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  1. Darth-Lomme

    Selling: Selling some M clothing

    EU has grown more and more apart from me, so ive decided to sell some stuff. Centurion coat: SB+6.5k BO +8k Leather Duster coat: SB +5k BO: +7k Malachai Ash: SB: +5.5k BO +7k Please send me a PM if you would like to make an offer. This wont be an auction thingy, where I sell it after 5 days...
  2. Darth-Lomme

    Selling: As 129

    Voi! Allright, Im selling my beauty of a AS 129 weapon. SB : +8.5k BO:9.5k Lost my patience, so put the gun in auc.. Its out for two days. go go !
  3. Darth-Lomme

    Buying: As 129

    Hola! Im currently looking for an AS 129. So if anyone got in stock, and wanna sell, please gimem a call, and we agree on a suitable price =) tata! :wtg:
  4. Darth-Lomme

    Buying: Leather duster coat

    Allright, Im interested in buying a leather duster coat (M). So if anyone got one for sale? Please feel free to PM me your price, and Ill think about it =) If the right price comes straight up, ill buy it straight away =)
  5. Darth-Lomme

    Keylogger warning!

    Moderators put this thread where it belong, cause I dont know. Allright folks, just wanna put out a warning about a person in EU who goes around and chat with people, asking them if they got Yahoo messenger etc. I was standing in Zeus today when this person "Adonise Elize Marbrot" commes up to...
  6. Darth-Lomme

    SELLING log part 8

    Looted the log part 8 thingy today, got no clue about price or anything. So Pm me with a bid or something. The one with highest bid on saturday will win the "auction" =P
  7. Darth-Lomme

    Vain (M) Arm guards for sale!

    Selling a piece of Vain (M) armguards! asking price is +12k. But please just make an offer for it and we can discuss it =) give pm or just post in here
  8. Darth-Lomme

    Another diciple graduated, and what a gift!

    Here the other day my young diciple Xcite24 managed to graduate, all excited about what I gonna get this time as a mentor gift, last one was pretty useless in an EP-17 Bodyguard ment ed. But this time i really have to admit... Click to enlarge This thing blew me right off! :yay: :yay: :yay...
  9. Darth-Lomme

    What a week !

    HOFs gone crazy! I had a run at the longuz near Akoz LA where hit this one. Click to enlarge Continued my run in there and got a 117 global as well =) Now the things started to dry up and the loot became horrible. So i decided to pack my things and head up for cnd for a little run. And...