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  1. Rvalldrgg

    Uber: Adapted loot

    One click of Adapted UR125 (L) last night resulted in a big loot. My largest uber in crafting, and second largest loot over all 3 categories (solo, have had few larger in teams hunting)! (Bp was Emine E(L), if anyone's wondering. Gave away when sold the lucky fap.)
  2. Rvalldrgg

    FYI: RT Grenade Launcher Glitch

    On Rocktropia (probably the last update) you are now able to buy a new weapon, the "Grenade Launcher NGL-1" from the technician under weapons. After buying 10 I tried selling a few back to make a different purchase, but I found out the 20ped is non-refundable at the TT. THEY ARE UNTRADEABLE
  3. Rvalldrgg

    Uber: Abrer Laser Sight, 6k, on video

    I've gotten a 6k Abrer crafting uber (and a 2k later on, a few hours later), with the 6k on video! Edit: Fullscreen and full quality is more than enough to see the video clearly.
  4. Rvalldrgg

    Uber: A vast finding of Gazzurdite

    Found a Vast (XXI) Gazzurdite early in the morning this morning. I was about to go to bed, but I don't think I'll be able to now :D
  5. Rvalldrgg

    Uber: Birthday Tower

    A day before my 21st birfday I was just doing some mining in 8 coins around the Windy Isles and found this: And also I snagged this picture: Kinda off topic, isn't this where PigBenis hit his 28k veda, or around that area? Mining around the windy isles, you say? That's a bit down south...
  6. Rvalldrgg

    Arthur Oak Table

    Just got an Arthur Oak Table on Chomper with Mamie Tooty Ricici. Decade MU says +282, but it varies on entropedia. Would anyone have any clue as to what this table would be worth?
  7. Rvalldrgg

    Your xmas list

    The only think that should be on EVERYONE's xmas list is THIS!
  8. Rvalldrgg

    Achievement: 100k Skills

    Got over the 100k mark today, about 10 minutes ago :P Been playing for 3.5 years :D
  9. Rvalldrgg

    Traeskeron Skin

    I looted 4 skins a while ago from Traeskeron, worth 1.20 ped. In auction it says 250%, but that was a while ago. I wanted to know if they were worth anything more?
  10. Rvalldrgg

    Achievement: 60 Agility

    Was doing the Eviscerator mission, but those pesky Hiryuu were getting in the way, and I found out I was "doing" the Hiryuu mission at the same time the Eviscerators :P On to 61 Agility! And 70 :D
  11. Rvalldrgg

    Schmelly Fanny

  12. Rvalldrgg

    Guinness Book 2012

    I thought it was worth mentioning Entropia Universe has again been spotted in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most expensive virtual item sold... "Item" sold. It was SEE buying Calypso for $6 million in December of 2010.
  13. Rvalldrgg

    random image test

    it works! Move along, nothing to see here.
  14. Rvalldrgg

    Bit of a problem

    ^That happens when I attempt to load Entropia. I double-click on Entropia, and ^that pops up. Do I need to delete and install Entropia all over again? Or does anyone know of any way to quickly fix the problem? (note: cannot even get to the client loader. Error pops up before the loader.)
  15. Rvalldrgg

    Achievement: Blueprint Comprehension :D

    Finally got it! ...brownie points if you can guess where i am just by the location above the radar :P
  16. Rvalldrgg

    Achievement: Extraction

    Extraction unlocked...maybe BPC next? :P
  17. Rvalldrgg

    Happy Festivus!

    One day late, but Happy Festivus! You've all disappointed me this year!
  18. Rvalldrgg

    Discovery: Corrosive Strike Chip V(L)

    Teaming with Jordan Arkon Fultz. The stats and a value pic:
  19. Rvalldrgg

    HoF: Tiny Hof

    128 pedder of Alferix...#98 on hof board for about 30 seconds, soon replaced by a 129. It's a hof, and i'll take it.
  20. Rvalldrgg

    Uber: Massive find, I'm UBER excited

    I found a massive amount of cumbriz... ...HUZZAH!!! :D trifecta of ubers in mining, hunting, and crafting is now complete! As well...used Of-105 + OA-107 to find @ OLA 64.
  21. Rvalldrgg

    I'm a banana

    ...umm... ...yah...
  22. Rvalldrgg

    Happy Birthday to me

    Happy Birfday to me, I live in a tree, I look like a ...............bumblebee? and bumblebees even smell like anything? nectar, maybe? or honey? :D oh, and i'm 19 today...well, it's still today for me, the 22nd...17 minutes till the 23rd :D so juuuust on time Edit: In celebration of...
  23. Rvalldrgg

    Blondie's Magnificent Flying...Killing Machine

    So, my soc mate made me goto Port Atlantis...and i had no idea she'd be making me commit suicide... soo...i made a video of the event (it said it was going to be 1080p...but i guess not) it should be right below this few sentences...
  24. Rvalldrgg

    Uber: First crafting, second total :D

    I've gotten myself an awesome little Uber :D (2nd crafting hof overall, 2nd uber overall (first was hispidus)) :D I'm positively bouncing in my seat!
  25. Rvalldrgg

    Need to find: David DavvvvE Eriksson

    I need to find David DavvvvE Eriksson. My friend murat EQUA DORUS accidentally did a bid of 3,000 ped+ on 44 gazzurdite ingots, when he meant only about 40 or so. Please help me find Dave D.E., please. EDIT: Also, if anyone finds David, EQUA says he'll give you some sort of monetary reward...