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  1. silas

    Buying: Ozpyn RSB S1X2

    Hello all. Looking to buy Ozpyn RSB S1X2. Preferebly untiered, since i wont be using tiers. PM me what you got :) Cheers
  2. silas

    Daily missions (bonus)

    Hey all. Is it just me or has the Daily bonus missions become extremely rare, or do they even still excist? :scratch2: I havent had a bonus mission in over 2 months now, checking almost daily. Cheers
  3. silas

    Question: Afk. Hunting

    Hello all. Maybe most of you allready know about this, but i only just discovered this recently comming to Cyrene. I found these mob spawns, fairly public located, where people are AFK hunting. Yes where people are hunting while not near theyr computer. The mobs spawn at the exact same spot...
  4. silas

    Auto loot not working

    Hello all. Loot colection pill not working for me atm. I consumed it but its not looting. Anyone else having same problem? Cheers
  5. silas

    Selling: A few skill chips

    Hello all. Selling a few skills chips. Cryogenics skill implants: 11,2 ped, 10,75 ped. for 1450% Aim skill implant: 9,36 ped, 9,34 ped. for 1300% Perception skill imlant: 8,58 ped. for 1150% Bravado skill implant: 10,2 ped, 9,96 ped. for...
  6. silas

    Game offline?

    The system is currently offline. ok?
  7. silas

    Internal chat error? buggy

    Hey Just had 5 relogs in Mino AH all very buggy cant see chat, cant move ect. Anyone else experiencing this?
  8. silas

    Buying: Trading my dar9300 for UL melee.

    Hello all. Im an interested in Trading my Dar 9300 tier 2.8 for a UL SIB melee weapon, wich must be Shortblade, Powerfist or Club. With either +/- ped from either side. Thx :)
  9. silas

    crash near cp cant login

    Hey all. I was on my way to CP in quad, when suddenly game crashed when closing in on the asteroid. And now everytime i try to log in the game crashes as soon as loading screen has loaded. I tried runing safe, repair ect. Also wrote support case, but as we know that it can take weeks to get...
  10. silas

    Selling: Ff dar 9300

    In no hurry to sell, so just taking offers atm. Its currently tier 2.8. cheers
  11. silas

    Selling: 3 x ark key 4

  12. silas

    Buying: Trading my A104 for an A101

    A deal has been made. Thread can be closed.
  13. silas

    Selling: Pixie M

    Selling this amazing amor. All tier 0.9 tt + 20 ped. NEW PRICE
  14. silas

    Client loader down!

    nevermind i restarted computer and Works now it seems.
  15. silas

    Halloween Mayhem instances Down!

    Please fix this. As it is now its 3 hours waiting 1 hour hunting. Cheers
  16. silas

    PC: Vaypar Gunnar Gaming Glasses

    Hello. A friend and i have a pair of Vaypar Gunnar gaming glasses (F) (ingame item). Was just wondering what you all think these are worth? cheers
  17. silas

    Selling: Selling Gremlin (M)

    Selling Gremlin M. all parts are tier 0.9 except gloves tier 0.7 SOLD cheers you can close thread now
  18. silas

    Selling: Selling RX OpTac x1 gloves (M)

    Sold! Thread can be closed. :wtg:
  19. silas

    Selling: Selling Dante amp

    Selling Dante Pending sale
  20. silas


    Hi! Does anyone know when exacly they changed the standard stamina from 9 to 1? Because i talked with an old friend today who havent played for quite some time. I scanned him for kicks and noticed he has 9 stamina. We can rule out mission rewards cause i had to introduce him to the missions...
  21. silas

    Selling: Dante, RX Optac gloves (M) & Dar 9300

    Rx Optac Gloves (M) for sale.
  22. silas

    Thread deletion without any reasons?

    OK so i made a thread in the off topic section of this forum, and it was about another computer game. and few days later with no reason what so ever, the thread is gone, deleted by MA´s moderators, or whatever you wonna call it. :confused:
  23. silas

    Selling: selling 2 x A104 amps

    Hey selling 2 x a104 amps buy 1 for tt +110 buy both for tt + 210 cheers
  24. silas

    Selling: Full Gremlin (M)

    Hey Selling Full Gremlin male SOLD{removed} cheers
  25. silas

    Selling: Fire Forge DAR 9300

    Selling fire forge dar 9300 tier 2.6 be free to pm regards This sale is temporarily closed, until i think i can live without this gun again or a an offer i cant refuse drops by.