What is your PE monthly budget?

    lol thats how I think about it.... But my monthly budget is around $300 per month.... Depends on a lot of factors but its around that much.
  13. zero wolve kool

    Can PE recover from resellers?

    I think from the word go PE/EU has been a rich mans game. Without a capped deposit structure, it will always be a rich mans domain. To relate the above think of it like this.... Why do sporting leagues like soccer/rugby/basketball have salary caps? To avoid one team who happens to have a hell...
  14. zero wolve kool

    Show your highest skills

    Ahhh my bad :ahh: will fix it tonight when i get home...
  15. zero wolve kool

    beacon questions

    In answer to your question, sorry dont know... But Id thought i say grats on your finds :yay:
  16. zero wolve kool

    Show your highest skills

    Damm how embarrasing dont know how to do a thumbnail and i couldnt work it out... damm beers. My top 7 skills are: Laser Weapons Tech: 3631 Riffle: 3364 Anatomy: 3189 Marksmanshihp: 2622 Weapons Handling: 2417 Inflict Ranged Damage: 1494 Handgun: 1456 Ill put a thumbnail when i work it out...
  17. zero wolve kool


    I think "grats" whether it be correct abbreviation or not has been taken over by chat room slang "gratz". Kind of like "pls" which could mean anything but mainly used for "please" is more commonly slanged as "plz". Personally I cant stand when people slamm the "z" key. Ive seen people both in...
  18. zero wolve kool

    The Hunting Matrix

    Lol you could have something here... Im listening...
  19. zero wolve kool

    Credit Card deposit is not working

    I get that as well but I just try again untill it goes through... 95% of the time I deposit I get that error then I just do it again and again untill it works.... Never had duplicate deposits so I just think its some sort of problem with never tried to deposit in game, cause i cant be...
  20. zero wolve kool

    Where does the money from missed shots end up ?

    I agree with this, either the server processes the shot or not if its not lag, then its packet loss, if the server registers the shot its not packet loss which makes me wonder who/what/why and how?
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    Housewarming party - open invite

    What makes you think Im a guy?
  22. zero wolve kool

    Housewarming party - open invite

    Yep mee too, Gratz on your purchase
  23. zero wolve kool

    Help: i got hacked :(

    Nooooooooo :( Have you submitted a support case to MA? Did you have a gold card? This worries me as well even tho i have a gold card I still think accounts can or may be cracked
  24. zero wolve kool

    After One Month of Playing

    What i like about this game is the many comments posted by fellow entropians on this thread... smoerble has an extremely good point that totally relates to me, i have a rl job, and family commitments dont allow me to do 16-20 hours of play per day... So if I want to get ahead paying extra is...
  25. zero wolve kool

    Question: Res chip

    Damm, that stinks... All the good functions get taken away