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    Universal ammo from Merry Mayhem

    Has anyone received universal ammo from Merry Mayhem or do I need to submit a support case?
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    Selling: Great gun for Longtooth hunting

    Ranked FlameThrower Tier 6.7 Selling this beautiful weapon after my recent upgrade. Here is some interesting info on this weapon: Great for skilling ranged blp with 67 attacks per minute Great for skilling evade with a range of 16.5 meters 50% damage over time so damage continues...
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    Selling: Ranked FlameThrower Tier 6.7

    Selling this beautiful weapon after my recent upgrade. Here is some interesting info on this weapon: Great for skilling ranged blp with 67 attacks per minute Great for skilling evade with a range of 16.5 meters 50% damage over time so damage continues while you heal Maxed at level 39 blp Cool...
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    Technology Investigator

    I noticed since yesterday there is a new profession Technology Investigator and a new skill scan technology does anyone have any information on this. Did I miss something in an update? Just found out it was introduced in 2011 and is used when scanning vehicles Thanks Oleg
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    Selling: Bulk sale Lacerating attack nanochips

    Selling: 7 Level 1 total tt value 19.32 9 Level 2 total tt value 57.72 2 Level 3 total tt value 19.36 Total tt value of all chips 96.40 First person with 110 ped gets them all PM me here or look me up in game Ashley Audison Kartunes
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    Selling: Lacerating Attack Nanochip II (20)

    Selling 20 lacerating attack nanochip II TT Total: 117.86 ped Selling price: 140 ped Great package for anyone who wants to skill cryogenics Great package for any one on a small mob mission Contact me by PM on the forum I will get back to you as soon as I can work is very busy at the moment...
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    Replace me?

    Take a look at my black paint in storage. Yes that is it it says replace me :eek: Not sure waht to do with this one as I asked my soc mates and no one slse has this even though they have black paint.
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    Access to apartments

    If apartments are coming at a later time should I empty out my apartment now? waht will happen if i leave items in my apartment. I hope they dont get lost. It is ok if i dont have access to items in my aprtment for a short time but i would not like it if I sont have access for a couple of...
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    How long will EU be down (poll)

    How long will EU be down while the convert to VU10.0? funny responses welcome :D Keep reading and post your guess in hours to win 15500 efd Ok I have 15500 efd so far. It will go to the winner along with any other efd donated between now and sunday. If there are multiple winners the prize...
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    Uber: Uber MA103

    Decided to make a few amps so I can go back to LA19 where I found Dunkel and Binary and this is what happened. :woot:
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    Uber: This is my biggest find mining

    This one was fun and only took 63 minutes to get out of the ground. A special thanks to my soc mate Cyco for telling me where to mine belkar ;) I am not going to hide the location and I am sure that I will make the LA owner happy :yay::yay: The way I look at it is why shouldnt the LA...
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    HoF: Nice Fresco

    Now this is the way to start a hunt :D Just oil but it pays for the hunt. :yay:
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    Positive ideas for LG 2010

    Some like the Alliance some don't and those opinions are not going to change. I think all will agree that some changes make sense going into the next land grab. what I would like to see here are positive ideas for LG 2010. If we post positive ideas MA/FPC may listen to our ideas and more people...
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    Land area info

    I would like to be able to click on a land area on the map and find out what kind of mobs and settings the land area has. I think this would benefit both the owners and players. Editing post to add ideas from others: Einstein: Dynamic modifiable ingame map Rayne: Based on current information...
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    Emik T10

    I would like to know the current price on the Emik T10 UL
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    Hogg hunt with friends

    Had a nice hunt with some friends. Two LR48, nice to see some items.
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    Achievement: Combat sense

    I dont feel like I have any more sense (still playing the game):D. But according to my skills I now have combat sense. Took a long time but I am happy to finally have it. This was the last of my goals for 2008 not sure what the goals for 2009 will or can be. Thanks to MA for the 3x skills. :yay:
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    Selling: Reilly boots Bp 79.7 QR

    I am selling my Reilly Boots bp as mention in the title the QR is 79.7 Starting bid is 2400 ped Buyout is 3000 ped The auction will run until November 8th at 22:00 MA time unless it is purchased at the buyout price before that This print has been good to me but I have moved away from the...
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    HoF: Great Tree

    Tried Hoggs, poor loot. Tried chompers, couldnt kill them solo. So decided to bash a couple trees and this was the second one :D The gun is a full tt HL12L The launcher is a full tt Vumpoor :D:D:D:D:D
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    HoF: Trees

    Nice tree gave me 233 ped :D
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    Achievement: Finally: 70 agility

    Took 2 years and 4 months: :yay:
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    Cant log in at Nea's

    Server down-Cant log in at Nea's I locked up at Nea's while sweating so I tried to relog and now I cant get in. anyone else having a problem at Nea's?
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    VU Luck

    Is it possible for an avatar to have an unlucky VU. Have you experienced this at any time. Would like to hear your opinions on this. Of course most of us are too addicted to stop even if we see the pattern. Please add any additional comments.
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    Cool swirles

    Nice capture of the swirles :D
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    This longu was nice enough to give me a 64 ped ESI :yay::yay::yay: