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  1. Lardinho

    Selling: Blueprints, Sweat, Bones

    all sold can now be closed.
  2. Lardinho

    Buying: ESI - at least 150 ped in size, preferably an 800 pedder.

    Will need at least 800 ped ESI I'd think or a few 150s. Anyone got some lovin for me?
  3. Lardinho

    Selling: Selling Skills, check it out, motherlickers!

    All gone, thread can be closed. I am level 0.
  4. Lardinho

    Buying: Korwil Brain

    Have lots and lots of DNA parts, lots of Korwil parts also, would like to buy a brain or two. Paying healthily. Gimme a shout if you has one that drops.
  5. Lardinho

    Selling: Liakon (M) full set and Rooftop apt.

    Keep checking this thread as its contents are ever changing... Liakon (M) = SOLD Vigilante SGA (M) SB/BO = tt + 1799 not currently tiered Viking = SOLD Thunderbird = SOLD Salamander = SOLD Celeste Harbour North 17 floor 6 and 7= SOLD Attack Chip III TEN Edition = SOLD Matt/Lard
  6. Lardinho

    Selling: Uber Gun, Armours, Chips and other such wonderment.

    removed n stuff
  7. Lardinho

    Selling: Ting and ting

    deleted, thread can be deleted/closed please.
  8. Lardinho

    Global that never was

    Ok... so I've figured out what MIGHT have happened here, although I'm pretty damned sure I didn't see any loot on the screen previously. Sometimes, however, you do find at times, usually after crafting I find, that a line of previous loot is sticking around at the top and won't disappear until...
  9. Lardinho

    Big one coming...

    This weekend, at a pedcard near you. There's gotta be a big'un, everything points towards it afaik. Also, sorry to disappoint any of the closet gay guys looking for a John Holmes clip after reading the title. Although when I look at the Longtooth's neck it does remind me of... ehm I'll stop...
  10. Lardinho

    Selling: Rogue Plains #9 plus contents

    Sold, please close ^^b
  11. Lardinho

    Thorifoid Waywatcher high level.. ?

    Is there anywhere where these beautiful beasts spawn with their dashing good looks and charismatic smile? Don't care about Shamans or Berserkers, just the Waywatchers. Lemme know if you've seen any superior ones or great or w/e. Or if you find a decent spawn of them alone. I MUST try to get...
  12. Lardinho

    PC Gazunga DPS LR37 TEN Edition

    Gazunga DPS LR37 TEN Edition So this gun dropped on ROCKtropia, the first TEN gun on that planet, whose to say more won't drop. Interesting facts to note, its eco is 2.911 compared with CalyTrek Mk. II TEN's 2.928 but its SIB level is very similar (LR37 maxed at 42, I think Mk. II maxed at 40)...
  13. Lardinho

    Buying: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.II TEN Edition

    Not interested in buying one with any tiers above 0.9 I'd like to do the tier ups myself for skills and with the amount people aren't spending on unL weps atm actually tiering a weapon just makes it less likely you're gonna sell it. Paying 40k ped. Pure ped, 100% unadulterated ped. No...
  14. Lardinho

    Uber: 33854 Pop Dragon Young

    also 33,835 liver oil to boot. If any crafters happen to be in the vicinity, only 1 person has my name, so gimme a shout ^^; Story: Doing Antonio's Bootleg mission as well as "Police Call # 10-88" at the same time on ROCKtropia, found a nice spot to kill Stereo Jackers (got 400 to kill for...
  15. Lardinho

    Anyone noticed this

    Just realised... that the job/profession you level when extracting treasure hunting items is called "archaelogy". I was doing some treasure hunting, you see, and then it dawned on me, "that's not how bloody spell archaeology o.O; it wouldn't even have the same pronunciation!!". Then I checked...
  16. Lardinho

    Question: WoF 2013 - British and Irish Lions team?

    So now WoF is as famous as it is and its clear that countries are bumming each other in order to up the odds... As former Team England and Team Wales (and Team Scotland and Team Australia o.O;?) supports... why not lets have a LIONS team? Anyone from Britain and Ireland together, with a...
  17. Lardinho

    Buying: UL Vivo T20 + UL Sleipnir

    See that shit right there? :lolup: Buying Unlimited Vivo T20, paying tt+2000, don't care what tier. Also buying Unlimited Sleipnir - Bought. Not going to pay reseller prices, but reasonable market prices or above anyway. Also buying Mentor Edition Texturiser and Mentor Edition Colorator...
  18. Lardinho

    Help: Suggestion for starting Stamina

    Hello, after reading a post on another official Entropia based forum from a newbie which basically spells out some of the glaring issues of the game that, after 5 years of saying the same, I won't go over. However a different thing, not the usual 'unfairness' rants about the players at the...
  19. Lardinho

    icco ic Mars

    Does anyone know this dude? I think he's gone private as I can't find him on any in game name searches. I was wondering if anyone here had him on friend list or w/e. Nothing of great importance, its just he's an old skooler who happens to be around Twin every now and then and someone told me...
  20. Lardinho

    Selling: TRADE: Cryogenic Attack Nanochip II (+peds) for Corrosive Attack Chip III ME

    I've got an (ul) Cryogenic Attack Nanochip II that I'm not overly interested in using, its currently 0.4 tier or so, but I don't want to freeze things to death, I'd far rather disolve them with acid. These things go for about tt+320ish and generally more than the Corrosive Attack Nanochip II so...
  21. Lardinho

    Help: Dome 10 !

    I dunno who owns this, would be awesome to have an updated list of all the Domes, their owners and the DNAs in place. Aaaaaaaaanyways, where in teh heck and bum is the dome 10 owner? There's some awesome exclusive DNAs in there, 2 Pluma (I need to get hundreds of hides from these) and 1 x...
  22. Lardinho

    Selling: Omegaton M83 Predator (aka Shaolin Colin)

    Selling my Omegaton M83 Predator in time for the Spring Mayhem event, I was going to hold on to it, but now seems a prudent time to sell. Its going for a bloody good price as well considering the alternatives. Omegaton M83 Predator Here it is, it must go and it will go. Start Bid: 40k...
  23. Lardinho

    PC: Liakon male full 7/7 and/or pieces

    I don't have any Liakon armour, first off. I've seen some around though and just wondering what the prices were on say; 1) a single individual piece of Liakon armour 2) a full suit 3) How are they acquired?
  24. Lardinho

    PC: Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 4

    As far as I know there's 2 so far, perhaps more that we don't know about of course, Killahbee has one too I think, dunno who was original discoverer. None ever sold on the auction house, and I definitely checked in the refiner and I can definitely confirm that this is indeed a DNA piece...
  25. Lardinho

    Korwil Ear

    I got a Korwil Ear last night, I believe there's only 2 in the game, mine and the one that Yquem got as a discovery on the 20th of March. It seems it is a piece of the DNA for the mighty Korwil, although doesn't seem to fit in the refiner, yet nor does the Korwil Paw of which there are many...