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  1. buster2008

    Account locked

    Well apparently my account got locked for some reason sent MA a support case. I was just on 2 hours ago and I lost connection and I had some stuff to do so I did not log back in right away and now I have been locked from my account???? MA got back to me with "We will strive to respond to you...
  2. buster2008

    video card crashing

    I was wondering if someone can help me with an issue I am having with my video card crashing quite frequently with this new update. It did happen before new update but now it is every 5 minutes or less. I have updated the driver and that did not help. Maybe it is in the settings but i have no...
  3. buster2008

    Clad tower

    Oops Cald Equipment used OF-105 no amp
  4. buster2008

    35k Lyst

    I got this last night and im still in shock. I thought I would treat myself yesterday and picked up a OA-103 and this happened :yay: finder was a 105 and amp was 103