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  1. Gionni Gunsy

    Selling: Shadow Foot Male (UL)

    Selling Shadow Foot Male (UL), No Trades, PED only, PM me YOUR OFFER.
  2. Gionni Gunsy

    Selling: Meckel & Loch ML-45

    Selling Meckel & Loch ML-45. PM me you offer. Serious offers only, No Trades, PED only.
  3. Gionni Gunsy

    Selling: UL Shadow (M) & UL Angel Harness (M)

    UL Shadow (M) & UL Angel Harness (M) & Meckel & Loch ML-45 Currently have the following items for sale. PM me with YOUR OFFER if interested. No Trades, PEDs only please. UL SHADOW (M) Foot Tier 1.29 Looking for 3.5K OBO (In-Game Auction) UL ANGEL (M) Harness Tier 4.59 Looking for 4K OBO...
  4. Gionni Gunsy

    FYI: Important Tax Info (The Freaking Cold Place)

    Please be advised, I will be doing some testing and studying on Land Area Tax. During this time period the taxes will be adjusted from the max of 10% - 0%. If you enter the LA and see a high tax, do not be alarmed, probably dont hunt or mine during that time. It will go back down to the low of...
  5. Gionni Gunsy

    Selling: The Freaking Cold Place

    Update: Placed on auction, starting bid 75K. Super cheap, priced to sell. Unfortunately I might have to sell due to some RL issues. Land Area: The Freaking Cold Place!(1919, 5159). 1x Merp DNA 2x Argonaut DNA Shed is included. Custom name and global message. Shopkeeper pad and personal...
  6. Gionni Gunsy

    Win 1,000 PEDs !

    October 7th 1700 @ That Freaking Cold Place (19197,51591). 1st Place 1,000 PEDs. 2 Hours of non-stop hunting (HSL Wins). Argonaut Scout - Leaders / Merps Alpha - Stalkers. Grind away for your Argonaut and Merp Bronze and Gold Missions while winning PEDs! All globals count towards Big...
  7. Gionni Gunsy

    Mid - Big Argonauts and Merps! Weekly HSL event.

    HSL & ML Mobs: Agronaut (Scouts - Leaders) Merps (Alpha - Stalkers) When: Saturdays 1700-1800 (HSL) Register in-game. All globals count towards all Big Industries Land Area events. Always high density.
  8. Gionni Gunsy

    Event creation question?

    Ive created an event on EntropiaLife. I can see that a specific number of participants have joined but, i can not see who they are. Is this normal? Can i just see who they are as they begin to global?
  9. Gionni Gunsy

    The Tax Collector

    The Tax Collector Win 10% of taxes collected for the month Most Globals Wins Mobs: Agronaut Scouts - Leaders & Merp Alpha - Stalkers (Occasional Mod Merp) Event Starts: August 1st Event Ends: August 31st Location: 1915, 5161 "The Freaking Cold Place" Rules: The rules are simple. Register at...
  10. Gionni Gunsy

    Edit Mob Locations

    Anyone know if it is possible to edit the creature locations these days? Ive attempted numerous times and it doesnt seem to update, or perhaps I am doing it wrong?
  11. Gionni Gunsy

    Free - HSL - Big Merps & Big Argronauts

    Free Highest Single Loot Mobs: Agronaut (Scouts - Leaders) Merps (Alpha - Stalkers) When: Saturdays 1700-1830 Sundays 1800-1930 Register in-game. All globals count towards all Big Industries Land Area events. Dont forget to register for the Tax Collector. Earn 10% of this Land...
  12. Gionni Gunsy

    Big Merps or Big Argonaut?

    I'm currently in debate on either adding Big Argonauts to my Big Merp LA, or replacing my Big Merps with Big Argonaut. Thoughts and opinions are appreciated.. I am a fan of having both mobs. There are a few regular hunters on That Freaking Cold Place, I do not wish to ruin their experience but I...
  13. Gionni Gunsy

    Bigger Merps Please !!!!!!

    We need more mobs! If we cant get more mobs can we please get a better variety of maturities? I propose we work the Merps first. Please oh please, the Mod Merp is awesome but, it rarely spawns. If we can please just get some more maturities available life would be amazing. Elites-Queens can...
  14. Gionni Gunsy

    Insane Merps w/ Mod Merp Bonus

    MOST LOOT WINS w/ MOD MERP BONUS Saturday April 15th @ 2000-2100 That Freaking Cold Place Land Area Marker @ Lon: 19192 x Lat: 51597 Biggest Global so far: Mod Merp 3 934 PED Tue, 14 Mar 2017 15:18:47 Prizes 1st Place: 100 PEDs 2nd Place: 75 PEDs 3rd Place: 50 PEDs Anyone who globals a Mod...
  15. Gionni Gunsy

    Buying: Letomie Parts

    Still looking to buy Letomie Parts. Check you inventory, check your storage. I want to bring this mob back to life!
  16. Gionni Gunsy

    That Freaking Cold Place

    Mobs: Agronaut (Scouts - Leaders) Merps (Alpha - Stalkers) Mining: Ores: Langotz, Zanerium, Gold, Cumbriz, Narcanisum, Belkar, Lanorium EnMatters: Angelic Grit, Force Nexus, Acid Root, Growth Molecules Biggest Global so far: Mod Merp 3 934 PED Tue, 14 Mar 2017 15:18:47 Look for...
  17. Gionni Gunsy

    High Maturity Merps?

    Merp LA ? Is a dedicated Merp LA needed??? If so what maturity? Please vote.... And will you ever hunt on a Merp LA ?
  18. Gionni Gunsy

    Buying: Sabakuma Scales

    Buying Sabakuma Scales. Hopefully they still exist... PM me if you have some.
  19. Gionni Gunsy

    Buying: DNA Samples Needed/Wanted

    DNA Samples / Parts Needed Looking for DNA Samples. Dig deep, I know some of you have stuff in your storage you forgot about and want to give up. Please PM me with what you have and asking price. Letomi or Fresc parts would be greatly appreciated
  20. Gionni Gunsy

    OLA# 50 Big Neconus

    OLA# 50 Merps, Neconu, Mining (Medium Maturity and Low Density) Great for mining also. Plenty of space to run free of mobs. Going through some LA changes. The LA currently has Mid Maturity Neconu and Low Maturity Merps. Still messing with some settings and mob choice. Mining is back...
  21. Gionni Gunsy

    OLA# 50 Highest Single Loot Weekly Events

    Neconu Dominant - Stalkers "Highest Single Loot" What: Highest Single Loot Wins. Where: OLA#50 (1919, 5159). When: Every Wed, Sat & Sun @2000 EU Time. (Register in-game event system) Free to participate, Free to win! Bring your Team, bring your Healer, bring Yourself!!
  22. Gionni Gunsy

    Neconu Highest Single Loot Wins (500 PEDs)

    Neconu Dominant - Stalkers "Highest Single Loot" What: Highest Loot Wins Where: OLA#50 (1919, 5159) When: November 20th @ 2000-2100 PRIZES 1st Place: 150 PEDs 2nd Place: 50 PEDs 3rd Place: 25 PEDs Register in game through event listings or at land marker (1919, 5159) OLA# 50 The...
  23. Gionni Gunsy

    OLA#50 Not Listed

    I was attempting to create an event on Entropia Life / Tracker and on Step 3 I had to use a drop down menu to select my Land Area. OLA#50 or similar was not listed. I closed out that page instead of canceling the event. Now my event is not listed but my credits were charged (Like $20)? I would...
  24. Gionni Gunsy

    Most Loot Wins Neconu Nov12th

    Neconu Alpha - Stalkers "Silly Ankle Biters" FREE FREE FREE ITS TOTALLY FREE Who: Everyone with a weapon is invited!! What: Most Loot Wins. Prowlers & Stalkers Where: OLA#50 (1919, 5159) When: November 12th @ 1500 - 1630 PRIZES 1st Place: 300 PEDs 2nd Place: 200 PEDs 3rd Place: 100...
  25. Gionni Gunsy

    Buying: Buying DNA Parts

    Looking for DNA Completed Samples or any Parts to any mobs, anyone? Please PM me with what you have and asking price.